Best Air Suspension For Motorhomes – In recent years, our editorial team has had the opportunity to test many campers from different price segments, different dimensions, bodies on different basic cars and with different equipment in action.

Whenever we test drive a vehicle, we take a closer look at safety, ride comfort and utility. Our experience shows that one of the key elements is the choice of suspension and its parameters. Many modifications of serial solutions are available on the market, which can only seem universal and the same.

Best Air Suspension For Motorhomes

Best Air Suspension For Motorhomes

Of course, the above statement may seem harmful, but we hasten to explain. Budget and mid-range motorhomes are very often supplied with full suspension from the base car manufacturer – take the Fiat Ducato for example. Perhaps the use of a standard solution will not negatively affect the driving characteristics of a standard sheet metal in a construction company, but a camper van is a specific vehicle with significant weight and a completely different distribution. Here we must honestly define the comfort and quality of the Italian solution as mediocre at best.

Thor Four Winds Class C Motorhomes

The first series niche on the Ducati, after traveling a few hundred meters over bumps, can give the driver and passengers a headache. The characteristic “tapping” of the suspension, swaying, jerks and shocks with acoustic fireworks – this is not what we expect from cars often worth several hundred thousand zlotys. To improve the characteristics of the car, we can choose between options – from budget to the most technologically advanced.

Auxiliary air suspensions are relatively simple systems available at affordable prices. As a basis, they use the original suspension of the vehicle, strengthening and stabilizing it. A vehicle with air suspension is definitely more resistant to heavy loads and uneven surfaces, while responding much better to the driver’s commands.

The air suspension, thanks to the constant height of the body, also results in significant savings in fuel consumption and suspension components, whose work is transferred to the optimal range. The incredible variety of suspension lift kits available means that almost any delivery vehicle available on the European market can be fitted with them. The most common solution here is air springs with manometers installed in the cabin. Regulation is carried out by means of a valve, and in most vehicles the pressure element is an ordinary compressor. Such a modification usually costs several thousand zlotys. Improvement of many parameters – especially in the case of serial chassis, e.g. FCA / Stellantis, is significant.

By transferring the load from the mechanical parts to the pneumatic cushion, we get more comfort, and in case of overload, we maintain driving safety and increase control over the vehicle. Thanks to automatic control and programmed options, we have the ability to adjust the suspension to the level that is needed at the moment. Because of these advantages, full air suspension is so popular on specialty vehicles such as camper vans. Here we have presented quite extensively the installation method and advantages: Air suspension and hydraulic supports in the motorhome – installation in the Elcamp Group

Buick 1946 1953 Rear Air Suspension

When deciding on such an upgrade of the motorhome, it is worth trusting experts with appropriate preparation and authorization, as well as technical capacities. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of experts from ELCAMP RV from Krakow, we get the possibility of precise, individualized suspension selection according to the needs and conditions of the car. The company cooperates with the leading manufacturers of air suspension in Europe: DriveRite, VB and Goldschmitt and has a wide range of chassis solutions of all the most popular brands.

I feel best at fairs and meeting enthusiasts. Technical freak. I took many campers apart for the first time in my life. Lover of big vehicles, mountain biking and traveling without weight and financial restrictions. At , I am responsible for all publications on automotive topics.

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Best Air Suspension For Motorhomes

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News link copied to clipboard Share Elcamp at Poznań Motor Show 2018 One of the most interesting novelties at the upcoming Poznań Motor Show could be the Westfalia Amundsen 540D Offroad. The off-road motor home will be available at the Elcamp stand. Caravanning enthusiasts will certainly start from the halls where campers, caravans and camping equipment are presented. As hawks of prey, we seek new things. And that’s where the first swallows appear ;). Well, the Elcamp group, which has recently expanded its cooperation with Westphalia, will be showing the Amundsen 540D Offroad model, which means that enthusiasts of year-round trips and off-the-beaten-path camping will finally find something for themselves. It is worth adding that Elcamp will offer this model as the only dealer in Poland. Read moreWelcome! Thank you for your interest in Horton Common our small caravan, motorhome and tent site. We are licensed through the Camping and Caravanning Club as a certified site.

Our site is therefore ideal for both caravans and motorhomes, even when the weather is stereotypically British.

I have now written over 150 articles on this site based on my own knowledge and feedback from our guests about owning, using and maintaining leisure vehicles.

Visit the Posts page to learn more, and you can also use the search function in the top right corner to find articles on a specific topic. 🙂

Isata 5 Class C Motorhomes

In 2015 Horton Common was voted the best CS of the club’s 1,600 small sites by members of the Camping and Caravanning Club

Horton Common is a small caravan, motorhome and tent site located near Leek in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Established in 2014, the caravan site is located on the ridge of Lusk Edge, with beautiful and expansive views over the Staffordshire Moorlands and the Peak District National Park.

Best Air Suspension For Motorhomes

There is a road from the entrance to each pitch, and each pitch provides a solid track for the caravan and car.

Motorhome Air Suspension In Bristol

Each pitch has a 16A power supply with individual RCD and two fresh water taps, one for permanent connection and one for container filling.

As caravanners ourselves, we have set up Horton Common with all the features and services we would want in our ideal small caravan location.

As such, we have ensured that Horton Common has a wide entrance and that the gate to the site is set back 18 metres.

So you can turn straight from the public road onto Horton Common without having to open the gate. Firestone W217602445 Ride Rite Kit For Toyota Tundra

However, we do have a gate to Horton Common, which also has a combination lock. Guests receive a gate code upon booking.

We’ve raised the CDP discharge point to make it as easy to use as possible. The fence provides privacy and shelter from the wind.

We have received many positive comments from our guests over the years about how easy it is to use our CDP at Horton Common.

Best Air Suspension For Motorhomes

We have a defibrillator installed on site, which is part of the local network. You can read more about this AED (automated external defibrillator) in this post.

Newmar Dutch Star 40′ & 43′

I’ve started a new website on electric towing cars that you might want to check out to see what your options are/will be for towing a caravan with an electric car.

If you visit Amazon/Caravan Guard through one of our links and decide to purchase a product, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Semi-air suspension allows the suspension to be manually adjusted within certain limits. On a vehicle with leaf springs, an air spring is placed between the chassis and the rear axle that supports the vehicle’s leaf spring.

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