Be More Confident In Yourself – I’m Tamara Flug, Certified Self-Confidence Coach, and Personal Development Champion, and I’m here to help you become more confident and take control of your life!

Since self-confidence is a skill that anyone can develop if they want to, I decided to create a structure for it.

Be More Confident In Yourself

Be More Confident In Yourself

So I thought and organized the 12 pillars that if you focus on each of them, you can build a long-lasting self-confidence, I am 100% convinced.

Self Confidence Building Quotes For Women Of All Ages

When it comes to building your self-confidence, being aware of why you want to be more self-confident and in what situations is already a great start.

So, get to know yourself better, what are your values? Grab this free PDF to discover them! 🙂

Start with all this and you will already know yourself better. When you do this, you can use everything you find as resources to achieve your dreams and goals! 🙂

But you also need to realize that no one is better than you. It doesn’t matter if they know more about a subject than you do, if they “guessed” at something, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t mean they are better than you!!

How To Gain Self Confidence . . .

It took me some time to realize this, but it slowly slowly really made a difference in my eyes!

Also, when you spend time with others and being your true self, you connect on a deeper level.

Listen to this podcast episode about how taking action is helping you grow your self-confidence and discover that when you take action, there are 2 consequences:

Be More Confident In Yourself

Listen to the episode called The Secret to Stop Taking Things Personally and understand how being more empathetic can help you build your self-confidence.

Love Yourself Deeply & How To Make Friends Easily

Book in your agenda time to do activities you want! Read, paint, swim, anything that makes you feel good!

You know when we say that if you take care of your relationships, you have great relationships!

Well, it’s the same with the relationship with yourself. And how to do it? By doing more of the things we love and that make us feel good!

When you are more familiar with your emotions and the way you feel, you will feel more comfortable in every situation of your life.

Methods To Dramatically Increase Your Self Confidence

The direct consequence is that you feel more in control of each of your behaviors and of your life in general! 🙂

It does not mean that you will stop feeling all the emotions. They are the sign of what is going on inside you, so they are important!

If you are interested in this topic, you must listen to the podcast episode called How to deal with your emotions and boost your self-confidence!

Be More Confident In Yourself

Imagine what they would do or feel in the situations in which you want to be more self-confident! 🙂

Just Not Sorry’ Makes Your Emails Sound Stronger More Confident

And when you get to those situations, copy what they would do, I tell you, try it, it really works! 🙂

The first thing to do is to observe without judgment, out of curiosity where you are right now.

Again, there is no judgment such as “this is bad, this is good”, we just observe where we are standing today!

Sometimes, we can describe ourselves as the person we were in the past, what we said or did.

Want To Be More Self Confident? Stop Undermining Yourself In These 7 Ways

She really did her best and there are no upsides of thinking about what could have been said or done!

Look at the person as if she is your friend, very often we judge ourselves so much more harshly than we would judge others!

Sometimes, people think that when you accept something, it means that you just give up on something, it can have a negative connotation.

Be More Confident In Yourself

Actually, it’s more about letting go of things that happened in the past and focusing on what you actually have control over!

Why You Should Stop Trying To Be More Confident

So, it’s really not about accepting and giving up but more of “what happened and it’s in the past, now I can focus on enjoying the present and creating the future I want for myself”, a bit more empowering, right? 🙂

Therefore, we do not resist them by thinking “something is wrong with me!” or “I have everything to be happy, I shouldn’t complain!”

We can only be in the moment and understand that everything is fine, this too will pass! 🙂

Also, self-acceptance is about understanding that we are totally and 100% enough just the way we are! 🙂

Let’s Talk Confidence — Smile Blog

There is no such thing as being perfect or enough, it cannot be something that some people are and some people are not, how can we agree on the definition of this?

It’s not a quick-fire scheme, but working on it like any other skill can help you be super confident very soon! 🙂

If you’re interested in diving into this, check out the following resources I have to offer:

Be More Confident In Yourself

Of course, if you want to build your self-confidence, you have to listen to my podcast, The Get Confident Podcast!

Be Confident Infographic With 11 Ideas And Tips To Be More Confident!

Follow my podcast and everything I have to say about self-confidence, and therefore, I can assure you that you will build your self-confidence! 🙂

Hey! I’m Tamara – certified life coach and personal development champion – and I’m here to help you be more self-confident and take control of your life!

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Burning Questions About Self Confidence And Self Esteem [2023]

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Be More Confident In Yourself

My favorite is T-Talents: Discover Yours and Use Them! Feel great about yourself by using your strengths and talents in life!

How To Teach Yourself To Be More Confident

If you have any confidence tips to add, we’d love to comment and share yours below!

Ps. If you want a more “pretty” version, check out this confidence infographic from sister company Fierce Kindness!

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Be More Confident In Yourself


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