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American Express Trip Cancellation Insurance Covered Reasons

American Express Trip Cancellation Insurance Covered Reasons

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Credit Cards With Travel Insurance

All information about the American Express® Green Card is collected independently by the Ascent and is not provided by the issuer. Some details may be out of date. See the publisher’s website for more information.

If something goes wrong on a trip, American Express travel insurance can protect you financially. Most American Express cards come with complimentary travel protections. The exact protections depend on the card, but they can include coverage for trip cancellations, lost luggage, and rental car loss or damage.

This guide will go over every travel insurance benefit you can get with your Amex card. You’ll learn how these protections work, what they do and don’t cover, and the types of coverage provided by all of the American Express consumer cards.

American Express offers a baggage insurance plan on many of its cards. Coverage is comparable to what the best credit cards offer. You can make a claim if something happens to your checked or carry-on baggage*.

The Best Credit Cards That Offer Trip Cancellation And Interruption Insurance

American Express baggage insurance covers baggage that is lost, stolen or damaged while traveling on a common carrier. According to American Express, a common carrier is an air, land or water vehicle licensed to carry passengers for hire and available to the public. It does not include personal or rental vehicles.

In order to apply for the baggage insurance plan, you must pay the full fee with your American Express card or American Express Rewards points. It covers the card member, their spouse/domestic partner, and dependent children under 23 years of age.

Some things are excluded. These include money, travel documents, live plants, perishables, glasses and property shipped as freight. There are also certain circumstances that are not included in baggage insurance. For example, normal wear and tear to luggage and confiscation by a government authority are not covered.

American Express Trip Cancellation Insurance Covered Reasons

Review your card’s guide to benefits for a full list of everything that isn’t covered under its baggage insurance plan. Terms apply to all the cards in the table below.

Guide To Free Travel Insurance With Amex Cards

Source: American Express. Baggage Insurance Plan coverage may be in effect for Covered Persons for eligible lost, damaged or stolen baggage during their travel on a common carrier vehicle (eg plane, train, ship or bus) when the entire fare for a ticket for The trip (one-way or round-trip) is charged to an eligible Card. Coverage can be provided for up to $2,000 for checked baggage and up to a combined maximum of $3,000 for checked baggage and carry-on baggage, over and above the coverage provided by the Common Carrier. This coverage is also subject to an aggregate limit of $3,000 per covered trip. For New York State residents, there is a $2,000 per bag/suitcase limit for each Covered Person with a $10,000 aggregate maximum for all Covered Persons per Covered Trip.

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Most American Express cards offer a secondary insurance policy for rental cars. Secondary insurance pays for loss and damage not covered by any other insurance policy you have**.

When you rent a car and pay for the entire rental with your card, you will be insured against damage or theft. Car rental loss and damage insurance covers rental vehicles for up to 30 consecutive days. Coverage includes the cardholder, their spouse/domestic partner, and authorized drivers on the rental agreement.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

You will need to pay the full price of the rental with your American Express card or American Express Rewards points. You must also waive the rental company’s collision damage disclaimer.

American Express car rental loss and damage insurance does not cover all vehicles. Some types of vehicles, such as cargo vans and off-road vehicles, are not included.

For a full list of what’s not covered, check your card’s guide to benefits. Terms apply to all the cards in the table below.

American Express Trip Cancellation Insurance Covered Reasons

Source: American Express. This product provides secondary coverage and does not include liability coverage. Not all vehicle types or rentals are covered. Geographic restrictions apply.

Amex Platinum Travel Insurance

Delayed trips can get expensive, especially if you have to pay for food and accommodations. If the delay was due to a covered risk, you can recover some of the costs with trip delay insurance***.

Your trip insurance will reimburse reasonable expenses of the delay. These can include, but are not limited to, meals, lodging, toiletries, medications and other personal use items.

To be eligible, you must pay the full amount of the trip with your American Express card or American Express Rewards points. You must also be traveling on a common carrier.

American Express trip delay insurance does not cover expenses incurred before the trip. It also does not cover losses due to intentional acts of the traveler. One example of this would be if an airline has an overbooked flight and offers vouchers for passengers who give up their seats and take a later flight. If you volunteered, you would not be able to file a claim with your trip delay insurance. The delay, in this case, is because of your decision to be bumped from the original flight in exchange for a voucher.

American Express Travel Insurance Review: Who Should Get It?

Check your card’s guide to benefits for more information about what trip delay insurance does and doesn’t cover. Terms apply to all cards in the table below.

Travel cancellation and interruption insurance*** can help you get your money back if your travel plans get off course. Fewer American Express cards offer this protection because it’s typically a perk with premium travel cards.

If you have to cancel your trip because of illness or severe weather, trip cancellation insurance can help. Let’s say you have paid a non-refundable deposit. You can get reimbursed up to your card’s coverage limit.

American Express Trip Cancellation Insurance Covered Reasons

Similarly, your trip may be interrupted or postponed due to a covered loss. Trip interruption insurance will reimburse certain costs.

Usaa Rewards™ American Express® Card Review

You must pay the full amount of the trip with your American Express card or American Express Rewards points. You will also need to be traveling on a common carrier.

Trip cancellation insurance and trip interruption insurance are technically two separate types of insurance. Coverage limits apply to each of them separately. For example, the Platinum Card® from American Express has a coverage limit of $10,000 per trip and $20,000 per 12-month period. That means you could receive up to $20,000 in canceled trips and up to $20,000 in travel interruption coverage during a 12-month period. Terms apply to all cards in the table below.

Global Assist**** is a travel assistance hotline you can call for any help you need while you are on a trip or planning one. American Express offers its Global Assistance Hotline to all U.S. customers. it. Card members. High-end American Express cards have a premium global assistance hotline, with additional benefits. Global Assist and Premium Global Assist are available free of charge. However, the card member may be responsible for any costs charged by third-party service providers.

Global Assist offers several services, including an emergency money wire service and medical assistance. If you travel more than 100 miles from your US it. Billing Address You can call the hotline 24/7 for medical, legal, financial or other selected services. To receive assistance while you are traveling, the trip must also have started within the last 90 days.

The American Express Card—travel Accident Insurance—dulles Airport—1980 Print Ad

Premium Global Assist has a few additional perks. It can provide certain benefits at no cost, such as emergency medical transportation assistance and repatriation of mortal remains. It also offers the following:

All US it. American Express cards are available for Global Assist. The following consumer cards offer Premium Global Assist:

As you can see, American Express cards have all kinds of free travel insurance protections. American Express also tends to be easy to deal with claims. It generally provides the insurance policies itself instead of using third-party providers as most card issuers do.

American Express Trip Cancellation Insurance Covered Reasons

If you’re looking for a new card, and especially if you travel often, don’t forget to check out travel insurance perks when you compare credit cards. And if you already have an American Express card, it’s important to know what types of travel insurance are available to you.

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