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Air Bags For Towing Ram 1500

Air Bags For Towing Ram 1500

Eliminate truck sag, wobble, and sag with ALPHA HD Airbags/Air Assist Springs from , the only brand with 20-inch thick, corrosion-resistant end caps support for maximum resistance and durability.

Ram 1500 Rebel G/t: Max Towing And Daily Driving

Don’t risk the air leaks and temperature change fractures more common in the other guys’ plastic caps. Insist on quality, durability and value.

Your truck’s factory suspension was designed as a compromise between capability and comfort. When hauling heavy loads, the rear springs can be pushed to the limit, resulting in excessive bounce, a drop in ride height and an overall feeling of instability.

With the simple addition of an Air Suspension Kit from , you can distribute weight evenly across your tires, supporting any load without overwhelming your existing system.

Air suspension kits use heavy duty air springs (or air assist springs) with one piece aluminum end caps and 20 support wires giving you maximum strength and durability!

Installed Airlift 1000 Air Bags Before & After Pictures

Air Bags by e with a lifetime warranty. Please refer to the warranty document for more details. With it you can level the position of your truck and eliminate the lowering, swaying and bottoming of your vehicle while providing additional support for an overall smooth and safe ride.

Note The HP10136 must be purchased for vehicles that have a round axle tube with the breather located approximately 7 inches from the spring pack.

The HP10002 kits only fit the MEGA CAB version of the 1500. The HP10002 kits fit the 3349 and 3319 superglide 5th wheel rail kits on 4WD vehicles. For 2006-2018 Dodge RAM 3500 (2WD/4WD) Chassis Cab, HP10136 must be purchased and for 2019-2020 Dodge RAM 3500 (2WD/4WD) Chassis Cab, HP10349 must be purchased for vehicles that have a pipe of round axis. Respirator located approximately 7” from spring pack. Modern trucks offer incredible features for smoother, quieter, and more capable trucks like the 2019 Ram 1500 with optional four-corner air suspension, but having modern features also means the old way of doing things may not more is enough. While setting up weight distribution isn’t difficult with normal suspension, everything changes with self-leveling like Ram’s air suspension. Here’s what we learned after working with Equal-i-zer Hitch engineers to properly install an Equal-i-zer weight distribution hitch and test trailer to tow behind a Ram with air suspension.

Air Bags For Towing Ram 1500

When you connect a trailer to a pickup truck’s receiver in the rear bumper, the truck’s rear axle becomes the pivot point of a lever system. The weight of the trailer tongue lifted some weight off the front axle which effectively transferred it to the rear axle. Weight distribution hitches form a bridge between the pickup truck and the trailer, transferring some of the weight of the trailer tongue from the pickup’s rear axle to the trailer’s axle. Having this weight behind the front axle helps to level the ride, brake smoothly and increase steering response.

Ram Towing Technology

The best way to measure proper weight distribution is to park the truck and trailer on level ground and place a wheel scale under at least the front wheels, if not under all four or six wheels of the truck. A normal truck ladder would also work, but just put the front wheels of the tow vehicle on the ladder.

Three weight measurements are taken to determine how much weight is distributed to the front axle to redistribute the load (also called front axle load restoration) to the front after connecting a weight distribution system.

Typically, measurement C should be at least halfway between measurements A and B, if not a little closer to A. If the amount of weight distribution is not in the desired range, then the hitch is adjusted for more or less distribution depending on what it is. necessary, and the process is repeated.

Most end users and trailer dealers do not have access to wheel scales, so they do the same steps as above, but measure the height at a point on the front fender from the land that passes directly through the center of the front axle, instead. to weigh each wheel. For example:

Ram Air Suspension: A Guide For The Everyday Truck Enthusiast — Vigor Air Ride

This is a front axle restoration amount of 75%. The coupled trailer without weight distribution raised the front of 2 inches, and with weight distribution lowered it 1.5 inches, or 75 percent of the way of its base, the uncoupled height.

During our test with Ram’s auto leveling suspension, we found that all three measurements were very close to the same, even with the truck turned off. To overcome this, the suspension’s self-leveling height adjustment must be disabled during hitch setup.

Most vehicle manufacturers with self-leveling suspension have a way to temporarily disable the self-leveling suspension. Some vehicles only make adjustments while the engine is running. For those vehicles, the weight distribution must be installed with the vehicle off. Others, like the Ram 1500, have a mode that prevents the suspension from adjusting. For Ram, it’s called Tire/Jack mode.

Air Bags For Towing Ram 1500

When trying different procedures and using wheel scales for the most accurate measurements, we found that following Ram’s recommended method in the owner’s manual provided the most consistent results. A truncated version of Ram’s process is as follows:

New 2023 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock Crew Cab

When following this process for our particular truck and trailer configuration, we noticed that 20 to 25 percent of the weight distribution was lost after the self-leveling suspension was engaged and the truck leveled itself. This essentially puts the weight distribution at about 40 percent. A final note in the Ram owner’s manual is to set the weight distribution to the settings recommended by the hitch manufacturer. The Equal-i-zer suspension recommends setting its weight distribution suspensions to restore at least 50 percent of the lost weight back onto the front axle. More may be needed to help with stability and sway control depending on the specific truck and trailer setup. Equal-i-zer also recommends not exceeding 100 percent weight distribution or putting more weight on the front axle than the truck had before the trailer was attached.

We highly recommend, if possible, the use of wheel scales to get the best weight distribution setup for vehicles with four-corner adjustable suspension. For those – which means most of us – who don’t have access to wheel ladders, follow what the vehicle owner’s manual says for initial setup and make adjustments if necessary, but always in the hitch manufacturer’s recommendations and pickup weight ratings. trucks, trailers and towing equipment. Doing this should provide a safe and worry-free drive.

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Air Bags For Towing Ram 1500

First of all, it is important to identify what the towing and hauling capabilities of your truck are. This will vary depending on its configuration, but is easily located in the driver’s door. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum amount of weight your truck must carry. This is a safe metric to track.

Air Bags On Ram 1500

As you can see, this camper is a lot for this Ram. It may be able to pull, but the nose is high and the tail is flapping. It needs some help to safely tow this big of a camper.

Once you know what you can tow, you’re going to find out what suspension settings work best. Your truck is designed to pull trailers, but when it is loaded, it can direct the headlights into the sky, make the steering wheel light, max out.


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