Best Wheels And Tires For Jeep Wrangler – Many people think that Jeep rims and accessories are mostly eye candy. Something flashy to put on your Jeep like someone would wear a watch or necklace. However, this is not always the case. Sure, rims are usually one of the first things people notice about your Jeep, and there are plenty of exciting designs to catch the eye, but upgrading can also provide significantly improved performance and durability on your next great off-road adventure. Or provide better handling and fuel economy for various road activities.

But what should you choose? How do you know it will fit? Well, these are certainly great questions that we hear all the time. Join us and learn the 6 most important ways to help you choose the perfect wheel for you.

Best Wheels And Tires For Jeep Wrangler

Best Wheels And Tires For Jeep Wrangler

When you look at Jeep rims, they can be broadly divided into two categories: steel and aluminum. Steel is generally considered the best choice for those who ride off-road because these rims are heavier, more uniform, durable and less expensive than their alloy counterparts. They may take a pounding in the field and come back asking for more. They are also easy to repair as the steel can simply be hammered back into place.

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On the other hand, aluminum models are made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or magnesium and are often several pounds lighter than steel, making them ideal for everyday drivers. This lighter weight makes it much easier to start and stop the Jeep, thus helping you save fuel and control the vehicle. Less weight also means less stress on suspension components, as well as the ability to dissipate heat from brake parts during extreme driving conditions. However, most alloy wheels are more expensive than steel due to production techniques, and the lighter weight means durability can sometimes be a factor.

Each Jeep rim has a specific bolt pattern that helps mount the rim to the wheel hub. For example, most Wrangler wheels are 5×4.5 or 5×5. This means they are 5 lug wheels, with the lugs being evenly spaced over a 4.5 or 5 inch diameter circle. CJs usually measure 5×5.5, while XJ, ZJ and WJ vary. offers a handy guide to help you determine your vehicle’s bolt pattern if you’re unsure.

Matching your desired rim to your specific tire is as simple as matching the diameter of each tire and following the manufacturer’s width recommendations. For example – a 15-inch tire, e.g. 215/75R15, must be mounted on a 15-inch wheel. From this point on, each tire will have specific width guidelines, which in this case will be 7-8 inches. This doesn’t mean you can’t fit the tire to a different size rim, such as a 10-inch one, but you need to be careful. For your own safety, we strongly recommend following the guidelines of individual tire manufacturers when choosing wheel width. Plus, no matter which one you choose, you’ll still be able to use your Jeep’s tire pressure monitoring system (if installed).

This is where things get a little technical, as each wheel has both an offset and gap measurement in addition to the standard bolt pattern. Overall, these are key numbers for those who plan to add a lift kit, body lift, or otherwise raise their vehicle.

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As for offset – this is the distance from the mounting pad to the centerline of the wheel, the smaller the offset the further outboard it will be mounted, which is generally good for lifted Jeeps.

The distance from the mounting pad to the inner edge of the wheel and, as with the offset, the shorter distance means it protrudes less into the wheel well, thus reducing the risk of friction.

All rims provide these dimensions and can be easily compared to the suspension lift recommendations.

Best Wheels And Tires For Jeep Wrangler

This style is ideal for extreme off-roaders who have lower tire pressures when off-roading. These types of drivers often believe that beads are necessary to prevent the tire from rolling off the rim. Most beads use either a crimped ring on the outside of the bead to grip the tire, or an inflatable tube inside the tire, or even a spacer that fits between the beads.

Xe Sahara Oem 20

While this is a great way to improve off-road performance in more challenging conditions, it is not recommended for use on the road, even though some beads are DOT approved. This is because most beads are heavier and much more difficult to balance than a standard wheel. Sometimes they can even fail at higher speeds, causing sudden deflation. Human error is usually the cause of this type of failure, but if you’re like most people and rarely find yourself in extreme terrain, steel and alloys are your best bet.

These are terms that can be confusing and have been controversial for a long time.

Basically, a centric hub means that the space inside the center hole of the wheel is designed to fit perfectly with the axle. This keeps the wheel centered on the hub connection and the lugs keep it flush with the mounting plate. In a hub-centric design, this connection will support the weight of the Jeep. Most stock wheels, as well as many aftermarket steel versions, will be center-mounted and many find they provide the best ride quality.

Lug centric is where the wheel is centered using lug nuts – instead of the hub. Many aftermarket alloy wheels fall into this category because manufacturers produce them with larger diameter hubs to fit a wide range of vehicles. So after installation, there is usually a space left between the axle and the hub, rather than being flush with the surface. Some people report no difference in ride between hub and center studs, especially when using acorn centered lugs, but many others report that center stud rims degrade the riding experience and may even fail depending on riding conditions.

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A good way to fix this if you choose wheel centering and have a problem is to purchase hub center wheel spacers which will add strength and give you a better ride.

At , we offer a wide selection of high-quality steel and alloy wheels and Jeep accessories from our own line, as well as many other popular brands such as Pro Comp, iON, Cragar and Mickey Thompson. Whether your holiday gift plans include new wheels for yourself, a family member or a friend, you’re sure to find what you need at the guaranteed lowest price.

You don’t have to go to the garage to do something with your Jeep. You can just get in, drive and find something great.

Best Wheels And Tires For Jeep Wrangler

No one will ever confuse a Jeep with some small, fuel-efficient car. However, with a few simple changes, you can dramatically increase the miles per gallon of your vehicle.

What Size Wheels Do I Need To Achieve The Wide Tire Look?

You may not feel it, but for most locals, the seasons will soon be changing. And for most, that means returning to a hardtop Jeep. So why not make sure your top is ready for the colder months ahead? By providing your e-mail address, you consent to receiving periodic, automatic marketing messages to the e-mail address provided.

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Assault Fuel Wheels, Satin Black, Machined; The 18×9 exudes elegance with its chrome finish, effortlessly enhancing the aesthetics of your vehicle. Manufactured by renowned brand Fuel Wheels, this design complements a wide range of vehicle styles, making a bold statement on the road.

The 18×9 Fuel Wheels Assault Satin Black machined wheel is finished with a premium satin black finish with machined accents for an aggressive look that will make anyone green with envy. For added protection and good looks, this wheel has been treated with a durable, matte, clear coating that’s tough enough to withstand the hazards of everyday driving, including road chips, pitting and road salt.

Jlu On 17

One-piece cast wheel. This wheel is manufactured using gravity casting. Gravity casting is the process of pouring molten aluminum alloy into a mold or wheel mold and using the earth’s own gravity to fill the mold. The result is a strong, durable wheel that looks just as good as a more expensive wheel, at a fraction of the price.

Application: These are machined Jeep Wrangler Assault Satin Black rims; 18×9 with 4.528 inch spacing, 115.1 mm and 5 x 127 mm (5 x 5 inch) bolt pattern ensures impeccable alignment and driving stability. It is specifically designed to fit 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL models. Sold individually.

Mounting & Balancing offers professional mounting and balancing of all wheels and tires purchased together in the same order. This will allow you to replace your old wheels with a new set once they arrive.

Best Wheels And Tires For Jeep Wrangler

What is TPMS? The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS for short) is a factory-installed safety feature on all 2007 and newer Jeep Wranglers that alerts you when tire pressure drops to unsafe levels.

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How to keep TPMS function? Aftermarket wheels do not come with TPMS sensors. However, if you select “Add TPMS Sensor” and a specific year range from the options listed above, we will install TPMS

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