Best Recruitment Agencies In Canada For Foreigners – How to choose the best IT talent solutions or recruitment services in Canada? Check out this guide for essential information and details!

Recruiting and hiring the best IT talent in Canada is daunting and time-consuming. Many organizations find it difficult to streamline the process because an employer looking at hundreds of applications is troublesome and time-consuming. Sometimes an employer can’t decide on the right person for the role.

Best Recruitment Agencies In Canada For Foreigners

Best Recruitment Agencies In Canada For Foreigners

On the other hand, recruitment agencies can optimize the process and find the right people for the right job. Recruitment agencies often fail to find people because they have online platforms and portals where candidates apply for various positions in various categories.

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Companies of all sizes and types in Canada use recruitment agencies to find the best IT talent. The goal is to save time, focus on other tasks, and improve business bottom line. Today’s article will provide you with essential information about recruitment agencies to help you make an informed decision. Read more!

A growing body of research evidence shows that hiring new employees costs thousands of dollars in Canada. However, this cost includes training and development, productivity training/sessions, and aligning the employee’s skills with the organization’s vision, mission, and culture.

According to ADP, the average cost of hiring an employee in Canada is between $4,000 and $5,000. An employer spends an average of 42 days recruiting and hiring an employee.

ADP states that the cost of hiring an employee depends on various factors, such as the length of the search, the specific role and the salary range. Hiring managers determine job roles, days to advertise the job in a public or private forum, screening, interviewing, re-interviewing and short-listing candidates.

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So this takes a lot of time for a hiring manager or recruiter to find the right fit. Recruitment agencies take a percentage of the hired employee’s annual salary, ranging from 15% to 25%. Note that when the recruitment service takes more time to find and select the candidate, they will charge more.

Finding the right candidate in a limited amount of time is daunting and time-consuming for Canadian companies. An experienced recruitment agency connects business and IT professionals.

It connects employers with top IT talent and collaborates with organizations to find suitable candidates for specific roles. Here are some tips for choosing a recruitment agency as your business.

Best Recruitment Agencies In Canada For Foreigners

Defining your goals and needs is an essential step in choosing the best recruitment agency in Canada. We recommend careful planning and preparation to explain your needs to the recruitment agency.

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The goal is to save time and money and let the recruitment agency find the best talent for your company. For example, discuss whether you need a few or more employees, the type of positions, the experience and skills needed, etc.

So, this will help you find an agency with expertise in a particular field. A recruitment company with enough details about your hiring requirements can simplify the process and find suitable candidates based on your recruitment criteria.

Experts recommend doing a thorough online research to list the best recruitment agencies, compare their services, read reviews and evaluate testimonials from past and current clients.

After narrowing down the comparison results, contact the agency and ask them to provide you with detailed information about their services. Ask the following questions to make an informed decision.

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An experienced and qualified recruitment agency will give you detailed answers to these questions and explain the whole process. If the answers are unsatisfactory, you can move on and consult another agency.

Another crucial factor to consider is evaluating the type of recruitment services an agency offers. It helps you identify an ideal agency that aligns with your recruitment criteria. For example, if you are looking for temporary or short-term IT professionals, you should consult an employment agency.

On the other hand, opt for an executive recruitment agency if you need to recruit and hire high-level executives for your IT company. However, a general recruitment agency is ideal if you need multiple IT professionals such as software engineers, developers, data scientists, analysts, cloud architects, etc.

Best Recruitment Agencies In Canada For Foreigners

A general recruitment agency specializes in various fields and niches. However, you need to check if the company aligns with your organization’s criteria. You can proceed with the agency if it is right for your company.

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Even if you find the best recruitment agency, the question is: can I afford their services? This is a difficult question for many employers because recruitment agencies are expensive in Canada.

In addition to other criteria or factors, you must consider or define your budget before proceeding with the agency. Although some recruitment agencies charge more, they provide you with talented IT professionals/candidates.

So, if you can afford an agency to meet your needs, go ahead and hire their services. On the other hand, avoid wasting your time and look for an agency within your budget.

Although you can find various agencies that offer innovative recruitment services to companies, they may not offer services related to the IT or technology industry. “Expertis Solutions” has been in business for many years with experienced, skilled and qualified “Recruitment Professionals”.

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The company specializes in IT talent and industrial engineering solutions. Expertis Solutions provides services in various IT disciplines, including Software Development as a Service (DaaS), Sales and Marketing, and Technology and Industrial Engineering.

It has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who make substantial efforts to find and hire the right talent for small and medium sized companies based on their recruitment needs. Expertis Solutions, Montreal, Canada, offers:

Recruitment agencies do not take a cut of your salary. However, they take a percentage of your annual salary based on the agreement or contract between the employer and the recruitment agency.

Best Recruitment Agencies In Canada For Foreigners

For example, if Dean Jones works as a software engineer for an IT company and pays Jones $50 an hour, the recruiting agency will mark his bill for the IT company. So they can charge the company $60 per hour, giving the recruiting company a 50% markup.

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However, many recruitment companies, including staffing agencies, are free to generate income. A recruitment agency takes the money directly from the client/company. Remember, agencies charge a fixed fee to companies applying for employees for permanent roles.

Canada is experiencing higher job vacancies and a lower unemployment rate. It means that companies provide more jobs for local and foreign workers. According to Statistics Canada, employers made substantial efforts to fill an average of 5.2 job vacancies in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Although some companies have closed their doors during the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have switched to online work and hired remote workers. However, thanks to Canada’s mass vaccination campaigns and the easing of travel restrictions, Canada’s unemployment rate has fallen from 5.4% to 5.2% in 2022.

According to Nova Scotia Immigration, Canadian companies bring in more than 90,000 foreigners and provide them with temporary jobs to streamline their operations. Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) play a critical role in attracting foreigners.

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There are a few things candidates must not tell a recruitment agency. The same applies to companies looking for employees through recruitment agencies. The aim is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and a recruitment agency does not receive illegitimate benefits. Here’s what you shouldn’t say to a recruiter.

Avoid telling a recruiter if you’ve sent resumes to many open jobs. Although some recruitment agencies use this information as leverage to consider you top talent, many companies believe that recruiting you would be a waste of time.

Never tell a hiring or hiring manager about your financial situation. While everyone is looking for a job to streamline their finances, pay off debt, and live a happier life, mentioning your financial situation won’t help you land a job.

Best Recruitment Agencies In Canada For Foreigners

Recruiters are not your family or friends and will not evaluate you other than factors such as skills, education, experience, ethics and professionalism. Even if you tell a recruiter about your financial situation, they may hire you for a low salary and you may accept the offer because you need the money.

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A recruiter is not your best friend who understands the weaknesses in your resume, like your former employer fired you for an unprofessional attitude within the department. You can discuss these things with your friends to ease your stress and cope with the situation.

So this is something you should not tell a recruiter. The reason is that recruiters charge companies to find the best talent according to their requirements. So, it is better not to talk about an unpleasant situation that you experienced previously.

A recruitment agency charges candidates 15% to 20% of their annual salary, especially if you are a new hire. We think this is an amount you won’t want to miss. For example, a salary of CAD 50,000 with a 15% commission of CAD 7,500 means you pay a recruiter CAD 20.5 per day.

So we think this is inappropriate and doesn’t give you value. If you are an employer and recruit employees every two months through an employment agency, this can cost you a lot of money.

Steps For Starting A Recruitment Agency In Canada

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