American Express Platinum Benefits Car Rental Insurance – Updated at 3:30pm PT on 11/10/22: I logged into my Hertz account and saw my new Hertz President’s Circle status – about 48 hours after I submitted my online application.

Updated at 12pm PT on 8/11/22: AMEX Corporate Platinum cardholders are also eligible for the Hertz President’s Circle. The status enrollment link is now working on the Hertz website, so I’ve added these steps below.

American Express Platinum Benefits Car Rental Insurance

American Express Platinum Benefits Car Rental Insurance

Hello everyone. I was reviewing my recent American Express Business Platinum card statement and noticed this ad about the Car Rental benefit. Effective today (November 3, 2022), AMEX Personal, Business and Corporate Platinum cardholders now receive Hertz President’s Circle Elite status, which allows you to skip the counter, add an additional driver for free, expedited returns and get a 4 hour grace period for returns. . Here is the announcement:

Amex Credit Card Travel Insurance

I logged into my American Express online account and went to the Car Rental Privileges section. To get the 4 hour grace period you need to use AMEX Corporate Discount Code (CDP) 211762. According to the comments you don’t need to pay with AMEX Platinum so you can use any credit card to pay. And as a reminder, you can always change your payment card when you drop off your rental car.

[4] Grace period applies to base fare only and does not apply to optional items such as child seats and satellite radio and liability/loss coverage.

[5] Savings applied to pay base fare later and vary by date, location car class and other factors. The base rate includes only time and mileage charges. Discount does not apply to taxes and fees.​​

[7] Upgrade to the next car class at no additional cost when a midsize or larger vehicle is booked at participating locations worldwide. Maximum upgrade is to a Premium car. This excludes special equipment such as minivans, SUVs, Hertz Dream Cars, Hertz Adrenaline Collection, Hertz Green Traveler Collection and Hertz Prestige Collection vehicles.

Amex Trifecta: Maximize Earning Membership Rewards Points With 3 Cards

. Just fill out the form and click the Upgrade My Account button. If you are not yet a Hertz member, click the link to create an account.

After I submitted the form, I got this message saying that my Hertz account was verified and my registration was complete. I should see the updated status in my Hertz account within the next 24-72 hours.

By Thursday afternoon, about 48 hours after submitting the application, I logged into my Hertz online account and saw that I now had Hertz President’s Circle status.

American Express Platinum Benefits Car Rental Insurance

If you have any questions about Hertz President Elite status, please leave a comment below. Have a great day everyone! Choosing the right credit card to pay for your car rental is an important decision. Of course, not all credit cards are created equal. A premium credit card with built-in benefits can provide an extra layer of protection as well as some nice perks. The American Express Platinum card offers a lot of perks for travelers, but they’re mainly for airlines and hotels. You get several car rental benefits, including rental car secondary insurance coverage. Not bad, but not as generous as what you’d get with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

Is American Express Platinum The Right Choice For Car Rentals?

American Express issues nearly five dozen different credit cards, including 10 different Platinum cards. None of them offer primary car rental coverage, although most offer secondary coverage. American Express has a page where you can check coverage for your specific card.

American Express Platinum cards offer secondary damage coverage up to $75,000. The policy also covers “reasonable and necessary charges” related to damage or theft. These include loss of use, assessment fees and towing fees not covered by other roadside assistance programs.

Regardless of which American Express credit card you own, sign up for Premium Car Rental Protection coverage that can be added to car rentals (for $12.95 to $24.95, depending on where you rent) . This coverage is usually cheaper than what you would pay over the counter. That’s because it’s charged once for the entire rental, not per day. The policy is also primary coverage. This makes it a good choice if you don’t own your own car and don’t have personal car insurance. If you want this protection, enroll in the program online before you rent the car.

Premium Car Rental Protection cannot be applied to car rentals in Australia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica and New Zealand. It also excludes certain vehicle types.

Hidden Benefits Of The American Express Platinum Card

American Express Platinum cards come with a number of travel benefits, but mainly for airlines and hotels. The $550 annual fee is easily recouped thanks to perks like Uber credits, $200 airline tax credit, Global Entry, and 5x reward points on hotels and flights. For car rentals, get free membership to premium car rental programs from Avis, Hertz and National Car Rental.

To apply for an American Express Platinum card, visit the Amex website and complete an application for the card of your choice.

To make an American Express Platinum Card rental car insurance claim, call (800) 338-1670 in the U.S. only. or call (440) 914-2950 from other locations worldwide. American Express will then mail you instructions on what to do next.

American Express Platinum Benefits Car Rental Insurance

As always, it’s important to document everything. Be sure to take several photos of your rental car, noting every ding and scratch, before you leave the rental car office when you pick up the car. If you’re on a Galaxy Fold, consider opening the phone or viewing in full screen. to best optimize your experience.

The Platinum Card From American Express

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The best credit cards often have a lot of perks that make them worth using. One of the benefits of having certain American Express cards is the protection and peace of mind that comes with car rental insurance. Read on to learn more about American Express car rental insurance and what’s included.

Also known as car rental loss and damage insurance, American Express car rental insurance comes with most Amex cards, including certain business and travel credit cards. However, it’s important to note that coverage will vary depending on your card. For example, a premium credit card with a higher annual fee may have higher coverage than a non-premium rewards card.

The American Express Platinum Hertz Benefit Has Saved Me Over $1000/yr On Rental Cars

Most Amex cards, with or without annual fees, have a maximum benefit of $50,000 in coverage*. A few premium Amex cards have a benefit limit higher than $75,000.

Here’s a list of cards that currently offer coverage benefits up to $75,000** (conditions apply to all cards on this list):

Always check the terms of your individual credit card to see what type of coverage you get. In general, you can expect to be paid for the following:

American Express Platinum Benefits Car Rental Insurance

Amex rental car insurance covers the cardholder, their spouse or domestic partner, and the authorized drivers listed on the rental agreement. It provides secondary insurance that comes after any other primary insurance you have. If you’re maxing out the benefits your car insurance covers, your Amex car rental insurance could pick up extra costs.

Amex Platinum Card Review: Is It Worth The Annual Fee?

American Express offers premium car insurance for an additional flat fee per rental. Provides primary coverage up to $100,000, but does not cover vehicles hired in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Israel, Italy or Jamaica.

Don’t you wish you could peek into a credit card expert’s wallet sometimes? Just to see the cards they carry? Well, you can’t look into anyone’s wallet, but you can check out our experts’ favorite credit cards. Start here:

It’s a smart idea to review the terms of your American Express car rental insurance carefully, as there may be several exclusions. In addition, Amex may update these terms at any time. Reviewing these terms will ensure you are covered during your rental period.

To activate coverage for your Amex rental car insurance, you must book and pay the full cost of a rental car with your eligible Amex card. You must also decline a full collision damage waiver and similar car rental coverage. Once you do the above and sign the rental agreement, you will take possession of the car and be able to use the benefits of your Amex car rental insurance.

Is The American Express Platinum Card Worth It?

Filing a claim for American Express car rental insurance is easy. Visit or call 1-800-338-1670. If you are outside the United States, call toll-free at 1-303-273-6497. This should be done as soon as possible, but you have up to 30 days after the loss.

If you are sent a claim form, complete it and answer all the questions. If you don’t receive one within 15 days of applying, you can

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