Best Dog Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions – You can choose veterinary fee cover of up to £15,000. Even if your pet has a pre-existing condition that may be covered, the choice is always yours. The power is back in your hands with non-mandatory co-pays, even for older canines and felines.

Our lifetime pet insurance has a 5-star Defaqto rating when you choose veterinary fees over £4k with all optional add-ons included.

Best Dog Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

Best Dog Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

Take a stand with us against pet inequality. Our simple online checks give you a quick decision on whether we can cover your pet’s pre-existing conditions, including those that other insurers may exclude.

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions (2023)

Cover more than one cat or dog, even with pre-existing conditions, under the same policy thanks to our multi-pet insurance.

You can cover up to eight pets and set different coverage limits for each pet to suit your needs. There is no need to take out individual policies, even with pre-existing conditions*.

†For lifetime policies only – details correct as of June 16, 2023 via competing sites. Competitors’ products are subject to their own T&Cs. For full details on pet insurance, please read our policy text.

When getting a quote for your pet, you will be asked to declare any medical conditions your pet has had in the last two years. You will also answer some questions about your current health. You have the power to tailor the policy to your pet’s needs as well as your budget.

Best Pet Insurance Uk 2023

Select your preferred veterinary fee cover up to £15,000, decide whether you want to pay a deductible (and how much) and choose any optional add-ons.

You never have to worry about hidden costs. If your pet is covered, you will receive a clear and fair price for your policy. If you are switching from your current provider, your coverage can begin immediately**.

Has your cat or dog had any illnesses such as abscesses, arthritis, bronchitis or FIV? These are some of the conditions that have been covered for other pets. You have peace of mind and your pet can continue being adventurous.

Best Dog Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

Yes we do! It’s time to eliminate upper age limits and offer coverage for pre-existing conditions*. This means you can get pet insurance if you have an older cat or dog with an existing illness or injury.

Best Pet Insurance Companies November 2023

Many insurers may require you to pay mandatory contributions (known as co-payments) in addition to your deductible when your pet reaches a certain age – but we don’t.

You can choose how much you want to pay for the excess and voluntary portion of the bill when setting up your pet insurance.

The most comprehensive policy type – lifetime pet insurance with veterinary fee cover up to £15,000. Additionally, the limit of your pre-existing conditions* will be the limit of your coverage. Yes, we are for real!

Some other providers do not cover any pre-existing conditions. Others have limited or lower-level coverage and mandatory deductibles. If you think you may need coverage for a pre-existing condition, carefully check the policy wording to see if there are any exclusions.

Pre Existing Conditions Coverage For Pets

We would not cover any maintenance treatment for an existing condition. By this we mean any repeat prescriptions, ongoing therapeutic treatments, scans/tests or planned appointments that are known at the time you take out cover with us.

We also do not cover any pre-existing conditions if your pet has an undiagnosed illness or any pending surgery at the time you purchase coverage.

We will cover worsening and new symptoms of your pet’s pre-existing conditions that have been declared and accepted by us.

Best Dog Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

*Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is subject to acceptance. They will not be covered unless you have declared them and they are shown on your Confirmation of Coverage.

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**Illnesses will not be covered in the first 14 days and accidents will not be covered in the first 2 days of the policy unless you switch from another insurer on the same basis without interruption of cover. Other exclusions may apply to other sections. Pet insurance can help pay for your pet’s medical care and vet bills after an accident or illness. It can help you avoid the high out-of-pocket expenses that accompany unexpected treatments. Some insurers cover curable pre-existing conditions that precede coverage, but pet insurance policies typically exclude pre-existing conditions.

Here’s what you need to know about pre-existing conditions and pet insurance for your dog, cat or other animals.

As defined by insurers, a pre-existing condition is a medical condition that existed before the start date of your pet’s insurance coverage, including during your policy’s waiting period. Due to the high cost of treating some pre-existing conditions, pet insurance products generally do not include pre-existing conditions.

A curable pre-existing condition is an illness or injury that occurs before an insurance policy takes effect but can be cured. As long as the pet does not show symptoms during the policy’s waiting period, which typically lasts six months to a year, the insurance company may cover the illness.

What Is Pet Insurance And How Does It Work? — Pumpkin®

An incurable pre-existing condition is an illness or injury that appears before the start of a pet health insurance plan and cannot be cured. In most cases, these conditions require ongoing veterinarian visits, treatments, medications, and surgery. Unlike curable pre-existing conditions, pet insurance companies generally do not cover incurable pre-existing conditions.

A pre-existing bilateral condition is an illness or injury that can affect both the left and right sides of the body. For example, if a pet received treatment for a bilateral left-sided condition before the insurance policy began, many pet insurers will exclude coverage for the same right-sided condition because the pet has a high likelihood of developing it later on that side.

Also known as a birth defect or hereditary condition, pre-existing hereditary conditions refer to conditions that a pet has at birth. Pets inherit these conditions, which are typically common in the breed. A congenital condition may result from an injury or condition suffered during pregnancy.

Best Dog Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

Many pet insurers do not cover hereditary and congenital diseases, but some do cover them with restrictions or for an extra fee.

Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Some pet insurance companies offer coverage for certain curable pre-existing conditions, such as bladder infections, vomiting, and ear infections.

Pet insurance can save your pet hundreds or even thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical expenses. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing coverage for your pet with a pre-existing condition:

Even though pet insurance companies never cover medical expenses for incurable pre-existing conditions, some alternatives can help you save money on your pet’s care and improve or resolve your pet’s health problem.

Having a pet with pre-existing conditions can make finding coverage more complicated. The following information should help you understand whether your pet is eligible for coverage.

Pets Best Pet Insurance Review

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Best Dog Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

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