Bg 44k Fuel Injector Cleaner – Note: Due to US shipping restrictions, this product can only be shipped to North American destinations via ground service.

BG 44K® quickly and effectively removes engine deposits on combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and valves. This restores and improves fuel injector flow and cleans the entire fuel system.

Bg 44k Fuel Injector Cleaner

Bg 44k Fuel Injector Cleaner

With BG 44K®, you’ll get more than just a clean fuel system. You will benefit from better fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions. Bg44k Fuel System Cleaner 11oz Bottle

This restores “like new” driveability to engine performance and keeps it running better, longer and more efficiently. When filling the fuel tank, add a can or bottle to it. Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe.

My engine light kept coming on with a catalytic converter code, my mechanic suggested using fuel system cleaner, it worked great!! The lights didn’t come back on!!

I can’t say that it has improved anything or had a negative impact on my idling, engine noise, etc. It probably takes a few treatments to notice a big difference.

I have a RR Sport with the P0441 code (evaporative emissions system incorrect purge flow) and a LR3 with P0420 and P0513 and it’s been there for a while and put this thing on a full tank on both of these, I always go premium Gasoline and these magically disappeared after a few miles. I’m very relieved because they both have to be inspected next month and it saved me a lot of dollars over having to have it fixed the usual way at the shop. I highly recommend this product if you have similar codes regarding fuel system, etc. happy savings

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I chose this rating because the product works. Helps eliminate misfires caused by dirty injectors. Codes were being found to bend in one bank and become rich in another. Engine light on. Cleared codes, used 44K fuel system cleaner and no more engine light or lean/rich codes. Just get poor and fill the gas tank. Using a funnel (up to 20 gallons) is highly recommended.

Having never heard of it before, I called for more information, after which I purchased it. It works instantly because of the way my car drives

You come out with great products…nothing wasted…everything is very high quality. You ship very fast… I don’t see how you do it!!… But you do. Keep up the great work.. thanks

Bg 44k Fuel Injector Cleaner

You carry with you most of the parts needed for my IIA 88. You also ship quickly, which is a big plus for me. Keep up the great work.

Is It True That Mini Dealerships Use Sea Foam, Bg 44k, And Redline?

Atlantic British has almost everything one could need for their Land Rover. Needless to mention that they cover a wide range of LR generations.

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