Apply China Visa In Hong Kong – 3. If you live in HK, just say go to Shenzhen for a day, no need to present the plane ticket and hotel accommodation. The consulate will ask you to fill out a travel form. shopping I only left for lunch and the top malls around Shenzhen.

4. When filling the application form online. Extract the form and save it to your cloud storage. This will be helpful because you can submit it in future applications or when the employee asks you to reprint the entire form.

Apply China Visa In Hong Kong

Apply China Visa In Hong Kong

5. If you are a Filipino or any citizen with a middle name; Do not put it in the given name section. The clerk told me to follow the passport code on the front page of the passport.

Need A Chinese Visa? Check The Process And Cost At Different Locations

6. Do not print the confirmation email. They don’t really check. Best to save the screenshot on your phone.

7. Printed application form; HK visa; HKID Bring your passport and 1 x 1 photo as per Chinese visa requirements. Make sure it is complete as the clerk will check it before starting the actual visa application process.

8. If you need to reprint your visa form. The printer at the visa center charges 8 HKD per page on the Octopus card, so it can be reprinted at the CCWU building. The application form is 9 pages long. $11 at the print shop at CCWU (Nice Fortune) (first 2 pages in color, rest in black and white)

9. Bring cash or ATM card as cash and EPS are the only alternatives for payment. No credit cards.

What Kind Of Visa Can Enter China Now?

10. Be there 30 minutes before your appointment. After the queue for the ticket there is another queue to submit your forms and pay. Wait patiently.

11. You will receive your regular visa within 4 business days. Apply early so you don’t have to pay nearly double for expedited service. 2 weeks before my intended trip (dates written on the application form).

That’s all, I hope that helps. I learned this after going to the visa center 3 times in one day. Much obliged, My visa application has been approved — double entry L-visa (tourist) valid for 6 months.

Apply China Visa In Hong Kong

History of the Philippines in Hong Kong: Flag A, now a park in Wan Chai, is where the Philippine flag was raised.

How To Get A China Business Visa (m Visa) [expert Guide]

Counting and Money: Filipinos’ Complex Number Vocabulary We don’t simply use one or two languages; We encode in three ways.

In Transit: How to Visit South Korea with a US VisaI took advantage of a very coveted visa and made a transit trip to the Land of the Morning Calm.

A Jew A Muslim and Israel: Cracks in the Wall; Because of the conflict in Israel; I am sharing an essay about my visit to Israel during the Gaza crisis in 2009 and the revelation I received.

A personal, neutral perspective on the Israel-Hamas war is essential to understanding this war. We must understand the thousand years of history that led us here

Exclusive: Beijing Demands Consulates In Hong Kong Submit Data Of All Locally Employed Staff

The 10 Seconds That Ended My 20-Year Marriage It was a hot, humid August in Northern Virginia. I still haven’t showered since I ran in the morning. Dressed as a stay-at-home mom… due to policy changes after the pandemic. We encourage you to inquire for up-to-date visa information as well as fees. Trying to get everything back to normal, I wish you all the best.

Good news for Panamanian passport holders: You can now apply for a 5-year exit visa within 90 days. Contact us for details.

Happy New Year! Customers who apply for a Chinese tourist visa from 1 January to 28 February 2019 will receive a free mobile SIM card gift (worth HKD48). Available while supplies last.

Apply China Visa In Hong Kong

The Chinese Visa Application Center in Hong Kong started operating on 22-01-2018. The visa application fee and time frame has been revised. The service fee charged by the Visa Application Center is even if the application is rejected. Contact us for details.

Hong Kong Visa For Tourists: A Comprehensive Guide

Hong Kong Visa Office is increasing the fee for visa application, please contact us for updated prices and details.

Good news for Brazilian passport holders: you can now apply for a 5-year exit visa within 90 days. Contact us for details.

Good news for Argentine passport holders: you can now apply for a 10-year Multi-entry tourist visa (L) for a maximum of 30 days. Contact us for details.

FBT is offering a HKD50 discount coupon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China.

China Relaxes Visa, Urban Residency Rules In Bid To Boost Ailing Economy

Happy New Year! FBT will continue to provide you with the most competitive price for visa applications in 2017, get the coupon here.

Good news for Israeli passport holders. You can now apply for a 9-year Multi-entry Visa with a stay of up to 60 days each. Contact us for details.

Same day service for 30 day single entry visa for FRA or US passport holder customers Please contact us for details.

Apply China Visa In Hong Kong

Fee updates for Work Visa (Z) and Study Visa (X) from 21 March 2016 Please refer to service page for details.

Immigration Department Annual Report 2021

Please note that due to government policies, additional fees will apply to US and Canadian passport holders. Contact us for details.

UPDATED HOURS: Now also open on Saturdays from 8:30am to 1:30pm. Enjoy fast and convenient visa application only at FBT.

Good news for Canadian passport holders. You can now apply for a 9-year Multi-entry Visa with a stay of up to 60 days each. Contact us for details.

Good news for US passport holders. You can apply for a 10 year multi entry visa to stay for 60 days for each entry. Contact us for details.

How To Get A Chinese Visa In Hong Kong (as An American)

Good news! The discount period has been extended until 31 December 2014. You can enjoy HK$120 cash discount for Individual Tourist Visa (L) by downloading the coupon from our website.

Business Visa(M); Private Visit Visa(S2) and Group Visa applicants can enjoy a HK$50 cash discount from our website until 1 December 2014 by downloading the coupon from our website.

We would like to offer a summer promotion from May 1st to August 31st. You can enjoy HK$120 cash discount for Tourist Visa (L) by downloading the coupon from our website. Enjoy your summer vacation with your family.

Apply China Visa In Hong Kong

Passport holders of most countries can obtain 1-month Business (M) and Private Visit (S2) visas on the same day of application. Contact us for application conditions and procedures. Group Visa is not open for applications at this time.

How To Get A Chinese Visa In Hong Kong

Foreigners married to Chinese can now apply for a variety of 90-day or 180-day residence visas for one year. Contact us for more information.

Overseas Chinese can apply for multiple one-year visas for stays of 90 or 180 days to immediately visit family members in China. Contact us for more details.

Passport holders from 16 European countries will receive a Business Visa (1 month) on the same day of application. Please contact us in advance.

Same Day Service: If you arrive at our office before 10:00am, we can collect your visa around 6:30pm. Contact us for an appointment.

China Visa Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Happy Chinese New Year! We would like to express our gratitude for your continued support of the Spring Promotion from February 18th to March 31st. You can enjoy HK$100 cash discount on selected visa types by downloading the coupon from our website. Please contact us by email for more details. Planning a visit to China? If so, you need a visa. Unfortunately for Americans, this visa can be a bit tricky (

Unlike other Asian countries, You may arrive at China’s border and not apply for a visa. Applying for a visa can be a little difficult and time-consuming. So make sure to apply for your visa at least one month before your travel plans.

A lot of people will go through visa agencies like China Travel Service or China Visa Service Center because your application is less likely to be rejected. But it costs extra, and since a single visa is enough as an American, I obtained the visa myself without the help of an agency—and you can too.

Apply China Visa In Hong Kong

Before visiting the China Resources Building, Make sure you have all the official applications filled out and supporting documents gathered together. Here’s what you need to bring:

Chinese Authority In Hksar Issues Easier Visa Policy For Foreigners Inoculated With Chinese Vaccine

Once all these are ready, you can go to the China Visa Office and do not need to make an appointment.

Pro tip: Try to avoid Mondays or Tuesdays, as the wait is significantly longer on these days.

The China Visa Office is located on the 7th floor of the China Resources Building in Wan Chai (HK Island). The building itself is easy to find as it is located next to a huge convention center. You’ll want to enter through the doors at the corner of Fleming Street. and Harbor Dr. If not, they will try to direct you to the visa agency.

When to visit the website: 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm on weekdays; Closed on weekends and public holidays.

Hong Kong Work Visa For Indians: Eligibility And Application

How to get there: MTR Wan Chai Station Exit A5. Walk towards the immigration building. Outside immigration, there are stairs on the right side. Get them on the road. It will be China Resources Building.

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