Amex Platinum International Travel Benefits – Money How to Maximize the Benefits of Your American Express Platinum Card An Annual Fee Card That’s Worth Paying for Timothy Ho Aug 22, 2023

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Amex Platinum International Travel Benefits

Amex Platinum International Travel Benefits

In Singapore’s competitive credit card landscape, American Express® has always stood out. Unlike other credit card companies, where you can expect to be on hold for 30 minutes or more for a query, American Express sets itself apart by offering top-notch customer service that’s always available whenever you need assistance.

American Express Platinum Card Review: Luxury Travel Perks

Besides excellent customer service, American Express cards offer a variety of exclusive benefits that are not only highly sought after but also associated with luxury. One such benefit is the Membership Rewards® program, which earns you Membership Rewards points that never expire and can be redeemed for vouchers, miles and other deals. These unrivaled benefits, which few other credit cards can match, are what attract many people to aspire to own an American Express card.

And those benefits don’t come any better than with the American Express Platinum Card, also known by some as the Platinum Debit Card.

Unlike many credit cards that focus on certain spending categories like travel, dining or entertainment, the American Express Platinum Card takes a different approach. This eliminates the need for cardmembers to choose one category over another, allowing them to enjoy a wider variety of spending categories.

Whether it’s traveling in comfort, enjoying savings at popular restaurants or gaining access to exclusive venues, the Platinum Card offers it all. With this single card, not only can you unlock all of these great benefits conveniently for you and your family, but you also don’t have to compromise on any aspect of your lifestyle.

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Travel is coming back, and if you’re a frequent traveler, you want to ensure every moment of your journey counts with the Platinum Card.

Whether it’s a personal or business trip, it’s good to have access to a lounge. For families on vacation, access to a lounge with food, drinks and additional services can get your family excited about the trip you’re about to take. For business travelers, lounges are ideal places to check in on last-minute work before you take off and enjoy a well-deserved break on the plane.

For those with connecting flights, lounge access can mean the difference between a miserable layover and a relaxing vacation. Remember, not every airport in the world is going to be like our Changi Airport.

Amex Platinum International Travel Benefits

With the Platinum card, card members enjoy free lounge access to over 1,400 airport lounges in approximately 650 cities

American Express Membership Rewards Traveller Option Programme Fee Membership Rewards®

Lounges, Delta SkyClub® Lounges and Plaza Premium Lounges. This gives you and one travel companion a place to relax before taking off.

At over 1,300 properties that are part of Fine Hotels + Resorts. These include daily breakfast for two, US$100 trial credit

And check-out is guaranteed at 4:00 p.m. Cardmembers will also enjoy instant upgrades to higher tiers of leading hotel loyalty programs, such as Marriott Bonvoy™ and Hilton Honors. Check out the full details of these travel benefits here.

Average value based on Fine Hotels + Resorts bookings in 2021 for a two-night stay. The actual value will vary depending on the property, room price, upgrade availability and use of benefits.

How To Maximize Benefits With The Amex Platinum Card

With the Platinum Card, you get access to culinary adventures around the world. Cardmembers enjoy a credit of S$400

Which can be used in over 1,400 of Singapore’s finest restaurants, such as Kirk Westway’s three-Michelin-starred Zén and two-Michelin-starred JAAN, as well as other top restaurants around the world such as Acquolina in Roma – A. A restaurant with two Michelin stars and Sketch in London, UK – a restaurant with three Michelin stars.

In addition, Platinum members get access to Love Dining by Platinum, which offers generous discounts of up to 50% year-round and benefits at a variety of restaurants and hotel restaurants across Singapore.

Amex Platinum International Travel Benefits

Can be used at select wellness and wine partners with minimal required spend, including Adeva Spa, Spa Rael, The Ultimate and Grand Cru Wine Concierge. Cardmembers will also receive a S$150 fashion credit

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And for those of us who already subscribe to streaming services or are frequent viewers of live events, we might be happy to know that the Platinum Card gives us up to S$17 per month in entertainment credits

The Platinum Card also provides free access to Tower Club Singapore – Singapore’s premier private business club.

Normally costing S$2,100 per year, Platinum Card members can get free access to all dining facilities and the fitness center of Tower Club Singapore. For those who play golf, The Platinum Card also provides free green fees with paying guests at over 40 regional golf clubs. You can also fine-tune your game with free balls when you make a minimum purchase at Warren Golf & Country Club and free two-hour virtual golf sessions with one paying guest at Five Iron Golf Singapore and more.

Being a Platinum Card member also gives you access to many other invitation-only events organized by American Express and its partners.

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While the various benefits offered by The Platinum Card are great, it is not an entry-level mass market card.

At S$1,728 per year, this is one of the most expensive cards you can apply for in Singapore. So for those who just want a standard credit card with no frills, this might not be the ideal card to choose.

Let’s count the benefits, in dollars and cents, that you can get for what you pay in an annual fee.

Amex Platinum International Travel Benefits

Total travel benefits = S$1,447. This does not include other benefits such as Fine Hotels + Resorts benefits, hotel loyalty programs, worldwide travel insurance and Singapore Airlines & Scoot membership bonus points.

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Total Lifestyle Benefits = S$1,154. This does not include Love Dining by Platinum benefits and sign-up or renewal benefits you may receive.

Total Access Benefit = S$2, 100. This excludes the Regional Golf Program and other exclusive events that Cardmembers may receive invitations to.

As you can see, the tangible dollar value of what we get in benefits is easily worth more than S$4,000. That doesn’t even include the other exclusive benefits the card gives where it’s hard for us to put a dollar value. them, such as Fine Hotels + Resorts benefits, Love Dining by Platinum, hotel loyalty programs, the regional golf program and many others. For these benefits, how much value or savings you enjoy will depend on how often you use them.

As we see it, the annual fees we have to pay for the Platinum Card can easily be justified by the tangible dollar value we get from the travel, lifestyle and access benefits. However, it’s also the other exclusive benefits that make this a must-have card, especially if you’re someone who regularly travels, dines and socialises.

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Amex Platinum International Travel Benefits

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Amex Platinum International Travel Benefits

Amex offers 3 different credit cards in its Platinum series. As you can imagine, entry requirements and annual fees vary (see image below), but so do the benefits.

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The elusive Amex Centurion card is by order only and we’ve also included it below for completeness. We do enjoy a full family portrait.

In this article, we’ll focus on the Amex Platinum Debit Card and discuss whether it’s really worth it


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