Best Place To Retire In Texas – The second largest state in the United States is home to the great outdoors, pleasant weather, and many welcoming towns beloved by their senior citizens. These 12 small towns hint at a very enviable golden year in Texas.

Located southeast of Austin, the small town of less than 9,000 residents is a great place to live the golden years outdoors with the next-door attractions of Lake Bastrop and Bastrop State Park. Set on the Colorado River, one can spend days fishing and paddling or strolling around the banks and relaxing in the fresh air within the scenery. Spanning the river, the beautiful suspension bridge is great for hiking, biking, walking or jogging for more scenic views. Back in the city awaits with a zoo and other family-friendly activities, while seniors especially enjoy the historic downtown area, which is reminiscent of the old days. With cheap housing prices and low property taxes, one can find a great place to settle down and have money for hobbies and pastimes. Austin also has many excellent health care facilities just 30 minutes away.

Best Place To Retire In Texas

Best Place To Retire In Texas

The city is steeped in German history for its unique atmosphere in which to retire in the state. Located in Central Texas, just 25 minutes north of San Antonio, the thriving arts community is filled with great restaurants and shops behind beautiful historic facades. The town’s heritage will feature an impressive selection of breweries and beer gardens, while Bourne Market Days pays tribute to local artisans on the streets. Surrounded by breathtaking outdoors, one can enjoy endless views from the many parks and trails. Cibolo Nature Center and Farm is known for bird-watching and hiking, while Borne Lake will attest to water sports fans who have dreamed of retiring by the lake. Other community-bound events include the Dickens on Main Classic Holiday Celebration featuring parading characters and floats.

Hill Country Destinations Rank Among The Best Places In Texas To Retire

The small town of Burnett is a very sought-after place to retire in Texas. The quaint community, located an hour from Austin on Highway 281, is home to approximately 6,500 residents, with 20% over the age of 65. The city is great for families with Central Texas College and multiple 4-year colleges nearby. Austin, as well as median home prices under $200,000. Burnet provides a community meal delivery program to senior residents, and has easy access to the local Seton Highland Lakes Hospital. Active people will enjoy the quality fishing opportunities at Lake Buchanan as well as hiking at Inks Lake State Park and Eagle Eye Observatory. City attractions include three great city parks, golf courses, the Air Force Museum, a living history museum, and local wineries.

Located between Amarillo and Wichita Falls, the nearest city is 1.5 hours away, Childress offers a true respite for the golden years. The sleepy farming community is a highly sought-after place to retire, home to nearly 6,000 residents, with 12% over the age of 65. Childress also benefits from a high level of healthcare, with a median home value above $90,000. Center Historically a stop on the Fort Worth and Denver City Railroad line, the town still sees new faces among visitors passing through on their way to the Panhandle. Sustaining its agriculture from the past, there is constant access to fresh farm produce for home-cooked meals and nearby gatherings. For activities, there’s golf, a community pool and Fair Park with hiking trails, while the Mashburn Event Center and Rodeo Arena host regular events.

Dripping Springs is a popular retirement community in Texas, a beautiful blend of in-town suburban feel, surrounding rural nature, and plenty of activities to pursue. This

Embraced by scenic wonders, with beautiful state parks and the breathtaking Hamilton Pool Reserve right next door. Despite its small size, one will find a quaint and historic center full of restaurants and cafes among eight different breweries. Dripping Springs has a safe and quiet environment, with crime rates 80% lower than other parts of the state. Ranking high in liveability, it’s one of the best small towns to retire in Texas, while Austin has big-city amenities just 35 minutes away.

Best Small Towns In Texas To Retire: 7 Towns You Shouldn’t Miss

Set in the Texas Hill Country, 78 miles west of Austin, Fredericksburg is a popular choice among retirees in Texas. A low crime rate, mild climate, and housing 10% cheaper than the rest of the state make the town very livable, as evidenced by its 10,000-some residents. The town is a treasure trove of over 700 historic structures and a 3.5-acre Pioneer Museum with artifacts from the early German settlement in the area. Some of the landmarks include the historic White Elephant Saloon, the Nimitz Hotel, Fort Martin Scott, and the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park is included. Retirees also have easy access to professional doctors, exotic restaurants, many shops, recreational facilities and wine tasting.

Despite the high cost of living, retirees flock to Granbury to live on the lake and have easy access to the best amenities within the city. Perfect weather makes it easy to enjoy the annual festivals and several 18-hole golf courses. Granbury is home to about 8,000 residents, with 27% of local senior citizens and many more retirees moving in. The historic town was also inhabited by Davy Crockett’s family after his death. The lively and beautiful historic town square has a diverse-restaurant scene with outdoor seating, as well as breweries and boutiques, while the Fort Worth metro area is just 50 miles southwest for more outings. Known for its very walkable streets, the town square offers easy access to scenic Lake Granbury, as well as nearby grocery shopping.

Located just outside of Austin, the cute little town of less than 5,000 residents is a great destination for golf lovers who also want to retire to the beach. Horseshoe Bay is surrounded by natural beauty that makes many willing to spend a little extra on great outdoor homes on their doorstep. Getting used to being in the blue waters of the beach will quickly become a habit of spending endless days on the sand surrounded by green spaces to stroll and relax in the shade. As attested by the senior citizens who make up more than half of the population, many also come for the great retirement community experience with an array of amenities and activities to suit any taste. Golfing enthusiasts will enjoy making new friends with many like-minded locals for daily games, while other ways to immerse yourself in the community include bingo and bridge clubs, as well as gardening.

Best Place To Retire In Texas

It is a great choice for a golden year for those who want a quiet life by the water but still want to have plenty of outing opportunities. With a wide selection of restaurants, bars, parks, as well as several golf courses, someone is sure to find their niche in Kemah. The wonderful Kemah Boardwalk is loved by entire families, offering beautiful views and waterfront dining. When the grandkids are in town, there are also theme-park rides for a variety of fun shops and nightlife. With so much to offer, one might be surprised to learn that the monthly cost of housing in Kemah is about $300 less than the state average, while health care services are available to all residents.

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Located in Wood County in the heart of East Texas, Mineola is a lively small town of less than 5,000 residents. With an incredible downtown scene featuring fashion shops, wineries and yoga spots, it’s the perfect location for those looking to retire in style. The beautifully restored historic downtown district is filled with antique shops, local restaurants, as well as rustic bars and cozy cafes. A Wal-Mart Superstore can serve all grocery-shopping needs while living in Mineola is less expensive than other small towns, making it easy to achieve a well-deserved and comfortable retirement. Set embraced by a 2,900-acre nature preserve, it is a dream destination for those who love wildlife and outdoor pursuits. Retirees, who make the decision to buy, will find an average house for around $200,000.

Port Aransas, another coastal town with sandy beaches and calm waters under sunny skies, is a retiree’s dream come true. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, six miles of a beautiful coastline will “engage” in fishing, bird watching and strolling. The town screams delight, from the atmospheric harbor setting to the brightly colored houses facing the sea, to the dining options with a selection of casual fresh seafood restaurants. A popular new Cinnamon Shore community for retirees who want to keep some of the excitement in their daily lives. Seniors like to ride in golf carts, while active people enjoy biking to and from the beach. Aside from drawing small crowds of curious visitors during high season, Port Aransas maintains a small-town feel with a relaxed atmosphere and community-minded residents.

Located on the banks of the Colorado River, the small town is only 6 mi

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