Apartments In Japan For Foreigners – Here are 15 recommended Tokyo Apartments for foreigners planning to move in/to Tokyo, Japan in 2021.

Some may know that renting an apartment in Tokyo is not that easy for foreigners. There are some unique systems and too many initial fees required by standard Japanese housing rental service.

Apartments In Japan For Foreigners

Apartments In Japan For Foreigners

SAKURA HOUSE, the pioneer in managing monthly accommodation in Japan, is a very foreigner-friendly housing company. Since 1992, we have been providing safe, comfortable and reasonably priced furnished accommodations (apartments, share house rooms, guest house dorm beds and vacation rentals) in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan for all our residents, regardless of their origins or the cultures to which they belong As well as multilingual support by an international staff.

Klasso Tokyo Sumiyoshi Apartments, Tokyo

For your home away from home, SAKURA HOUSE’s furnished accommodations are exclusively for foreigners. No key money, agent fee, guarantor required. With only a deposit of 20000 yen and the stay fee (utilities included), you can even reserve and move in today to an apartment in Tokyo!

The apartment complex is very close to Monzen Nakacho Station (Tokyo Metro Tozai and Oedo Lines), which gives residents excellent access to downtown Tokyo, including Roppongi, Shinjuku, Otemachi, Takadanobaba, Nakano and Kichijoji. Studio-type furnished apartments with fully equipped kitchens have long been popular with students, interns and working professionals. Coin-operated washing machines and dryers are located right in front of SAKURA HOUSE MONZEN-NAKACHO A.

Apartments in Minami Asagaya, a popular location in Nakano with good access to major districts such as Shinjuku, Yotsuya, Otemachi, Tokyo Station and Hongo-sanchome via the subway Marunouchi Line. Also walking distance to Asagaya station (JR Chuo and Sobu lines). Residents can use the communal washing machine for free.

Subway takes only 16 minutes to get to SHINJUKU. This residence is located near Shin-egota Station on the Oedo Line subway line. (Only a 3-min. walk from the station.) A refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster oven, cookware, and tableware, as well as a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, iron, and ironing board.

Tips For Finding An Apartment In Japan That Could Save You 10% To 20% On Rent

Direct rail access to SHINJUKU and Tokyo stations A two-story apartment building in a western Tokyo neighborhood. JR KUNITACHI STATION is nearby, giving residents easy access to Nakano, Shinjuku, Yotsuya and Tokyo stations via the JR CHUO LINE. Nearby is Hitotsubashi University. Apartments for rent in Kokubunji-shi. Kitchens are fully equipped, and each apartment has its own washing machine.

Walking distance to SHINJUKU and TAKADANOBABA reasonable semi-apartments (rooms with full kitchens; shower and toilet are shared with housemates). Apartments that are comfortable and provide easy access to good rail transit. Located near Shin-Okubo Station on the JR Yamanote Line; Takadanobaba Station, with a number of schools, is just one stop to the north; And Shinjuku Station, one of Tokyo’s most important terminals, is just one stop to the south. Located in Tokyo’s vibrant international area. Okubo Station on the JR Sobu Line is also nearby, giving you quick access to stations such as Nakano, Koenji, Kichijoji, and Ichigaya, Yotsuya, Ochanomizu, Akihabara, and Tokyo Station.

A favorite residence near Shinagawa station! Near the HANEDA Airport! Apartments and shared house rooms near Shinagawa Station, which is served by the JR Yamanote, Kehin-Tohoku, Tokaido, Yokosuka and Tokaido Shinkansen lines, as well as the Keikyu Line. Sengakuji Station, served by the Metro Toei Asakusa Line, is even closer. Residents have easy access to regions around Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa, as well as Haneda International Airport, which is just 16 minutes by train from Shinagawa Station.

Apartments In Japan For Foreigners

Excellent rail access to/from NARITA airport; Apartments for family or group stays Spacious apartments with fully equipped kitchens, including a refrigerator, induction cooktop, microwave oven, toaster oven, plates, glasses, culinary utensils, and so on. Residents can use a washing machine for free.

How To Find An Apartment In Japan As Foreigner

Apartments (from the 2nd floor up), share house rooms and guest house beds are available in this popular residence. Motohasunuma Station on the Toi Mita Line is just a three-minute walk away, giving residents easy access to central Tokyo neighborhoods like Sugamo, Jimbocho, Otemachi (Tokyo Station), Mita, and Meguro. Sugamo Station, just 9 minutes away, serves as a transfer point for the JR Yamanote Line and the subway Toei Oedo Line.

Excellent Rail Transportation for Apartments and Share House Shinagawa Togoshi Share House and Apartments, located a 4-minute walk from Togoshi Station, are popular among Hoshiyakka University and Keio University students, professionals and language school students. Enjoy the shops and eateries on the famous street called “Togoshi Ginza”. After a hard day of school or work, there is also a beautiful public bath called “Togoshi Ginza Onsen”, which uses natural black mineral water and is enjoyable and relaxing!

A popular place to share house rooms and apartments in the traditional – and increasingly fashionable – Kagurazaka district in downtown Tokyo, which is home to several shops, restaurants and bars. Because of its central Tokyo location and proximity to a number of rail stations, SAKURA HOUSE KAGURAZAKA YARAICHO residents have easy access to excellent rail transit.

An apartment in the center of Tokyo. It is in a lively neighborhood with many restaurants and bars. The “Ginza” is nearby. SAKURA HOUSE TOKYO STATION is a monthly apartment available for students, interns, workers and single travelers visiting Japan. The apartment is located in the heart of Tokyo, just 5 minutes from Tokyo station. Privately furnished apartment with free Wi-Fi.

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Located in a quiet residential area in Koto-ku, Tokyo. Large shopping mall with neighboring supermarkets and fast food outlets. The SUNAMACHI GINZA, one of Tokyo’s largest and most famous shopping street, is also close to the residence. Nearby are the India International School in Japan (IISJ) and Nishikasai, also known as Little India.

A cozy house in Yotsugi, Tokyo. The area is famous for the origin of the famous football manga “Captain Tsubasa”, which represents Japan! Rent a whole house and stay with your friends, family/group members! Convenient public transportation to central Tokyo.

The house is in a peaceful residential area. 12 minutes walk from Keisei Tateishi station. All rooms are equipped with electrical appliances and free Wi-Fi. Also ideal for teleworking/telecommuting!

Apartments In Japan For Foreigners

The house is located in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. Enjoy the jogging and the relaxing atmosphere in the Yuyogi Park, which is very close from the residence. The whole house with 3 cozy rooms in famous Tomigaya, Shibuya! You can even go to Harajuku and Shibuya.

Apartments For Rent In Tokyo For Foreigners

This website uses cookies. You will consent to our use of cookies by continuing to browse this site. Find out more here. One of the first things you need once you have decided to move to another country is obviously a place to live for a long-term stay. Nowadays, with all the new technologies on our site and the Internet, one would think that looking for an apartment or flat in Japan should not be so difficult, but it is wrong. Like everything that involves living in Japan as a foreigner, the country doesn’t make things easy.

One of the first problems is a problem that the Japanese also suffer: moving to/in Japan (or at least to places like Tokyo or Osaka) is ridiculously expensive. And it’s not just because the rental price in Tokyo is high. This happens in all the great capitals of the world. This is because the Japanese system makes you have to pay an exorbitant amount of money before you even start living.

Usually, the common thing in most countries is that you have to pay a deposit (which is normally the value of a month’s rent) and the first month’s rent. Maybe some extra fee from the agency commission fee, but a reasonable price. In Japan to get started, you need to pay one month’s rent for the deposit plus what in English is known as “key money”, which is another month’s rent. The real name in Japanese is not ‘key money’ but ‘Reikin’, and its kanjis literally means ‘gratitude money’. It is an old concept that comes from the situation in Japan after the Second World War and the economic miracle, but although it seems outdated nowadays, it is still used. Since this money is considered a gift to the host for letting you stay in his house, it is non-recurring. As I said, the key money is usually one month’s rent, but sometimes they also ask for the equivalent of three months’ rent! Isn’t it crazy? In fact, in some cases you can be asked for three months of deposit and three months of key money: you pay six months of rent before you set foot in the apartment.

Then you have to add the agency commission fee, which is usually the equivalent of one month or a month and a half of rent, the key exchange fee, the annual maintenance fee (which they charge you even if you will not be a fee. year ) and property insurance, which is required to rent an apartment in Japan. And of course, the first month of rent. We are talking about this with a ‘normal’ rent of 70,000-80,000 yen per month, entering the apartment would cost you between 350,000 and 400,000 yen in the best case (only one month’s deposit and key ) money).

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