Advanced Fire And Security Systems – Advanced Fire & Security designs, installs and maintains fire alarm systems for virtually any facility or hazard. We represent most major brands to service almost every make and model in use today. Our warehouse is stocked with fire and safety equipment to handle any emergency service needs our clients may encounter.

From new installations to system upgrades to retrofits, we have a system to fit your needs and budget. We also provide alarm monitoring services to ensure your people, building and critical assets are protected 24/7.

Advanced Fire And Security Systems

Advanced Fire And Security Systems

Using a wireless dialer and mesh radio network, advanced fire and security reliable U.L. 864 compliance monitoring services at a much lower cost than traditional monitoring systems. In fact, we typically save our customers hundreds of dollars per month, giving them peace of mind knowing that our network has 100% reliability in the delivery of critical alarms and security information.

Truealarm Fire Alarm Systems: Features

Skynet is Advanced Fire & Security’s unique wireless monitoring system that uses a fire-only radio mesh network to transmit signals to our U.L. Listed Central Monitoring Station. Advantages of using Skynet system are:

A bi-directional amplifier (BDA) system is an important part of a building’s life safety system. This is a code-driven requirement for radio communication between first responders in a building during a fire or emergency. Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) were first introduced into the International Building Code in 2009 to address the performance of radio coverage of emergency responders inside buildings. The BDA system is a solution to lost radio signal coverage by amplifying or amplifying the radio signal. Your building or project requires the installation of a BDA system; And once installed, it requires service and maintenance. How well prepared is your workplace for fire safety? This should be one of the first questions you answer when opening a new campus or relocating to a new facility.

But it goes beyond just putting up some flashy ‘fire exit’ signs and running employees through escape drills.

A fire doesn’t mean losing your building – and if your entire premises burns down, the cost of installing an advanced fire system may be less than what you pay.

Elderly Care Alert Alarm

We can advise you on the best options for your building, whether it’s all on one level or multi-storey, so in the unfortunate event of a fire, you’re in the best position to fight it, without losing life. in danger

If you’re unfamiliar with workplace fire systems, wet and dry risers are a good place to start learning – look around any high-rise office block and you’ll soon find one or both of these.

They allow water to be delivered to the upper floors of the building to be used to extinguish fires and, as the name suggests, a wet riser is always full of water, while a dry riser is empty until the pipe is charged – often from an attending fire engine.

Advanced Fire And Security Systems

Sprinkler systems are capable of releasing water onto the fire from above, as well as dampening the surrounding area to prevent flames from catching as the fire spreads.

Advanced Touch Screen Terminal Touch 10

This alone may be sufficient to contain the fire until the emergency services arrive; Yes, there may be some water damage, but it’s a small price to pay to prevent your entire building from burning to the ground.

Advanced fire systems can include automatic fire detectors to trigger sprinkler systems – and with modern equipment, there’s no need to worry about drenching your staff with a sudden false alarm.

Beyond fighting the fire, you need to think about evacuation – and especially how your premises will turn out to be wet and the lights go out.

Advanced support systems can include emergency lighting that will stay on when standard lighting fails, as well as public address speakers that can provide voice-guided evacuation instructions.

Silent Alarms And Advanced Security Building Intercom Systems

In the dark, with a fire hazard – or worse, in corridors full of smoke and encroaching flames – these additional systems give your employees a fighting chance to evacuate your building, while firefighting and emergency service personnel attend. Do your best to put out the flames.

Paxton to unveil innovative range of products in June We’re counting down the days until this year’s IFSEC International, when our partner and market leader in access control entry systems Paxton plans to showcase a brand new product range. The event takes place on 21-23 June as London’s Excel. Advanced Fire & Security is the leader in whole life safety solutions in South Florida. All of our staff are factory trained and certified to help you and your business solve your life safety challenges. All clients are given the care and attention they deserve and our entire staff is dedicated to meeting your expectations in everything we do.

At Advanced Fire & Security, we believe in providing excellent customer service. Our adaptive approach to life safety solutions ensures that every project begins with an understanding of our client’s unique needs and ends with a client-centric solution that is not only efficient, but also helps our clients operate more successfully.

Advanced Fire And Security Systems

We perform inspections, testing and maintenance services on time and at appropriate frequencies to prevent risk and maintain compliance. We respond quickly to service requests and system emergencies so you can rest easy knowing your people and assets are protected.

Early Fire Detection

Advanced Fire & Safety has the knowledge, experience and extensive resources to deliver services on any fire protection system. Our highly skilled team approaches each facility individually to identify and design the most effective approach to protect occupants and assets.

Advanced Fire and Safety is state licensed, UL certified, FM approved, and GSA approved. All our field technicians are FASA certified and many of them also hold NICET certification. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line security system in Yonkers, Knight Security Systems offers customized solutions for commercial and residential customers. We build all of our systems from scratch so they are tailored to meet your specific needs.

With our professional installation service, we seamlessly integrate the system into the architecture of your home or building for reliable operation. Once the installation is complete, we are available to you 24/7 for support and remote monitoring services to ensure maximum safety and security.

Knight Security Systems delivers a single package solution built with the industry’s latest technology. For more than 60 years, we’ve provided Yonkers-area homes and businesses with systems tailored to their specific needs and budgets. While other companies offer off-the-shelf products, we create solutions specifically configured to your needs.

High Tech Fire Alarm Systems Offer Advanced Features

We are also an authorized Honeywell dealer and offer their full range of comfortable and smart security products. These systems are powered by Honeywell Total Connect® technology, which allows you to access and operate your system from your cell phone.

Our high-tech fire alarm system is designed to send text messages and emails as soon as smoke, fire or carbon monoxide is detected. We can also offer custom sprinkler solutions that will quickly extinguish flames to minimize damage to your home or business.

All our technicians are NICET-certified in fire alarm technology. They know all the codes and permits that apply to the Yonkers area for a reliable fire alarm installation that meets every need.

Advanced Fire And Security Systems

With our advanced security systems, you can monitor your property at home or on the go. With the Total Connect app, you can turn lights on and off, cycle through your surveillance cameras, and control door locks at your fingertips for enhanced security. There’s also the option to set up security alerts on your phone, such as receiving a text alert every time a door is opened.

Fire Alarm Systems

These systems make it easy for you to monitor your staff, keep an eye on packages left at your door, and make sure family members and pets are safe.

Whether you need a simple stand-alone camera surveillance system or a sophisticated IP-based system, our team of experts can quickly determine the ideal number of cameras for your space and configure them for maximum coverage.

With their incredible zoom and infrared capabilities, our high-resolution cameras allow you to monitor entryways, outdoor spaces, inventory rooms, personal valuables, and any other high-value areas or objects. As with our other systems, you can control the cameras from your connected device.

For added protection, we also offer 24/7 remote monitoring for all your systems. From sounding the alarm when smoke is detected to detecting suspicious camera activity, we can provide full round-the-clock monitoring of your property for your peace of mind.

Mammoth Security Inc. Expands Services As Premier Norwalk Gate Access Control And Fire Alarm System Installer

When it comes to security and fire alarm companies in Yonkers, New York, Knight Security Systems is unlike any other. As a UL-listed company, our equipment, products and processes are certified as some of the best in the industry.

We provide fast, thorough and expert design, installation and support services for the security and alarm systems that protect your Yonkers property. For more information or to request your free consultation, call us

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