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In the realm of premium credit cards, American Express (AMEX) really shines among competitors like Citi and Chase, and this is especially true when it comes to business credit cards. If the AMEX Platinum card is considered the top of the personal credit card, I would argue that the AMEX Platinum business card is at the top of the pyramid for business credit cards (of course, I do not include credit cards for invitations only, such as AMEX). Centurion. AMEX Centurion Business Card and Card). With its high annual fees, the card certainly comes with many benefits that will effectively reduce fees. Over time, the deal has become sweeter with a historically high welcome.

Amex Business Platinum Airline Credit

Amex Business Platinum Airline Credit

AMEX Platinum Business Cards come with a lot of value but offer many benefits that can easily pay the annual fee.

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AMEX Platinum Business Card is currently offering a registration bonus of 120,000 Membership Rewards (MR) points after spending $ 15,000 in the first three months of account opening. I personally value the MR points at 2 cents per point, evaluating this “normal” registration bonus at $ 2,400. However, if you use the referral link or search for offers using Google Anonymous mode, you may be able to find a bonus offer of 150,000 MR points worth up to $ 3,000. This is the highest offer I have ever seen, and I bet this is the best offer we will see in a while.

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The coefficient of AMEX Platinum business card is very weak. The card earns 5X MR points on flights and hotels purchased directly on the AMEX Travel Portal. It also earns 1.5X MR points on all purchases of $ 5,000 or more, which is limited to 1 million MR points per calendar year. Every other purchase earns 1X MR points.

If you think the card coefficient is average, prepare yourself because the card’s annual fee is $ 695. It is one of the most expensive cards to open, but fortunately AMEX combines valuable benefits to effectively pay the annual fee. Here are the benefits included in the membership card:

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A $ 200 airline loan is really hard to use because it is supposed to only cover accidental airfare, which means you can not use the credit for airfare. As of now, it covers the following fees:

This means that card members cannot use it for any gift card updates related to miles and seat installation. Also, if you are an AMEX Platinum Card holder, there is a good chance that you are a frequent flyer, which means that most of the above items are likely to be covered by your airline status. In addition to the already difficult to use, AMEX lets you choose an airline at the beginning of each year from the following airlines:

The airline’s random credit will arise when it is used for the airline of your choice. Cardholders are only allowed to change airlines in January, and due to the airline’s accidental fees being difficult to use, AMEX Credit has been the most criticized since issuers such as Chase, Citi and Bank of America use travel credit. Travel coverage – relevant. I think AMEX should switch benefits so it reflects something related to travel.

Amex Business Platinum Airline Credit

However, because the transaction is coded differently in the background, there are some gaps and you can use the credit for the plane ticket. The easiest is United, and you can use United Travel Bank, which functions as an online gift card system.

Credit Cards Rewards: Amex Platinum Adds Hotel Credits, Private Jet Charters

However, as of January 24, 2021, United Travel Bank appears to be codenamed “Gift Certificate”, which means that the airline’s accidental credit will not occur.

Some people report that cheap flights (less than $ 100) from the southwest JetBlue and Delta cause credit, but it may not work for everyone. Finally, when a Delta flight is purchased in part with a Delta gift voucher, the transaction coding changes to an “additional collection” that triggers the credit.

Cheap JetBlue airfare can trigger an airline loan, but beware of the consequences if it does not code as you would expect.

Be aware that the rules are constantly changing and AMEX has the right to reclaim your points or close your account if you have to go against their terms. I strongly recommend that you do some research before using an airline loan instead.

Canceling Business Platinum Cards

Because this is a business credit card, cardholders receive a $ 400 Dell credit instead of the regular airline credit you would receive with a custom platinum card. The $ 400 Dell credit can be used for any purchase with Dell Technologies, and the credit is split into two parts. You can get up to $ 200 in statement credit between January and June and the remaining $ 200 between July and December. Due to the global epidemic, I work from home and Dell sells a wide range of technology tools and supplies that you might find useful for your home office setting. Be aware that products may not reflect the best price point, but if you talk to a representative, they may match the price. Finally, be sure to sign up for benefits to use the credit.

If you are looking to hire talented people or need to buy real recruiting products, the AMEX Business Platinum Card offers you up to $ 90 per quarter for a total of $ 360 per year. If you do not use all of the $ 90 per quarter, the benefit will not continue and the unused amount will be forfeited. Be aware that registration is required for you to receive this benefit.

I used Adobe Lightroom for my photo editing, and with an AMEX Business Platinum card you can set up to $ 150 per year to opt-in to Adobe acquisitions for teams that include Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Pro DC. This may not be the most beneficial benefit for some business owners, but anyone in the creative industry would welcome this bonus. Note that the $ 150 Adobe Creative Solution credit is only valid for the annual prepaid plan for the team. This means that monthly subscriptions do not incur credit and only the business plan for the group includes benefits. Also, just like real credit, you need to sign up for benefits to take advantage of it.

Amex Business Platinum Airline Credit

If you have to pay for purchases made from US wireless service providers with your AMEX Business Platinum card, you can earn up to $ 10 per month for a total of $ 120 per year. This may be good for those who do not have other credit cards that offer mobile protection because the AMEX Business Platinum card comes with decent mobile protection. As long as you pay the bill with your AMEX Business Platinum card, you can get up to $ 1,600 in mobile phone protection against theft and damage, including cosmetic damage. You are limited to two claims per year, and each claim is $ 50 deductible and cannot exceed $ 800. Again, registration is required to boost monthly credit.

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Save money and stay protected with AMEX Business Platinum’s wireless credit and mobile phone protection benefits!

CLEAR is a biometric examination membership that scans and saves images of your eyes and fingerprints to reduce the time you spend. Lots of waiting time at airports, stadiums and event venues. With CLEAR membership, passengers can pass through all TSA Pre passengers, and CLEAR staff will take you directly to the TSA agency. Today, CLEAR is available at 34 airports and 31 stadiums across 21 states, as well as Washington D.C.

As a Platinum Cardholder, you can earn up to $ 179 per calendar year on your CLEAR membership. CLEAR default annual rate is $ 179, but with frequent promotions this can drop to $ 149. In addition, Delta and United members receive huge discounts: Delta Diamond Medallion members get free membership while Platinum, Gold, and Silver Medallion members as well as AMEX Delta co-branded cardholders pay $ 109 in One year. SkyMiles general members pay $ 119. The same rules apply to United members: United 1k members get free membership, while Platinum, Gold, and Silver members and Chase United cardholders pay $ 109. General United MileagePlus members pay $ 119 per year. In addition, CLEAR offers a family plan that allows the main account holder to add up to 3 adults for just $ 50. So if you have a frequent flight situation with Delta or United, you can squeeze your whole family into a membership for free.

One of the most unique benefits of AMEX Platinum business card is that those who book flights on AMEX Travel Portal using MR points can get 35% discount. The flight must be business class or first class flight, but only if you want to earn your MR points.

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