Bg Products Fuel Injector Cleaner – These engines are manufactured to tight tolerances and require regular preventive maintenance to prevent carbon deposits and maintain fuel economy and performance. This service is particularly effective for GDI engines and BG offers custom adapters for specific engine platforms.

Today’s engines generate high heat and high pressure, conditions that cause rapid accumulation of carbon deposits. These deposits are found on intake valves, fuel injectors and in combustion chambers.

Bg Products Fuel Injector Cleaner

Bg Products Fuel Injector Cleaner

For a fuel system cleaning that is easy to perform and results in noticeable drivability improvements, BG Platinum Fuel System Service is our premium offering. 3 Pack Bg 44k Fuel System Cleaner W/ Bg Funnel

BG Platinum® 44K® Fuel System Cleaner (the #1 fuel system cleaner in the US) is added to the fuel tank.

Then, using the BG Platinum® Fuel Service Supply Tool, a metered mist of BG Platinum Air Intake, Valve & Combustion Chamber Cleaner thoroughly coats and cleans internal engine surfaces like never before.

This process removes heavy carbon deposits from the back of intake valves and combustion chambers. BG Rev-It is used to consistently rev the engine during service, driving the vacuum over all cylinders for more complete cleaning.

The BG Platinum® Fuel Service Supply Tool administers a powerful cleaning agent deep into the complex fuel systems of downsized, boosted engines.

Best Injector Cleaner?

BG Rev-It® revs the engine automatically, leaving technicians free to safely perform other services while the service is in progress.

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