Best Tires For 2008 Jeep Patriot – I drive a Jeep Patriot 2012 Sport 4×4. I planned ahead and had a feel for which tires were best. I live in PA, so it can snow sometimes, and since I’m going to be driving more because of college, I want to make sure my Patriot can get through anything.

The Cooper Discoverer A/T3 215/70R16 hands down the best AT tire I’ve ever owned. These tires were great against everything the Central New York winters could throw at them, cities, highways, and off-road. I bought mine from Discount Tire Direct and got a $70 discount card at the time.

Best Tires For 2008 Jeep Patriot

Best Tires For 2008 Jeep Patriot

As mentioned above, Cooper is among the AT tires. There were two Okokohama Geolandar A-T/S. Good tires around snow.

Jeep 4×4 Patriot

Excuse me, excuse me, but what is the difference between all-season and all-terrain tires? I currently have all season tires that I don’t mind at all, my OEMs were better and performed better. I don’t go off-road at all, but I need tires that perform well on snow and ice, and I got stuck twice last winter in two inches of snow. So my question is, would it be better to lighten up the AT tires or get some quality all season? I know which tires will give me the best traction in the snow, but I don’t want my ride quality to suffer the rest of the year. I think I want to go with 225/65/17, which seems to be the most recommended on these forums, but I want to make sure I’m going in the right direction with my research. Thank you!

If you’re not going off-road, there’s no reason to buy an A/T tire – they’re noisy and won’t last as long as a road tire. Speaking of all-season tires, it’s funny: I call them 3-season tires.

If your Patriot is AWD, you can probably get away with all-season/3-season tires, as AWD will make all the difference going uphill; however, cornering and braking will not be as good as on a dedicated snow tire.

If you have FWD, don’t waste your money on all-season tires. If your area has hills and snow, get a special winter snow tire.

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The Wrangler has all-season tires and is acceptable in the snow, but not great. An old Wrangler with snow tires was better. I prefer my FWD Patriot with snow tires on the highway to my Wrangler with all-season tires. I can’t wait to get a better set, but my checkbook says to get another winter out of the OEM tires.

I was out last winter in an old Saturn with FWD and all-season tires when an unexpected snowstorm hit. The DOT was caught flat-footed and the vehicle suffered. It snowed heavily for about an hour on the left and I had a very bad trip – even the grades on the curves were a problem. I wasn’t alone – there were plenty of other people riding tires during the “season”, which already had obstacles added to them for a tough ride. I’ve had worse with my FWD Patriot and it would have worked better because of the snow tires.

Don’t think it will cost you more to have a second set of tires because you only use 1 set at a time, so when considered together they will last twice as long.

Best Tires For 2008 Jeep Patriot

Re-read your original post, I have 4wd and want to “experience anything”. I think it depends on where you live in Pennsylvania. If you’re south of Philly, you can avoid all-season tires; If you’re north of Harrisburg, pick up some snow tires and take the worry out of it. Yes, 4wd will help you move forward, but it’s only 1/3 of driving snow. Cornering and braking are also important. You’ll see people driving around in their Honda Civics in a bad snowstorm, but in the same “normal” snowstorm, you’ll see a car parked in a ditch or guardrail. I’d bet dollars to donuts that tires have a lot to do with why.

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Finally, remember that 4wd is designed to get you up hills or in gently sloping snow. Otherwise, you’re no better than any other vehicle out there.

The Patriot’s 4×4/AWD system is great, but the wheels make the vehicle go as far as it can go. Since I use 7 different tires on my vehicles (Patriot and Compass), I would be interested in some real world advice. I live in an area where it snows about 5-6 months a year. All-season tires in the snow will be a breeze with AWD. For example, Michelin all-season HP all-season tires are a great tire, but useless in snow, 2-3″ of snow and some slush, I couldn’t get it uphill. A good stock SRA tire is a good tire to use in hard-to-snow snow, if rated as an AT tire. And the street was rolling.

I have to disagree with Ignatz that the AT tires are stiff. I’ve used both the Firefly AT and the Cooper AT3 in the winter. Both are AT tires and neither were any stronger than the street tires I had on my vehicles. If you go into the more aggressive MT tires, you’ll start to get loud (my 15″ storm territoty tires aren’t loud, but they’re not silent, you know they’re there).

I also ran a set of Gislaved Nord Frost tires during the winter. The tread wasn’t the most aggressive for off-roaders, but it was great in all conditions and only struggled in deep snow, but it was better than the street tires.

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My measurements for the tire are good in the snow/outdoors and not too hard. The Firestone Destination AT and AT3 co-op might be what you’re looking for. The only difference between the 2 is that the firestone is slightly better on snow and ice. Both were quiet and performed well outside.

My wife has a Cherokee KL with continental street tires, the 4×4 system is superior to the compass………..and I’ve gotten stuck in the snow many times because of the tires alone.

Take my advice for what it’s worth, the cooper or wood are great tires, I’ve heard good things about the okokohama geolander AT/S, I just don’t have personal experience with them. You make some compromises with the AT, but less than with all-season tires or winter tires.

Best Tires For 2008 Jeep Patriot

I’m worried about the snow because last winter we had some unexpected snowstorms (along with skid steers). Add to that the fact that I leave work at 2 A.M. I don’t expect the roads to be plowed. After that I hop on the highway and head back to the mountains in the afternoon. So depending on how much snow we get, things could get worse. Now, based on your comments, I’m either going with the Cooper or Firestone tires mentioned by Tyler and Dubh, or I’m going to buy solid winter tires and ride them on and off every year. If I’m going to go with a different wheel/tires, do I need to buy TPMS sensors for those new wheels/tires?

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I would recommend the General Altimax Arctics I use. My Patriot is FWD and I live in NH and refuse to stay in the snow. So far so good. I’ve had them through all but the first 1/2 winters (bought ’08 in January ’09). The OEM LS-2s were acceptable in open snow, but nothing deep. Like Jimin, I go to work in the morning. I leave at 4 and my city doesn’t run from 11 PM to 5 so I was in the worst situation. I had a rough time holding up other vehicles, but the generals loved me. It’s pretty quiet considering the snow tires. It gets good reviews on I think the walking life is a bit short, but I drive a lot of miles (25,000,000 a year). The tires are still legal, but after 3 winters the snow performance isn’t great – I’d guess the snow tires do 10,000,000 a year.

Oyo did not mention external productivity or mud-type areas. If you’re looking for serious snow performance, you can’t beat dedicated snow tires. Tpms sensors are up to you, if you don’t get them, the yellow tire light will come on when new tires are installed. Ease of use in general is to reuse your factory Tpms and get all the ground tires and you’ll be fine

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