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American Express Platinum Travel Benefits

American Express Platinum Travel Benefits

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Booking A Trip With American Express Travel

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Don’t let the Amex Platinum’s ‘lifestyle’ benefits distract you from its true value — here’s what the card is worth to the average person

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American Express Travel Insurance

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Did you know that the Platinum Card® from American Express comes with up to $6,000 in annual statement credits?

American Express is constantly changing and adding to the suite of benefits on the Amex Platinum this year. If you manage to use every credit this card says, you’ll get more than $6,000 in value. Combine that with the various other memberships and programs you get with the card, and you could be worth more than $7,000 per year.

American Express Platinum Travel Benefits

At least, that’s how the card is marketed. Amex Platinum is loaded with so many obscure benefits and credits that it

Amex Adds Travel Coverage To Premium Cards

It’s possible to get thousands of dollars worth of value every year from its perks — although, for most of us, doing so is nearly impossible.

Let’s strip away the distracting benefits of this card and see what the Amex Platinum is worth to the average consumer.

We’ve focused here on the rewards and perks that come with each card. These cards won’t be worth it if you’re paying interest or late fees. When using a credit card, it’s important to pay off your balance in full each month, make on-time payments, and spend only what you can afford.

Insider’s rating is determined by our editorial team. The rating system considers various factors and evaluates the card against others of the same type so that you can choose the card that best suits your goals.

What The Latest Amex Platinum Changes Mean For You & Your Wallet

Earn 5X Membership Rewards® Points on flights booked directly with airlines or American Express Travel (up to $500,000 per calendar year) and prepaid hotels booked with American Express Travel. Earn 1X points on other purchases.

80,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $8,000 on purchases on your new card in the first six months of your card membership

If you want as many premium travel perks as possible, The Platinum Card® from American Express may be the right card for you. The annual fee is high, but you get a long list of benefits like airport lounge access, travel statement credits, complimentary hotel elite status and more.

American Express Platinum Travel Benefits

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Amex Platinum Hotel & Car Rental Status Benefits [2023]

Tally it up and you’ve got over $5,000 in potential statement credits, all of which are pretty mysterious. Unless you open a SoulCycle studio, you won’t save more than a hundred dollars a year from the above perks.

Let’s pretend the above benefits don’t exist. What’s left is an elite group of benefits that still make cardholders. Any other credits you are able to use area nice bonuses. My wife and I both have Amex Platinum and we both get enough value to continue paying the $695 annual fee.

This credit is divided into monthly increments of up to $15 and up to $35 in December. Even if you don’t use Uber, you can use this monthly credit for Uber Eats for up to $15 in free meals**. You can also choose to pick up your food from a restaurant so you don’t have to tip your driver or pay a delivery fee.

Get up to $200 in statement credit when booking a hotel with Hotel Collection (minimum two nights) or Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts (minimum one night)**. With the Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts being the main reason for getting the card, this credit is as good as cash with the Amex Platinum for many of us.

American Express ‘green Card’ Revamp: New Look For 50th Anniversary

It offers elite-like hotel benefits in luxury hotels. You can expect exclusive perks like room upgrades (when available), complimentary breakfast, late checkout and $100.

After you select an airline of your choice with American Express, you can receive up to $200 in annual credit toward that airline’s incidental fees. ** Baggage Fee, Seat Selection etc. You can use this credit for things like:

I use these credits organically every year, so this is another perk that’s just as good as cash to me.

American Express Platinum Travel Benefits

You will receive a credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application ($100 statement credit every 4 years for Global Entry application fee or $85 statement credit every 4.5 years for TSA PreCheck®). It fully reimburses your application fee.

American Express Platinum Card Review 2023

TSA PreCheck allows you to keep your shoes and belt and your laptop in your bag when going through domestic airport security checkpoints. Global Entry allows you to skip long immigration lines when returning to the US from abroad. But since Global Entry also comes with TSA PreCheck privileges, it’s better to apply for it.

CLEAR® Plus is a trusted travel program that lets you skip the lines at participating domestic airport security checkpoints (and some stadiums and ports). It normally costs $189 per year, so this Amex Platinum CLEAR® Plus credit will completely offset your cost.**

However, there are easier ways to get a discount on CLEAR® Plus, so you probably won’t use the entire $189 credit for yourself. For example, simply enrolling in United Airlines’ or Delta’s frequent flyer program reduces the annual cost to $119. Fortunately, you can use the credit to pay for anyone’s CLEAR® Plus membership, so this credit will go a long way toward defraying the couple’s membership fee.

The benefits of this program stack with TSA PreCheck to greatly simplify your TSA experience. You cut to the front of the line and proceed without removing your shoes, belt or laptop.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Vs. American Express Platinum Card

The card offers a maximum of $240 in annual “Digital Entertainment Credits,” split into monthly increments of up to $20**. You can use this credit to offset subscriptions to Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+, SiriusXM, Peacock, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Many of these memberships are significantly cheaper when you buy an annual plan — and some you can get for free with a library card. I personally don’t make much use of this benefit — but if you’re a Disney-loving family or subscribe to Hulu + Live TV, this credit is yours.

Amex Platinum comes with the most comprehensive airport lounge membership of any card on the market**. You will have access to:

American Express Platinum Travel Benefits

It’s hard to assign a dollar amount to this benefit, although it personally saves me several hundred dollars a year in airport food and drinks. For reference, the Priority Pass membership you get with Amex Platinum costs $429 per year. And a similar Delta Sky Club membership costs $545 per year.

The Platinum Card® From American Express Travel Credits And Benefits

Amex Platinum has adopted a coupon-book approach to statement credits, some of which are not widely useful or valuable to many cardholders. But the card still has column benefits that make paying the annual fee worth it, even for the average person.

If you can use annual benefits like up to $200 in Uber Cash**, up to $200 in airline incidentals**, $200 in hotel credits**, CLEAR® Plus membership credit**, $240 in digital entertainment credits**, and top-tier airport lounge access **, this card is potentially worth $1,450+ per year to you.

Other benefits, including a huge welcome offer of 80,000 Membership Rewards® points

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