Air Suspension For Motorhomes With Alko Chassis – AL-KO chassis are often installed in trucks to reduce the floor height (harder than a leaf spring). This is good during static because there is more space inside, and less to go inside. However, torsion bikes are similar to cars and low-speed bikes and on the move some bikes don’t work well and can run rough. If you are looking to improve ride quality then air suspension can help but there are limitations due to the AL-KO design. If you are looking to increase clearance for Ferries, and fuel stations then our kits will do but must be fitted with On Board Air (OBA). There are many reasons for this including the fact that the airbag will be destroyed (like most) if you drive the car without air. Another thing is that the air suspension needs to be at different pressures under different conditions which will vary as you ride. Because cockpit control is a requirement of these tanks. This is the same for most air suspensions, however, it has become a trend to save on the cost and difficulty of installing schrader valved tanks on motorcycles. They work well that way. AL-KO air suspension replacements are typically 3 times the price of a leaf or coil spring vehicle due to the need for OBA and proper service (especially more kits and more expensive). We offer kits for AL-KO Fiat, Citroen and Peugeot chassis cars. Although these kits can be modified to fit VW TRansporter AL-KO, Renault and Mercedes we cannot advise on such modifications.

For more information on options and requirements for AL-KO chassis trucks please email the office@ or call 08007720315. These boxes are larger than the installation and setting up and therefore we are studying the business fit, since many customers have already installed these boxes. at home.

Air Suspension For Motorhomes With Alko Chassis

Air Suspension For Motorhomes With Alko Chassis

The Air Suspension conversion kits for the AL-KO torsion bar suspension are completely different from those fitted to leaf spring cars. Leaf spring replacements are valve springs. AL-KO modifications require one bracket attached to the suspension arm, and another attached to the chassis.

Air Suspension Systems Motorhome Horsebox Race Truck Fixing Instilation 16390 St Severin, Southern Charente, Metropolitan France

In some models a new opening of the chassis is required because there is nothing available to secure the plate. Single-axle trucks have separate purchase lists and typically require two boxes – one for each axle.

Early cars (before 2007) were small in size and used a 4 inch air bag. This provides lift and improves stability and ride but a small bag is not as good as a large bag attached to the rear wheels.

These pages are being updated. Please visit our NEW STORE for the latest prices and to place an order. Please EMAIL or call 0800 772 0315. These kits are suitable for single, rear axle Fiat, Citroen and Peugeot vehicles equipped with AL-KO-torsion-bar rear suspension. These boxes fit a single rear axle and are intended for load support. Please contact us if you need a quote for an axle tag.

All AL-KO air suspension kits come with a variety of options for the steering system, so you can customize the suspension as desired. Unlike other suspension systems, an on-board steering system is required to ensure optimal suspension in AL-KO-chassis vehicles.

Hy4 (al Ko) Levelling System

Please note: After you purchase an AL-KO box, we must contact you by phone or email to confirm certain information before processing your order. This is because there are many variations in the release of the AL-KO-chassis, and we need to make sure that we find the right box for you.

– The position of the axle in relation to the chassis (inside the chassis or on a bracket that hangs underneath)

There may be a slight variation in price, depending on the model you get, but this is usually between £50 and £100. This is split if necessary.

Air Suspension For Motorhomes With Alko Chassis

These bars fit the AL-KO-torsion-bar suspension by connecting between the chassis and the suspension arm. They’re better suited but still well within the reach of a decent local garage.

Smv Metall Gmbh Extra Air Suspension For Motorhome Z6, Including Manometer Valve Universally Suitable For Fiat Ducato/peugeot Boxer/citroen Jumper (type 230/244/250) From 1994 To The Present Day

SKU: 12-03-10-02-0600-02B Category: Auxiliary Air, , AL-KO, Auxiliary Air, Boxer, Citroen, Ducato, Fiat, Jumper, Luna, Maxi Mover, Peugeot, Relay, Semi-Air, X250 , X290, X295 Tags: Air conditioning, suspension, , AL-KO, alko, Bürstner, citroen, ducato, Elegance, express, Fiat, firestone, maxi-mover, maximover, peugeot, talbot

This is an air release valve. After years of developing air suspension systems, we believe this is the best air assist kit on the market for the AL-KO. This box:

If you are unsure of the right fit, please email or call. Most popular kits are kept in stock and items not in stock can be made in less than 2 weeks.

NB! This tank can affect the hydraulic level that needs to be removed. If in doubt, please send us photos or contact us.

Motorhome Suspension In 2023

AL-KO tanks are only supplied with On-Board air tanks (OBA); This allows you to get the best out of your box at all times. OBA tires can adapt the vehicle’s characteristics for road, weather and load conditions and, for those facing established conditions, the highest level can be achieved when necessary (eg at ferries, petrol stations and storm drains).

We have five different OBA packages, as shown below. Budget Duty OBA is included and users can upgrade using the drop down menu. If in doubt, please contact us by email or phone.

Has a 10% duty cycle compressor, a maximum of 105 PSI. Comes with an OBA hook-up kit to match the compressor, comes with an on/off button to get the pressure. Comes with a compact crossbody mini case. Please note that although the left and right airbags are independent, they cannot be set to different pressures. Does not include a box.

Air Suspension For Motorhomes With Alko Chassis

Recommended for: Infrequent replacement. When the load is changed, due to towing or adding load to a commercial vehicle, air handling systems get the most out of the system. This is an entry-level, compressor control package. Customs Duty OBA

Al Ko Chassis For Transporters And Commercial Vehicles

A low pressure rotary compressor has a maximum pressure of 120 PSI. Please note: The left and right airbags are independent but can only be set to different pressures at the push of a button. The specification is higher than the entry-level kit, making this kit excellent value for money.

This kit is easy to install and operate. As the video below shows, it has a single button to lift both sides at the same time. To lower the air and lower the motor, it is necessary to use Schrader valves under the regulator.

Recommended for: Users who want a better controller with a lighter weight but don’t need to adjust the release every time they use it and don’t mind waiting for 30-40 seconds to raise or lower the car.

Includes a low pressure regulator, 120 PSI pressure, small steel barrel, twin push buttons and an OBA adjustment kit to match the compressor. Please note: The left and right airbags are independent and can be set to different pressures. Used for general maintenance. The compressor is connected first with only connections to the switching relay and three to the motor to be operated. Four buttons allow users to raise or lower the vehicle from the control panel in seconds.

Guide To Air Suspension For Motorhomes/campervans In 2023

Intended for: Users who regularly change the suspension and want to do so within a few seconds. If you have basic problems with a bike then this is the driver for you. This is the recommended minimum for commercial vehicles. Ideal if you have a heavy vehicle, have trouble with ferries and constantly change the weight of your vehicle.

Features 100% duty cycle compressor, 200 PSI high, 200 PSI tank, twin paddle/gauge controller. Used for daily maintenance. High standard spec. This is a much higher specification than the Duty Standard but the principle is the same. There is one combined button for up and down, and one dimension for left and right (the twin size).

Recommended for: Perfect power for business use and for motorcyclists who just want the reliability from installing a high-quality rectifier and easy-to-use regulator. If you change several times a day then this is the right choice. Final OBA

Air Suspension For Motorhomes With Alko Chassis

Has 100% duty cycle compressor, maximum 200 PSI, 200 PSI tank. Used for daily maintenance. Advanced, computer-based controller with programmable presets and standard height adjustment for normal operation but can be turned off when conditions require.

Motorhome Air Suspension In Bristol

This system can change the four corners and, as the name suggests, it is the ultimate controller. Everything is in one integrated package, making it easy to install, and remote operation from Android or Apple phones or tablets is a real bonus.

Recommended for: Users who want the best computer we have to offer and a remote control. Anyone who wants the best On-Board Air money can buy should go for Ultimate OBA.

If you would like further clarification, or your needs are not listed, please call 0800 772 0315 or email and we will be more than happy to help, or raise a personal comment .

Offered by Airide Limited

Al Ko Chassis Solutions For Commercial Vehicles

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