Apply For Fiance Visa Uk – Our [x] client initially applied for a tourist visa twice but was rejected. Until, she received our professional assistance [rate] and with our assistance she was granted a visa for her third (3) application, to visit her boyfriend in the UK.

While in the UK, we were in constant communication online via WhatsApp and both she and her boyfriend made their decision, soon after she returned to the Philippines; She immediately applies for a “prospective visa” to marry her boyfriend and live permanently.

Apply For Fiance Visa Uk

Apply For Fiance Visa Uk

When she arrived in Manila and was working as a call center agent, she started collecting all the documents and scheduled to sit for her English test. While she is waiting for her English test results, we have already started processing her settlement visa for the UK.

Tuberculosis (tb) Test Requirement For A Fiancee / Spouse Visa

There was a slight problem with her visa application preparation as her fiance resigned from his job, our client was a little anxious whether to continue applying for the fiance visa, after further checking, her fiance moved with someone else and the savings were enough to meet his UKVI’s income threshold requirement .

From checking her sponsor eligibility requirements and documents to preparing her fiance visa application we are almost done. We have also prepared a cover letter for UKVI and added further evidence to satisfy the criteria. Until, the day came when her English test was released.

Yes, two days after she received her English test results, we submitted her fiance visa application – we chose the “standard processing time”. Furthermore, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is understandable to get some delay(s) regarding the outcome of the visa decision, in which we regularly get a decision of 3 to 4 months (standard processing time.

I finally got my UK tourist visa after my previous 2 rejections! Yeh! It was God who led me to Mr. Freddy Penaflor when I saw on the news that he helped a Filipina to the UK for her prospective visa. I never doubted him because he was on an international news site, the Daily Mail! Unfortunately, due to the advice of my bf’s Filipino friends, I reapplied on my own and got rejected again. I feel sad and helpless (who doesn’t?)! I emailed Mr. Freddie and chatted on WhatsApp. As soon as he read my message, he called me and asked for details and after that, he explained to me why and discussed what to do to succeed in my 3rd attempt and there, I see some hope. Then here I am, I got the visa!

Fiance Visa Uk Timeline & Process In 2023

I really appreciate Mr. Freddie because once you tell him the details, he never forgets it and asks you for additional information. Aside from that, he is very cool, easy to talk to and very responsive to questions. He is very patient with me and answers all my questions! He is very honest and straightforward, which I really appreciate! In my future application, I will definitely use his service again for a hassle free application. Thank you so much and God bless you always! “…

For help with your visa application to apply, reapply and appeal? Contact Visa Online Help by sending an email to info@ or call us on WhatsApp + 63 905 257 6013 or for more information visit https://. Thank you! Under immigration rules a foreign migrant can apply for leave to come to the UK or to remain in the UK based on having a qualifying partner in the UK.

The list that tells us what kind of partners are eligible is very complicated these days. British citizens, holders of settlement and those with refugee status are still eligible, but those with pre-settled status now qualify for two other categories.

Apply For Fiance Visa Uk

In this context the word “partner” has a wider meaning. This can be a spouse, civil (ie same-sex) partner, unmarried partner (heterosexual or same-sex) or fiancé(e) or prospective civil partner. (The term “prospective civil partner” is now widely used for a prospective husband(e) where the relationship is homosexual.)

How To Apply For A Visitor Visa To Visit The Uk

The fiancé(e)/future civil partner visa differs significantly from other types of partner visas. Can only be applied for from outside the UK, is only granted for six months, does not lead to settlement and does not confer a right to work.

An immigrant holding this visa is expected to enter into a marriage/civil partnership with their sponsor within the six-month visa period, and only once they have “transitioned” to their new partner status does the five-year clock for settlement begin ticking. .

Fiancé/Prospective Civil Partner visa applications are, unfortunately, every bit as complicated as other partner visa applications, but they face an additional hurdle: proving this type of relationship is extremely difficult. It does not have the same legal status as marriage/civil partnership and there is no marriage/civil partnership certificate to provide as evidence. So the applicant must work hard to show that the relationship is genuine and that the parties are honestly committed to a long-term relationship and future together.

If you are considering applying for a Fiancé/Prospective Civil Partner visa, we at GSN Immigration can advise and assist you. This is important as the date you submit the application by paying the Home Office fee on the prospective visa UK application form is the relevant date by which you must meet the requirements.

Using Self Employment To Meet The Settlement Uk Spouse Visa Income Threshold

Not only does it take longer than partners originally expected to learn the requirements, some partners are forced to wait several months until they meet the prospective visa requirements.

Jenny’s business is a certain limited company (she is the sole director and shareholder of a UK limited company).

Because immigration rules require dependents on specified limited company income to provide documentation for the company’s most recent full fiscal year, Jenny will have to wait until July 2024 to meet the financial requirements.

Apply For Fiance Visa Uk

For more information about the requirements, feel free to read our detailed prospective visa UK requirements in 2023 article. This article also includes a detailed video that discusses the requirements you need to meet.

Questions About Your Entry Clearance Visa Vignette Sticker / The Inbounder / Britbound

In our prospective visa UK application form for 2023 article we discuss how you can ensure you are using the most up-to-date application form.

You will complete the same application form as those applying as a married partner, civil partner or unmarried partner.

The Home Office should know that you are making a fiancé(e) visa application based on how you complete the application form.

Instead, as we’ll talk about later, you’ll be redirected to the TLS or VFS website, depending on the country you’re applying for.

Uk Visa For Thai Partner

If the “date you plan to arrive in the UK” answer is after the decision date, the six-month fiance(e) visa start date will usually be the date you answer here.

If the answer to “The date you intend to come to the UK” is before the decision date, the six-month fiance(e) visa start date is usually on or around the decision date.

As we will discuss later, the applicant can enter the UK at any time during the validity of the six-month fiancé(e) visa.

Apply For Fiance Visa Uk

Our prospective visa UK application form article discusses many things you need to know before applying, so feel free to read it.

Appendix 2 Vaf4a: Fill Out & Sign Online

Although the above screenshot states that the fee is payable in USD, it varies depending on where the application is submitted from.

As we discuss in our prospective visa UK fees & costs in 2023 article, this fee is rarely paid in British pounds.

Therefore, you could end up paying up to 10% or less than the listed home office fee of £1,846.

If you want to pay for the priority service (which will reduce the prospective UK visa processing time by around 30 working days in 2023 and cost an extra ~£500) it can usually be purchased:

Uk Marriage Visitor Visa (mvv) Refusal And Subsequent Fresh Application

The date on which you paid the Home Office Fee on the above page is the date the application was submitted.

Essentially, the date of application is the date by which documents must show that the requirements are met.

After you pay the Home Office fee, you will be directed to the VFS or TLS website (depending on which country the application is submitted from).

Apply For Fiance Visa Uk

Instead, the relevant country will be the applicant’s country of residence (the applicant’s country of legal residence or nationality) when the online application is submitted.

Uk Vignette Visa

A visa center appointment is usually booked within a few days of submitting a prospective visa application, but this varies depending on supply and demand.

It is usually best if the visa center appointment is booked several weeks after the submission of the prospective visa application


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