Apply For Visitor Visa To Australia – Australia, the smallest continent in the world and one of the largest countries, is located on the West Coast between the Pacific and Indian oceans. Canberra, the capital of Australia, is located in the southeast between the larger and more economic and cultural centers of Sydney and Melbourne.

Currently, more than 23 million people live in Australia, with about a quarter of them being foreign-born.

Apply For Visitor Visa To Australia

Apply For Visitor Visa To Australia

Australia is made up of six states (New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia) and two territories (the Northern Territory and the Capital Territory, where Canberra is located).

B 1 And B 2 Tourist Visas, Explained

Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of its attractive environment, multicultural population, amazing food and wine, weather, lifestyle, and friendly and outgoing population.

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that a country is also home to some of the most unique places and creatures in the world. Australia Visitor Visa is designed for business and leisure travel to Australia. Australia, one of the most exquisitely beautiful countries in the world, has much to offer any traveler. Ayers Rock and the Sydney Opera House are two of the famous places and landmarks in Australia that you can see.

To facilitate short trips and travel to Australia, visiting individuals, families, and business people use the Visit Australia Visa. This visa is available in three different types:

Tourist visitor: A tourist coming to Australia for a holiday or to see friends and relatives. You can apply for this from inside or outside Australia.

Australia Visitor Visa Consultants

Business travel: for businessmen on short trips for meetings, negotiations, or events. You must submit an application for this outside of Australia.

Sponsored family travel: for businessmen on short trips for meetings, negotiations, or events. You must submit an application for this outside of Australia.

Processing Time: Depending on the type of visitor visa, it can take anywhere between 25 and 45 days.

Apply For Visitor Visa To Australia

Australian visa fees and associated fees are subject to frequent review according to standards established by the Australian government.

Applying For Visitor Visa (temporary Resident Visa

The best company to help you with your Australian tourist visa is Visas Gateway. Help you with: In case you haven’t heard yet… I’m going to Australia and New Zealand this week! I have two long layovers in Sydney, Australia, on my way to and from Christchurch, New Zealand, and I may make my way back down Under in the next few months, so I need to get a Tourist Visa.

Citizens of Brunei-Darussalam, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States who wish to visit Australia for more than 72 hours all need to apply for an Australian Tourist Visa through the Australian Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) website. If you are leaving between 8 hours and 72 hours, you may need a Transit Visa. If you have a layover of more than 8 hours and will be at the airport except to board your connecting flight, you may not need a visa.

Tourist Visas cost $20 Australian Dollars (AUD), or approximately $14.85 USD as of August 2018. A tourist permit is valid for one full year, but visa holders can only stay in Australia for 90 consecutive days in a time Visas are good for multiple entries into the country!

More here: How-to Guide to Passports How do I Apply for my Australian Tourist Visa? Visit the ETA website

How To Apply For An Australian Visitor Visa Online

If you search for “Australian visa for Americans,” most of the top websites are all ads for jobs that will complete the process for you.

It’s a very simple, quick process, and you will have to give the service all your personal information, which they will put into the system. It is not saving any time, and it will certainly not save any money. I would not recommend giving your passport number and other personal information to anyone who does not need it.

When you are ready to apply, click “Apply for ETA” in the lower right corner of the passport template.

Apply For Visitor Visa To Australia

This is why you should never let an outside job apply for your visa! Only you should have access to this information.

Australia 600 Visa Document Checklist

If you bring multiple passports, make sure you are traveling with the same passport you are using to apply for this visa!

Everyone traveling to Australia from the United States must have a visa, even children, so you may be applying for multiple visas. Unfortunately, but understandably, you may not apply for multiple visas at once. However, when you complete one, it’s just a matter of clicking “Apply for another ETA” on the last screen!

For more information about Transit Visas, Tourist Visas, and whether or not you’ll need one, check out the Australian Department of Home Affairs website!

And for everything else you need to know about planning a trip to Australia, check out my Australia Page! I am heading to Cairns, Queensland, Australia for the adventure of a lifetime courtesy of Philippine Airlines. I will visit the Great Barrier Reef! I have been reading about one of the world’s largest ocean systems in science books and it never crossed my mind that I would get to visit it one day, but truly, dreams come true. I have secured my visa approved two weeks ago and I thought of sharing the application process for Australian Tourist Visa in the Philippines today.

How To Apply For Australian Tourist Visa In The Philippines + Tips

Why visit Australia? Personally, if there was another country I would love to live in outside of the Philippines and Japan, it would be Australia. Because it is full of plants and flowers, perfect for the nature lover in me; I need a reasoned nature even if I am having a love-hate relationship with my country now, I will still want to live and die here at the end of days because the Philippines is blessed with the best natural wonders.

Well, before my post gets political, I’ll take you through the process of applying for an Australian Tourist visa in the Philippines:

Update: The VISA Check Form has been updated; We will give you an updated version at the visa processing office so there is no need to download this form. But if you want to be sure, download it anyway.

Apply For Visitor Visa To Australia

Here is a quick list of essential documents I submitted along with the application form and checklist:

Australia Tourist Visa Grant!!!

2. New Bank Certificate (Photocopy only; Not older than 3 months; Address to EMBASSY OF AUSTRALIA 1st- 5th fl., Dona Salustiana Dee Ty Tower 104 Paseo De Roxas, Makati City)

6. Photocopy of the information page of the new passport, notarized (Passport should not expire in 6 months)

7. Other supporting documents (Please visit the website of VFS Global, a partner agency of the Embassy of Australia in the Philippines)

8. Australian Visa Fee (P5, 000.00; Managers Check; pay to AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY, prepare P50.00 to issue MC (for BDO customers))

Form 1419. Application For A Visitor Visa

2. Copied and notarized pages of my old passport with proof of travel to Japan and Australia. You can show proof of travel to or visas from OECD countries if you have any and Japan and Australia are one of them.

If you are traveling with your family or other people who do not have any documents, for example, ITR, file copies of Affidavit of Support from your family / group and other original documents from them , especially Business Registration, Bank Certificate, and Certificate of Employment.

VFS Global is a partner company of the Australian Embassy in the Philippines. There are three ways to file your application:

Apply For Visitor Visa To Australia

2. Send your documents and forms to VFS Global. Prepare a one-way fee of P1, 115.00 for pickup. Check must be made payable to VFS SERVICES PHILIPPINES PRIVATE INC.

Aussie Visa Cover Letter

Personally, I always prefer walking in when filing visa applications. The address of VFS Global is Mezzanine floor, Ecoplaza Building, Don Chino Roces ext., Makati City. The office number is 790-4900. The Australia Visa office can be accessed via an external escalator in the hallway of the building.

That’s it! You will be given a ticket which you should keep as it has a reference number which you will use on the VFS Global website to track the status of your application.

To save time, resources, and money, I have opted for the visa offer to be emailed to me. Someone from the Australian Embassy sent me an email.

1. Processing my visa application took only 10 days. But still, it is best to apply a month before your travel date.

Invitation Letter For Visitor Visa Australia

2. To be sure, print a copy of your Australia Visa Award and bring it with you on the trip.

3. If you want to submit your documents in person, you have to leave your belongings locked at the VFS Global office. No bags are allowed inside the Australia Visa application office; only necessary documents, pen, and cell phone (but cell phone use is not allowed in the office). The deposit fee is P75.00.

Hope you find this entry very useful. Many thanks to Maye of The Travel Junkie for helping me out on my application- it’s been almost three years since my first visit to Australia and I’ve completely forgotten about the rules before LOL.This Australian Visitor visa (subclass 600) is and visit Australia for travel or business tourism activities.

Apply For Visitor Visa To Australia

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