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The Platinum Card® from American Express comes with tons of travel benefits — including access to over 1,400 airport lounges and up to $200 in Uber Cash per year. Among these tent benefits, the less glamorous ones can often be overlooked. But these other travel benefits and protections can really transform your travels. A great example of this is the car rental benefits provided by the Platinum Card® from American Express. Conditions apply.

Amex Platinum National Car Rental

Amex Platinum National Car Rental

Let’s take a look at some of the car rental benefits that Platinum Card® cardholders from American Express enjoy, including benefits of car rental Elite status and free car rental insurance.

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Platinum Card® cardholders from American Express can sign up for elite status at three car rental companies: Avis Preferred Plus, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and National Emerald Club.

While benefits vary by program, generally you can expect Elite status to provide rental car upgrades, expedited credit for a free rental, and the ability to bypass the rental car check-in desk when picking up your car.

Cardholders can sign up for Avis Preferred Plus status (which typically requires 12 rentals or $5,000 spend in a calendar year). This status level gives you free upgrades and bonus points every time you rent from Avis.

National Extends Free Day Benefits Through 2021

You’ll also get access to special Avis Preferred Plus reservations and a customer service phone number. Additionally, car rental deals are available when you use the Avis Worldwide Discount discount code A756900. Conditions apply.

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Another benefit of the Platinum Card® from American Express when renting a car is President’s Circle status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program. This status allows you to add an additional driver at no additional cost, bypass the meter and earn 1.5 points per dollar spent, and guarantees upgrades on all bookings.

Amex Platinum National Car Rental

Holders of the Platinum Card® from American Express can also sign up for Executive status in the National’s Emerald Club program. With Executive status, you can select your preferred car from the Executive Selection area and receive a guaranteed upgrade when renting at least a mid-size car.

Amex Platinum Free Car Rental Status & Benefits

Additionally, as an Emerald Club director, you’ll receive a free rental day after earning just six rental points instead of the typical seven rental points. Conditions apply.

When you’re excited about picking up your rental car for a trip, you probably don’t want to consider all the things that can go wrong during a rental. Fortunately, cardholders don’t have to choose whether to pay for rental car insurance or go unprotected.

Platinum Card® holders from American Express can obtain rental car loss and damage insurance, which will cover theft or damage to the rental car up to $75,000. This does not include liability insurance. To get this extra protection at no additional cost, you just need to meet two requirements:

Moreover, the benefits of renting a car go beyond the rental car itself. Your personal property – such as luggage and electronic equipment – is covered for up to $1,000 per person (up to $2,000 maximum) against loss or damage during your car rental.

Amex Platinum Card Benefits

If you incur medical expenses as a result of an accident in your rental car, AmEx will cover up to $5,000 in medical expenses per person for you and your passengers. In a worst-case scenario, cardholders and their passengers will be entitled to benefits in the event of death or disability resulting from an accident.

While AmEx rental car coverage is good, it doesn’t cover every car rental. For example, the car rental insurance on the Platinum Card® from American Express does not cover car rentals in Australia, Italy or New Zealand. Additionally, AmEx Auto Loss and Damage Insurance does not cover rentals of the following types of vehicles:

Although the card covers damage to your rental car, it does not cover liability for damage to other vehicles or people. Check your car insurance policy to see if your liability covers rental cars. If not, consider purchasing liability insurance.

Amex Platinum National Car Rental

The Platinum Card® from American Express provides additional protection. This means that you must first file a claim with your insurance company before you can file a claim with American Express. Conditions apply.

Amex Plat For National Car Renting Price Difference

If you prefer to purchase basic rental car insurance, American Express offers premium rental car coverage. This paid product includes car rentals for up to 42 consecutive days, especially luxury cars and other premium vehicles – all at a reasonable rate of less than $25 per rental. This is often a much better option than purchasing insurance through a car rental company.

The exact price depends on the insurance coverage you choose and your state of residence. To obtain up to $100,000 in theft and damage insurance, Florida residents must pay $15.25 for rental, California residents pay $17.95, and residents of all other states pay $24.95 for rental.

However, like free American Express Platinum car rental insurance, this insurance does not cover liability.

Just because you’re a Platinum Card® member from American Express, when you rent a car, you get comprehensive benefits – from elite status at three car rental companies to free rental car protection.

Amex Platinum Card Review (2023.9 Update: 150k (incognito) Offer Is Back)

Please note that many of these benefits require registration – even with a paid premium car rental security product. So take a few minutes now to sign up and earn elite status with Avis, Hertz and National. Then remember to pay for your car rental with the Platinum Card® from American Express to stay protected. Conditions apply.

Car Rental Loss and Damage coverage can provide protection up to $75,000 in the event of theft or damage to most rental vehicles if you use an eligible card to book and pay for the entire eligible vehicle rental and decline the Collision or Similar Damage Waiver an option offered by a commercial car rental company. This product provides additional protection and does not include liability insurance. Not all types of vehicles or rentals are covered. Geographic restrictions apply.

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Amex Platinum National Car Rental

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Terms apply to American Express benefits and offers. Registration may be required to take advantage of select American Express benefits and offers. Visit to learn more.

You hear “status” and think of airlines and hotels. There may be no better way to improve your travel experience than by having the highest status at your car rental company. And on that front, Emerald Club or National Car Rental’s Executive Elite status.

Expired) Extended Elite Status With National And Enterprise With One Rental In 2022

It’s easy to make money to get started – you can earn top status at National simply by holding the right credit card. And the rewards are huge: you can skip the long lines at the counter when you arrive and upgrade by choosing the best available car in the parking lot. In the typically stressful process of renting a car, it can save you a lot of time, money and energy.

Let’s look at the basics of National Director status, why you should have it, and how easily you can earn it.

Elite traveler status sounds great on paper. However, in practice, making money usually requires a lot of traveling.

Amex Platinum National Car Rental

That’s the beauty of National Executive status: you don’t have to make a single rental to earn it.

Review: Bmw From National Car Rental Executive Area Fort Lauderdale

Several different travel rewards credit cards offer National Executive status in addition to card membership. The first (and best) option is the Platinum Card® from American Express.

Just by having the card, you’ll gain access to elite status in several car rental programs, including National Emerald Club Executive status. Simply log in to your American Express account and go to the benefits tab to sign up.

You can also earn National Executive status by simply holding a Chase Sapphire Reserve® credit card. Again, go to the benefits tab in your Chase account to

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