Best Large Vehicles For Families – Moving people and moving cargo is essential to moving your life forward from day to day. If you’re blessed with the responsibility of moving a lot of people and all their belongings, these large SUVs can be the perfect vehicle to accomplish that move.

While some drivers may choose a large SUV just to have one, there are practical reasons for their continued popularity, such as their shared ability to comfortably accommodate seven to eight passengers and all the equipment said passengers. The only other platforms that have similar people-carrying capabilities are efficient minibuses and large passenger vans, which are often overkill even for a large family. Not to mention that large SUVs have a certain grand style that’s hard to replicate. Also, full-size SUVs tend to be the only ones left on the market with a traditional, sought-after off-road frame.

Best Large Vehicles For Families

Best Large Vehicles For Families

The size of a large SUV can be measured in many ways, but here we will rank them by overall length. Other important metrics, such as legroom and headroom, also affect how comfortable all of a full-size SUV’s passengers are. When possible, we’ll review these additional stats for the large SUVs in question. Let’s take a look.

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The R1S is not a conventional large SUV, by any means. First of all, the R1S is based on the R1T, an electric unibody pickup truck that is somewhere between the midsize and full-size truck levels. However, “small” is relative and the Rivian R1S remains capable of seating seven passengers. The EV nature of the R1S allows it to use space more efficiently than conventional SUVs, with many innovative cargo features such as the 11.0 cubic meter front trunk, in addition to having room for your people. Other capabilities the R1S has for its $78,000 starting price include a 300-mile range and truly extreme performance for any vehicle, let alone a large SUV.

BMW’s full-size SUV is a big car indeed, with more than 40 cubic meters of cargo space behind the second row. Seating for seven is standard, as is a powerplant that can effortlessly move the X7’s nearly three-tonne bulk. The 2023 BMW X7 is loaded with various futuristic features, from a 48-volt mild hybrid system to a massive new set of infotainment screens.

Focusing on the practical rather than the spectacular, the 2023 Toyota Sequoia combines the company’s tried-and-true reputation for reliability with significant amounts of interior space and towing capacity. While there are other large SUVs with seating for eight, this large SUV has more than 41 inches of front legroom and offers a similarly large amount of room for second-row passengers as well. Even the third row, an afterthought in many full-size SUVs, has up to 33.7 inches of legroom. A maximum towing capacity of 9,520 pounds doesn’t hurt either. All this is aided by the new turbocharged V-6 engine, which is smaller than its predecessor’s V-8 but very capable.

Armed with generous amounts of legroom and headroom compared to many other full-size SUVs, the front row of the 2023 Nissan Armada offers 40 inches of headroom and legroom to stretch out for long distances. The second row stats are within an inch of the same measurements. Still, the Armada is kind of old, with a big V-8 as standard that may lag behind in terms of fuel economy, but it offers all the power you’ll ever need.

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A more luxurious version of the Nissan Armada, the 2023 Infiniti QX80 shares the bones of that full-size SUV and its 5.6-liter V-8 muscle. Similar to that other large SUV, the QX80 is more than capable of screaming away from a stoplight and hauling heavy loads through its 8,500-pound towing capacity. All that said, the QX80’s main strength is likely how comfortable the large interior is. Like its Nissan counterpart, the QX80 offers substantial interior space for lounging on long drives, though interior materials and technology are generally a step up from the entry-level Nissan.

A solid choice for multiple generations, the 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size SUV that has steadily gotten bigger as tastes and demands have evolved. These days the Tahoe has standard seating for eight, including a third row. This big Tahoe now also has Super Cruise available, allowing hands-free highway driving that makes even luxury SUVs look dated. The Tahoe has more than 42 inches of headroom and more than 44 inches of legroom in the front row, allowing virtually everyone to feel like they have room to stretch out. All of this comes at a significantly lower base price than the other higher-end full-size SUVs on this list.

A perennial favorite of those who prioritize luxury along with space in their large SUVs, the 2023 Lincoln Navigator L includes a luxurious interior packed with technology. Built-in Alexa, the latest SYNC infotainment system and active noise control are among the tech highlights. That said, this road-bound luxury liner has all the materials and equipment such a vessel would boast. Gorgeous leather and metal combine with real wood accents to truly take the Navigator’s interior to the next level.

Best Large Vehicles For Families

While the 2023 Ford Expedition MAX is certainly one of the least expensive vehicles on this list, it’s definitely not one of the smallest entries. We’re now in the top five largest SUVs available, and the Expedition makes the most of that space with roomy seating for eight. The Expedition is highly configurable from the factory, with plenty of options and trims to get the big SUV you want without necessarily having to buy features you don’t. One feature that makes the Expedition stand out is the hands-free driving capability provided by the BlueCruise system.

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The 2023 GMC Yukon XL is a comfortable behemoth, complete with all the features and space of the cheapest Suburban and then some. Larger than the Tahoe that rides on the same platform, the Yukon XL offers seating for up to nine, and does so with ease. The interior is just as big as the exterior, and that 5,841-pound curb weight is hard to ignore. All that said, while the Yukon XL offers plenty of room in its interior, and plenty of pace and capability with its available V-8 and turbodiesel engine options, it doesn’t offer much more than other SUVs. low-end full-size GM.

A slightly more budget-conscious version of the Yukon XL, the 2023 Chevy Suburban has been powering the daily commute of large families for decades. Truly stunning in scale, even slightly larger than its Yukon counterpart, this full-size SUV more than earns the title. Like the Yukon XL, the Suburban has an interior that feels big enough to play baseball, and Super Cruise is available.

For those who don’t find the Wagoneer big enough, the 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L adds even more interior space. Near the pinnacle of the largest full-size SUVs currently available, the Grand Wagoneer is more like a massive rolling luxury suite than just a good-looking SUV. Seating up to eight and large SUV size don’t slow it down; Its 471-horsepower V-8 powers it from zero to 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds.

The biggest of them all, of course, is the 2023 Cadillac Escalade ESV. The pinnacle of General Motors’ traditional family of SUVs, the Escalade has a reputation to live up to, and the biggest, baddest luxury SUV in block certainly does. The Escalade takes the massive interior space of the Yukon, Tahoe and Suburban models and adds further technology and the best materials of the entire lineup. Defining the top of the line in more ways than one, the Escalade ESV takes the already large Escalade and stretches it, adding a few inches of third-row legroom. The first and second rows already have more space than anything else in the segment. If bigger is better, then the Escalade can’t be beat. (And if more power is better, even the Escalade-V ESV can’t be beat. ) Some families are just starting to sprout new people. Others have several of them, each in different stages of flowering. Still others have a boat to pull. We have something for everyone.

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Our annual list of the best family cars features vehicles in different sizes and prices because there’s an even wider range of families. We exclusively feature major brands, no luxury brands, because that’s where more than four out of five car buyers put their money.

We consider obvious factors like safety, space and functionality, of course, but we also weigh easily overlooked aspects like projected resale value and historical reliability. We all want less car hassle and more cash back every time we sell or trade in a vehicle, but these qualities are especially beneficial for families.

For many years now, our list has featured only SUVs and minivans. This is not for him

Best Large Vehicles For Families

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