Best Car Batteries For Sound Systems – When upgrading to an aftermarket battery, it is very important to know the current dimensions or group size. Best practice is to measure the existing battery as well as any enclosures or compartments surrounding the battery before making any recommendations. You also want to make sure the aftermarket battery posts are the correct length.

Sometimes, they can be longer than the factory, but this should not prevent you from fitting them in the existing position. Ultimately, it is up to your professional judgment on how to install the battery.

Best Car Batteries For Sound Systems

Best Car Batteries For Sound Systems

The power of the entire audio system will then determine how large a battery that system will need. To determine this, take the number of crank amps found on the battery and match it with the total number of watts it pushes. For example, if you have a system that requires 2200 Watts, you will need a fairly large battery and something to supplement the extra power requirement.

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Speaking of supplemental power, if the audio system in question is a beast in terms of power requirements, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss adding a second battery to the mix. While it’s best to just replace the starter battery with something more substantial, adding a second battery is a viable option for systems with high power consumption levels.

If you’re still struggling to decide which battery is right for your audio setup, Stinger has a comprehensive collection of high-performance batteries—for both automotive and marine applications—that are sure to get the job done. We can also ship products to a store near you if you are looking for something specific.

Stinger Electronics prides itself on being a leading provider of high quality products and knowledgeable technical support for car audio dealers and enthusiasts nationwide. For more information on how we can help you improve your current car audio installation operations, contact us at 800.477.2267. We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more >

From the most affordable subcompact on the market to the most advanced electric vehicles, all cars have one thing in common: a 12-volt battery. This battery is so important that it can prevent even a fully charged electric car from “starting”, not to mention the most common gas-powered cars around the country today. While the most common time to start serious research and buy a car battery is often the day you’re disappointed, you can take a proactive step today and learn more about the best car batteries for your situation.

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When it comes to car batteries, there have been improvements over the years but, overall, they have remained relatively uniform in form and function. Not all are created equal, however, and the pricing reflects that. Or, if you’re like me, and had to break the wires again for the same project car, then the time to replace that car battery (and maybe fix some other problems) is now, so assembled options to cover a wide range of use cases. When considering batteries, I considered customer reviews, brand reliability, warranty quality, and battery specifications. All of these factors contributed to why these five brands made the cut. You can certainly get by with any old battery from your local auto parts store, but whatever they have on the shelf that fits may not be the best battery for your use.

To get as close to apples to apples as possible, I worked from the common 65 group size, which fits my 10 year old Ford F-150. With most brands, my truck needed an AGM battery (more on that below), but you can often save money if you buy the value of things by getting a regular lead acid battery. Whichever way you go, the best car batteries will keep you from getting stuck at the worst possible time.

Why it made the cut: The DieHard brand is one of the most recognized names in the industry and their Platinum AGM is as environmentally friendly as lead acid batteries.

Best Car Batteries For Sound Systems

I knew I wanted to include a DieHard battery on this list, and while you’d be well served by a Gold or Platinum, the Platinum AGM took the top spot for a few reasons. First, the cost was only about $30 between it and the Gold when comparing the F-150 battery size. Second, the AGM design means it will stand up even better to high electrical demands and easily handle a stop-start system. To top it off, DieHard (rightfully so) brags a bit that this and another battery in their line are made from at least 94% recycled materials. Lead and acid aren’t the friendliest materials in the world, so it’s nice to know that this battery is recycled as much as possible. Xs Power D7500 12v Agm Battery (max Amps 6,000a, Ca: 1700, Ah: 140, 5000w / 7500w)

Disadvantages include cost and warranty length. If cost is a major concern for you, then you could save a few bucks by dropping a DieHard Silver, which fell under $200 at my request. However, even this is nowhere near my choice. Next, although 3 years for a free replacement is more than some batteries, DieHard’s non-AGM Platinum has a four year warranty and is less money.

Why it made the cut: Moving away from lead and acid can only be a good thing in the long run, and this battery’s feature set really puts it ahead of the competition.

Antigravity Batteries markets many lines of lithium ion batteries from powersports to racing car applications. Lithium-ion is one of the most popular types of batteries on the market today for everything from smartphones to jump starters, but it’s relatively new to car batteries. Compared to the often 40-pound lead bricks we’re used to, getting 1,200 crank amps from a sub-12-pound battery seems miraculous. Indeed, it would be for traditional technology, which this battery is not. The coolest feature in my opinion, and the one that piques my interest the most, is the “Restart” feature, which uses the battery to go into hibernation so that it always has enough power to start the car. If this happens, you can press a button on a key fob or the battery itself and then start the car.

On the other hand, these batteries are expensive. Really expensive. You could buy two of any of the other options (or more) and you’d be close. Then there is the question of availability. They currently stock a wide variety of motorcycle and racing car batteries. The one I linked to would fit a Honda Civic, Mazda Miata, or Nissan GT-R, but mostly not an older Ford F-150. This serves a decent amount of logic, because motorcycle and race car drivers may gain more by reducing weight than driving a 5,000 kg truck.

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Why it made the cut: When the weather pushes the mercury up, then the Odyssey Extreme is ready to take the heat and keep rolling.

Odyssey’s Extreme series of batteries are designed to withstand not only extremely hot conditions but extreme cold as well. This battery also nearly made the best cold-weather pick, but was edged out at the bottom end by the Optima. The Odyssey, however, blows the Red Top out of the water for high temperature tolerance: it’s rated from -40 F all the way up to a blistering 176 F. That should be plenty of capacity even for hot days and hot engine bays. That battery is big, heavy, and also drains a ton of power. The 950 CCA rating is impressive on its own, but the battery can also put out 1,750 amps for five seconds when hot. This, and its design, allows it to be deeply recycled up to 400 times.

However, all this skill comes at a price. The size of the F-150 Odyssey Extreme costs almost $400, putting it on uncomfortable ground if you’re used to spending around $100 on a battery from Walmart (like me). If your use case puts you in some of the most extreme temperatures around, then a battery rated for it is essential.

Best Car Batteries For Sound Systems

Why it made the cut: Optima has a reputation for making great batteries, and while the Red Top is billed as the brand’s standard battery, it’s the best battery we could find for bitter cold.

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Optima makes some of the best and most recognizable batteries in the business. The Red Top is their ‘starter’ battery and is recommended for use in their customers’ most regular vehicles. That is, if you have an awesome sound system, a race car or something unusual, the Yellow Top is what they recommend. But, when it comes to cold weather performance, the Red Top takes the cake with its -50F rating when fully charged at 12.6-12.8 volts. Inside a battery is a mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water. Water can freeze and the temperature at which it freezes changes accordingly

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