All State Renters Insurance Quote – Most renters insurance companies provide the same service, which makes it difficult to evaluate, especially since there is no way to test the most important service (the claims handling process).

When considering a provider like Allstate against its competitors, you should look at the following seven questions:

All State Renters Insurance Quote

All State Renters Insurance Quote

Overall, we found Allstate to be a mid-range renters insurance provider with average prices and good (but not amazing) customer satisfaction ratings.

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We conducted a survey of every major renters insurance provider and found that the average price of renters insurance is about $20 per month. (Actually, the average is more like $20.50, but $20 is a good number to round to.)

Allstate renters insurance policies cost an average of $20.77, which puts them almost exactly in the middle of the pack. They do not offer any significant advantages or disadvantages when it comes to price.

Most renters insurance policies provide roughly the same four types of coverage, though they sometimes differ in the details.

Like the price, Allstate’s coverage is pretty normal for renters insurance. We found several options worth noting:

Screw You Allstate. I Closed The Page As Soon As I Saw This. Can Only Get Insurance Online If You Consent To Telemarketing. That’s A Deal Breaker

When you buy Allstate renters insurance, you can choose between replacement cost and actual cash value policies. This is interesting, as some of the other insurance companies we looked at only offered one option (usually replacement cost, which protects your belongings more fully).

However, it’s worth noting that you must actively request it – Allstate will not offer volunteering as an option. There is no button that allows you to switch to real cash value insurance anywhere on the Allstate website, and when we bought the policy over the phone, the Allstate rep never asked us which option we preferred.

Although it’s interesting that Allstate offers actual cash value coverage, we recommend getting a replacement cost policy. The extra savings you get from an ACV policy is hardly worth the worse coverage they offer.

All State Renters Insurance Quote

Many insurance companies refuse to provide renters insurance to pit bull owners, but Allstate also denies coverage for some other breeds. (Including one kind that we have never heard of in our lives, ie

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German Shepherds and Huskies are not on this list, although the restrictions sometimes vary by state. If you have a large dog, contact Allstate before purchasing a policy and make sure you are still eligible for renters insurance.

Depending on the state you live in, Allstate may offer other types of insurance when you purchase renters insurance, such as

This is not an endorsement for renters insurance – it is a separate policy that Allstate sometimes sells along with renters insurance.

We were unable to find a place to view or purchase these insurance plans on the Allstate website. We read about an umbrella insurance plan on a third-party site, and were accidentally offered an earthquake policy when we called to purchase renters insurance.

Renters Insurance In Boston

The lack of information on the Allstate site is a theme in our interactions with them, and it is a definite black mark against them. Insurance varies greatly by state, and it’s frustrating that there’s no easy way to tell what Allstate offers in your area without calling an agent.

Takeaway: We found Allstate’s coverage options to be about average, though perhaps we’d be more positive about it if the website were more informative.

Renters insurance with at least one other type of insurance for a discount. (“Bundling” simply means buying two policies together.)

All State Renters Insurance Quote

Allstate offers bundling discounts of about 13%–14% when you bundle renters and auto insurance together. We recommend buying your policy over the phone, because when you buy Allstate renters and auto insurance together on the website, Allstate is happy to direct you to its subsidiary (Esurance), where you have to start the whole purchase process again. This has happened to us several times, and it’s not fun.

Chris W. Wolfe

Allstate’s website is attractive and has a well-designed interface. Getting a renters insurance quote requires filling out a short questionnaire about your home and your insurance needs. The process is relatively painless.

However, as mentioned above, Allstate’s website fails to tell you about the specific options it offers. The website also stated that they offered several insurance options which, upon further investigation, we found out that they did not.

To your policy. However, when we called, we found that this rider is not available in our state (California).

That’s disrespectful, and risks wasting the customer’s time, which is not a good thing when sometimes people need to get renters insurance quickly (for example, when a landlord requires renters insurance as a condition of the lease).

Allstate Insurance Norwalk, Ca 90650

We’re not impressed with Allstate’s mobile app. Most of the things you want to use – buy another insurance policy, view information about your claim, etc. – can’t be done in the app.

However, when you click the appropriate button, it simply opens a browser window and directs you to the appropriate page on the Allstate website. This is really just a more complicated way to use Allstate’s web portal, which makes the application useless.

We called Allstate, asked a few questions, and ended up buying a policy. Allstate reps are very polite and handle all our questions competently, although they seem to be a little less knowledgeable than other insurance agents we have bought policies from in the past. The call took some time, with many pauses when they looked up information, which was not our experience when we bought renters insurance from State Farm, for example.

All State Renters Insurance Quote

As I said, there were some surprises on the phone, like when we found out that identity theft protection is not available in our country. There was nothing wrong with the agents we spoke with, but they didn’t emphasize that there was a difference in the experience of Allstate online and offline users.

Of The Best Renters Insurance Companies

We recommend purchasing Allstate policies over the phone and not through the online application, as we do not trust the information on the website. However, in all other respects (ie handling claims), the website works fine.

Takeaway: Like many other major insurance companies, Allstate’s online user experience is slightly below average; customer service over the phone is about average.

To get more reliable data on how Allstate treats its customers, we looked at three consumer satisfaction ratings. Specifically, we examine:

Regularly conduct surveys of customers of each major insurance provider. They asked each customer how they rated the insurance company in various categories, including price, claims handling, and customer service.

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In 2020, Allstate renters insurance received a JD Power rating of 841/1000. Respectable – placing them in the top third of all insurance companies – but not exemplary. That’s 2 points higher than the average score of 839, and 4 points higher than the average score of 837. (Most scores fall in a fairly narrow range.)

Although we are skeptical of the BBB rating itself, we find the customer reviews on the website to be valuable. Allstate has an average BBB customer score of 1.13 out of 5 stars, from a total of 271 reviews.

It’s not a great score, but it’s not as bad as it seems. 1.13 stars is actually just about average; it is rare for an insurance company to have a score above 2 stars, because most people only leave insurance reviews when they are not happy. No one likes to deal with insurance, and people with good experiences prefer to breathe a sigh of relief and do their best to forget about it all.

All State Renters Insurance Quote

Looking at Allstate reviews, we got the impression that it might be a bit stingier with claims handling than some of its competitors, such as State Farm and USAA. This is consistent with what we’ve heard from independent insurance agents, who say that in their experience, Allstate is quicker to deny coverage to renters they deem a financial risk.

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However, this is not a clear trend, and overall, we do not find Allstate’s BBB review particularly alarming. They are quite typical for an insurance company of their size.

Each year, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) records the number of complaints it receives about each insurance company. As of 2020, Allstate has only received 1 complaint about renters insurance.

It has fewer complaints than many of its competitors, which is surprising given that it controls 8.16% of the home and renters insurance market — the second-largest share after State Farm’s 17.87%.

, which measures credibility. The idea is that when your insurance company’s finances are good, they will be better able to pay claims and be more likely to drop your insurance policy.

Allstate Makes You Agree To Endless Robocalls Just To Buy Renter’s Insurance Online

We see the logic in it, and it is true that sometimes, a large-scale disaster can leave the insurance scrambling for money. That’s common after major hurricanes, and also happened after the 2021 Texas freeze, which led to many ice-related claims that insurers weren’t prepared for.

However, when it comes to great insurance like Allstate, you really don’t have to worry about your finances. They are a great company with a very long track record, and will more than pay for any renters insurance claim you may have.

When considering small, regional insurance, it is worth paying attention to the finances, but it is not necessary when you buy from a company like Allstate.

All State Renters Insurance Quote


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