American Express Card Travel Benefits – American Express “precious metal” cards, whether Gold or Platinum have a respectable reputation. The Gold card and Platinum card both offer a number of benefits to cardholders, and both have annual fees that are significantly higher than credit card fees.

Learn more about the differences between the Amex Gold card and the Amex Platinum so you can decide if it’s right for you.

American Express Card Travel Benefits

American Express Card Travel Benefits

The American Express Gold and Platinum cards are essentially “payment” cards and not “debt,” meaning you have to pay off the balance in full each month.

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The Platinum Card is basically a Gold Card with more rewards and higher fees. The American Express Gold card has an annual fee of $250 while the Platinum card has an annual fee of $695 starting in 2023.

The Gold card has an annual fee of $250, and there is no annual fee for adding additional cards to a Gold account. One of the best features is the membership rewards program, which allows shoppers to earn points on purchases.

The Gold Card is given to people who like to shop, eat out, and spend a lot of money every day. American Express Gold cardholders can earn four points per dollar spent at U.S. restaurants. and in U.S. supermarkets. (up to $25,000 in purchases), three points for every dollar you spend when booking flights with airlines or through the American Express travel website, and one point. for every dollar spent on any other purchase.

Through January 2023, first-time cardholders are also eligible to earn 90,000 points after using their card to make $4,000 in purchases during the first six months of account membership.

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Unlike traditional credit cards, American Express cards do not have a fixed APR or interest rate, as all bank charges must be paid each month. However, the Gold card allows cardholders to pay off purchases of $100 or more over time with a fixed interest rate.

Other benefits include up to $120 in restaurant purchases each year—up to $10 per month in cash receipts when you use your card at Grubhub, Seamless, The Cheesecake Factory,, Goldbelly, Milk Bar, and Shake Shack locations. However, cardholders must register for the program to be eligible.

The Gold card also offers Uber cash benefits of $120, or $10 per month. The card also offers an additional bonus program*, purchase protection*, return protection*, Amex preferred airline and roadside assistance.

American Express Card Travel Benefits

*Eligibility and Benefits vary by Card. Terms, Conditions and Limitations of Application. Please visit for more information. Underwritten by AMEX Assurance Company.

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The Platinum Amex Card earns members five points per dollar spent on flights booked directly through the airline or through the American Express travel website, five points on prepaid hotels booked through, and one point per dollar on other purchases. .

The Platinum welcome bonus starting January 2023 gives cardholders 150,000 points when they spend $6,000 or more in the first six months of account membership. However, if you want to add more cards to your Platinum account, expect to pay annual surcharges of $175 for three cards and $175 for one card.

The Platinum card is for frequent travelers. It has more travel features than the Gold Card. Rewards can be used for merchandise, gift cards, dining, shopping, entertainment, or used on the Amex travel site. Points can also be transferred to other frequent flyer programs.

The Platinum Card offers $200 in Uber Credits and an annual $200 flight credit on an eligible airline of your choice, giving passengers complimentary baggage and in-flight meals on eligible airlines.

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Members also earn a $200 hotel credit for bookings at eligible The Collection Hotel and Fine Hotels + Resorts properties through the Amex website. Other benefits include (but are not limited to) a $240 digital entertainment credit, a $300 Equinox credit, and a $189 Clear Credit. Many additional features of the Platinum card can reduce the cost.

The Platinum Card offers a number of perks such as discounts on private jet and limousine rentals and a dedicated concierge service to help with travel information.

There are other costs to consider besides the annual fee. Both of these cards are prepaid cards, meaning that the bank will be paid in full at the end of each month. The first late payment will result in a $29 fee. Any additional late payments in the next six months will incur a fee of up to $40 per month. Cardholders may also face chargeback fees of up to $40.

American Express Card Travel Benefits

There is no interest on the Platinum account as it must be paid monthly. However, there is more flexibility with the Gold Card, which gives cardholders the option to carry more than $100 with interest. American Express provides you with a calculator to check your interest rate.

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Both Amex Gold and Platinum offer a number of benefits, with the Gold Card being more convenient for everyday spending and the Platinum card designed for travelers. The Platinum card has more benefits, but its $695 annual fee is higher than the Gold card’s $250 fee.

Card advertising pushes responsibility. A strong credit score and income are required to qualify for the American Express Platinum card. Annual memberships will increase from $145 to $695 in 2021. Cardholders receive a variety of travel benefits including access to airport lounges and benefits from Uber, the airport security program CLEAR, hotels, car rental companies, and concierge services.

A Gold card can offer a number of benefits for everyday use at a lower cost than a Platinum card. It costs you $250 a year. The Gold Card allows you to carry cash on purchases over $100 with interest.

The right card for you will depend on how much you earn, how much you pay, how often you travel, and what you can afford. Consider if you want to pay extra for extra features, then the Platinum card may be the best option for you.

The Platinum Card From American Express

With the popular Black, Platinum, Gold and Green cards, American Express offers cards that fit most budgets. The best card for you will depend on your situation and finances, including your income, interest in charging or paying cash, how often you travel, and what you can afford. Keep in mind that Amex often changes the benefits on these cards, so be sure to check what’s available before signing up.

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American Express Card Travel Benefits

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Basic travel cards come with a long list of credit card benefits, many of which were added in the past few years as issuers revamped their card features or were offered as temporary benefits to keep cardholders safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping all the benefits straight and pouring over the details can be time-consuming and overwhelming. When it comes to benefits, and travel benefits in particular, few cards offer as much as The Platinum Card® from American Express.

The Platinum Card® from American Express is the first card with many travel benefits. It also comes with an annual fee of $695 (Prices and Fees), so it’s important to understand the benefits of receiving full value from

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