American Military Vehicles For Sale – The AM General M35 is a 6×6 military truck introduced in 1950 as a replacement for the World War II-era GMC CCKW truck, known as the “Deuce and a Half” because it could carry 2½ tons.

The truck you see here is the M35A3 variant, which means it is equipped with a more modern Caterpillar 3116 turbodiesel engine and an Allison 4-speed automatic transmission. This car has been restored and is now for sale with a price guide of $10,000 to $15,000.

American Military Vehicles For Sale

American Military Vehicles For Sale

During World War II, there were few more reliable vehicles than the GMC CCKW truck—a six-wheeled, 2½-ton truck that excelled everywhere from the cold mud of European winters to the baking heat of the North African desert and the thick jungles of the South Pacific.

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The US Army purchased nearly 2.4 million GMC CCKWs during World War II, from 1939 to 1945.

Perhaps the single most important achievement of the CCKW was that it essentially formed the basis of the legendary “Red Express”, supporting Allied forces as they sped eastward after the Normandy invasion, advancing into Germany and effectively ending the war. was doing Europe.

Towards the end of the war, development began on a replacement for the CCKW, it would also be a six-wheeled 2½ ton truck, although it would be more modern, more powerful and slightly larger.

The AM General M35 design was developed by REO engineers in the mid to late 1940s. They incorporated many of the same design principles as their predecessors, including a body-on-chassis design, dual rear axles, a 2½ tonne long rear pan and a front-mounted engine driving all three axles.

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The interior of the M35A3 is as spartan as you would expect for a military vehicle. Unlike previous versions, the driver can change all 10 tire pressures from inside the cabin.

The first iteration of the truck was called the M34, it had two wheels at the rear, although it was soon updated to the M35 specification with four wheels on the same rear axle as the CCKW.

Power was initially provided by the LDT 465 engine, a six-cylinder turbodiesel engine with a displacement of 478 cubic inches (7.8 liters) that produced 134 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque.

American Military Vehicles For Sale

Designed as a multi-fuel engine, the LDT 465 usually ran on diesel, but it could run on kerosene, heating oil, or gasoline—although gasoline use required adding 1 quart of motor oil to 15 gallons of gasoline to provide proper fuel. rub

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Power was sent to both the front and rear axles via a 5-speed manual transmission and a 2-speed gearbox.

The top speed of the M35 was listed as 58 mph (93 km/h), but this was rarely achieved, they were typically driven at a maximum cruising speed of around 48 mph (77 km/h) and fuel consumption was 10. US mpg (24 L/100 km).

The AM General M35 can carry 5,000 pounds (2,300 kg) on ​​the road or 10,000 pounds (4,500 kg) on ​​the road.

In the 1990s, the now-obsolete M35 was redesigned with a new engine and transmission to provide more power and make truck driving easier for novices who typically had limited time behind the wheel. This updated version was called the M35A3 to represent a new movement compared to the previous generation of M35s.

For Sale: A Refurbished Am General M35 6×6 Military Truck

The A3 is also equipped with a remote tire inflation/deflation system that can be controlled from inside the cabin, allowing the driver to change tire pressure on the go to suit the terrain without leaving the vehicle and exposing himself to enemy fire.

A turbodiesel 402 cubic inch (6.6 liter) Caterpillar 3116 diesel engine was equipped with an Allison 1545 4-speed automatic transmission. This engine delivered 205 bhp at 2,400 rpm and 350 hp at 2,800 rpm, it was commonly used in marine applications and has developed a reputation for exceptional durability over the years since its release.

The AM General M35 remained in military service well into the 2000s, and it remains in service today with many rural fire departments and in other areas of work that require heavy loads through off-road areas.

American Military Vehicles For Sale

The earlier model M34 truck had two wheels on one rear axle, the updated M35 had four wheels on one rear axle.

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The truck you see here is a refurbished M35A3 from 1993, which is powered by the 350hp 6.6 liter Caterpillar 3116 diesel engine used in all A3 variants of the M35, providing more power and fuel economy than the 134 ot provides 7.8 liters. the engine used in the first M35s.

This car would benefit from a restoration, it is now in much better condition than many of its counterparts, and it was previously owned by a man in Virginia who specializes in refurbishing decommissioned military equipment.

Now offered for sale by The Market by Bonhams of North Carolina in the United States, the price guide is listed as $10,000 – $15,000 USD, in line with typical M35 pricing.

If you would like to learn more about this truck or register for a bid, you can view this listing.

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American Military Vehicles For Sale

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