Air Springs For Lifted Trucks – From modest heights to larger than life creations, it has the best options for building.

Air Suspension Systems has been a leader in the lift kit market since the design of our first air suspension lift in 2003. Since then, it has grown tremendously both as a company and in our products. Our specialty is still with the ¾-ton and larger trucks that gave us a head start, but now with more air suspension options than ever before. From a 4″ lift kit to give your truck a slightly more aggressive look, to a 10″ air suspension kit for a full performance truck, there’s something for every truck owner.

Air Springs For Lifted Trucks

Air Springs For Lifted Trucks

We pride ourselves on our innovative designs that will allow your truck to stand out from the average truck on the road. Superior ride quality, unmatched towing capabilities, and fully adjustable suspension are things you won’t find with any other lift on the market. Proudly manufactured in Oskaloosa, Iowa, it’s made from laser-cut steel and offers the finest American-made truck suspension on the market.

Do You Know The Real History Of Air Suspension?

If you’re looking to do something different with your current vehicle, or even your next car, you’ve come to the right place. Put yourself and your truck ahead of the competition with heavy duty truck lift equipment from Air Suspension Systems. Our product offerings include late model, 3/4 ton and larger trucks. It doesn’t matter if you want to run a 35 or a 40…we have the best options for a comfortable, efficient ride. Find all of our lift equipment here in the SHOP section of our site.

It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you very much for your help. Kevin Bryant | The Indiana, in my opinion, rides as well on roads and highways as the Raptor does. Of course, there is no comparison between other portable devices. Logan | an| Louisiana This is the coolest car I’ve ever seen! Martin Barkey | Ontario, Canada I can’t explain the difference between riding and power supply. I still can’t believe the mileage, it feels like a new car. Brandon Shannon | Minnesota No leaf springs, no problem. Let the 6-8″ 4-link rear air suspension lift take the bump out of your ride and hang tight suspension.

Lifting your truck doesn’t mean it has to be lower than the truck. You don’t want to drive around with a stock truck, but still have trailers to tow. You want to go camping on the weekends, boating in the summer, and snowshoeing in the winter. Whatever your hobby or whatever trailer you use to tow your vehicle, make sure your suspension is up to the job. Our 6-8″ 4 Link Rear Air Suspension Lifter provides the best ride quality and traction for pickup trucks and lift trucks. This kit takes your leaf spring suspension and just throws it on. Air suspension can give you the lift you’ve always wanted from your lift truck. quality and traction.and there is a line

Connections. Shock and climate control systems sold separately. Add one of the automatic climate control systems to this suspension to make it a fully automatic suspension. Our optional SLKD2WD Air Control System includes an onboard air compressor, tank, height control valve, dump valve, pressure switch, air dryer, fittings, air line and more to automatically weight your truck’s rear air suspension. will give Just attach it to your trailer and the mechanical height control valves release air from the onboard air tank to raise the sky 6-8″ high. Air control packs allow for emergency tire ejection or provide air for mounting an onboard air horn! Also for trailers will allow you to drop the truck to about 2″ lift for windage. Due to the independent front suspension design, air suspension mounts for the front suspension are not available on 2011+ GM trucks. Aftermarket air suspension manufacturer Air Lift Company has launched a new Universal Air Spring Cradle for lifted cars.

Air Lift Universal Air Spring Spacer

According to the company, the Air Lift Universal Air Spring Cradle allows the air spring to be removed from the lower bracket and allows the vehicle’s suspension to be fully extended while the air spring is seated to compress the suspension.

Air Lift says the easy-to-install kit includes the LoadLifter 5000 kit and two cradles made of durable rod and mounting hardware to drain holes for water and debris removal. “Whether adding an air spring kit or upgrading your current setup, the Air Lift Universal Air Spring Cradle Kit is the best choice for your car lift,” he says.

The five are compatible with Air Lift style air spring kits and most other brands, says Air Lift. The chassis design allows for bolt-up or bolt-on installation based on the air spring assembly.

Air Springs For Lifted Trucks

Air Lift air springs are designed to work with the vehicle’s existing suspension, headlight lowering, anti-reactive steering, body roll and lower.

Torque Air Suspension Kit For 2019 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500

Rotary, part of the Automotive Services Group (VSG), a Dover company, demonstrated its commitment to “Serve the Shop” at the 2023 SEMA Show through a range of solutions for the automotive service industry of the future.

At the Rotary booth, product and manufacturing experts conducted live product demonstrations, answered questions and offered special demonstration pricing on shop equipment. Rotary also introduced several new products and solutions at SEMA this year, including: LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate™ Front Air Spring Kit (88240) by Air Lift®. With Inner Jounce Bumper. A set of two adjustable secondary air assist springs designed to lift up to 5,000 pounds for vehicles with leaf springs. The spring adds ride comfort and restores proper operation and safety to 1-ton pickups and motor homes. The air pressure in the springs can be manually adjusted between 5 and 100 psi. Working with your existing hitch, air springs improve safety and comfort when towing heavy loads.

The LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate™ works with your vehicle’s leaf springs up to 5,000 pounds. load leveling capacity and a stable, level and comfortable ride when loaded or unloaded. A closed-cell foam shock absorber inside the air spring provides an airbag that absorbs shock, clears hard bumps on rough roads, and protects heavy-duty vehicles. Never go down with Ultimate™! LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate™ Air Springs Service Free! Operate safely with zero air pressure due to the internal sealing bumper. Replaces the factory bounce bumper, which is sometimes removed when air springs are added.

The air springs are built like a tire and are reinforced with 2 flat sheets of durable fabric for maximum strength. There are separate top and bottom roll plates that protect the springs from sharp edges such as brackets or frames and help increase load capacity by up to 10%.

Air Lift #59111 Slam Air; Adjustable Air Springs; For Lowered Trucks; Rear; Lowered 2 In. 4 In.;

The suspension of any pickup, van, or mobile home loaded with heavy loads, permanently attached equipment, or a trailer is damaged because the rear springs are crushed beyond repair. Ride quality is reduced and the front end of your vehicle is exposed. A weighted rear end lifts weight directly from your wheels, reducing the amount of steering drag and reducing tire grip when quick braking is needed. After enough time, the weighted resources become permanent and the effect becomes worse.

The LoadLifter 5000™ Air Springs Kit is Air Lift’s strongest secondary support spring for larger vehicles with leaf springs that typically carry more weight. Install a set of airbags between one end of your leaf spring and the vehicle’s frame, connect the easy-to-connect airbag lines, then inflate manually as needed. Both fully pressurized, auxiliary air springs can raise up to 5,000 pounds to the correct height – taking extra stress off the leaf springs and ensuring a stable, comfortable ride return. Once your car is back at a decent height, you’ll notice that the headlights and taillights are on target – lighting up the road ahead instead of the distant treetops. Air Lift proudly manufactures the LoadLifter 5000™ Air Springs in the USA and backs all components with a limited lifetime warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects.

Founded in 1949 in Lansing, Michigan, Air Lift® developed the first rubber airbags inside coil springs to give pickup trucks and other commercial vehicles greater load-carrying and ride-stabilizing capabilities. These were widely adopted in commercial vehicles and were soon adopted in NASCAR and elsewhere

Air Springs For Lifted Trucks

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