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Becoming a AAA member has a variety of benefits. While you probably know it best as a club for drivers, providing roadside assistance and other automotive and travel-related benefits, there’s a lot more to AAA membership. AAA supports traveler safety and helps make the roads a safer place for everyone. In addition to roadside assistance, members also enjoy a variety of additional AAA benefits, discounts, and other perks you may not be aware of.

Aaa Premier Rental Car Coverage

Aaa Premier Rental Car Coverage

The most common reason to invest in a AAA membership is the comprehensive automotive coverage we provide our members. Whenever an automotive problem has you stumped, AAA is just a call away. Whether you have a flat tire or dead battery, are out of gas, locked out of your car, or need to be towed to the nearest repair shop, AAA’s various membership levels can provide help when you need it most.

Aaa: Routine Repairs Help Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns

Each member can make multiple service calls each year, and coverage follows the member, not the vehicle. So no matter what car you drive, you can get help. AAA’s roadside assistance service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Driver training courses through AAA are an important extension of our commitment to the safety of all drivers on the road. For teens ready to learn to drive, AAA offers a short “Dare to Prepare” seminar to introduce the topics necessary for driving and provide information on how to obtain a driver’s license. More comprehensive driving classes for teens are also available through AAA, so your new driver will be ready to pass the driving test and become a safe, responsible driver.

AAA driving school also proudly offers defensive driving classes, mature operator classes, and safety training for company and fleet driving. All of our classes educate drivers and empower them to make safe and responsible driving choices. Our goal is to reduce the number of accidents on the road through quality driver education.

One of the best benefits of AAA membership is the help we provide with travel planning. Let AAA be your travel agent, giving you the best recommendations on places to see and visit, tailored to your requests and preferences. We can even make all the reservations for you and find you the best prices and deals. As a AAA member, you can also enjoy other travel rewards, such as additional cruise credits, unique experiences, priority check-in for members only, and more.

How Aaa Members Can Save Big Money When Traveling

Our experienced agents can help you with travel-related questions and concerns such as passport processing, travel insurance, and more. You can contact AAA with your emergencies or travel questions, any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. We can help you book not only hotels and cruises, but also additional amenities such as rental cars and tickets to events and attractions.

AAA partners with thousands of companies and businesses around the world to offer exclusive discounts to our members. Plan your travel arrangements through AAA to get the best discounts on cruises, hotels, car rentals, attractions and more. Show your membership card at all types of businesses and retailers to get discounts of up to 30%. More than 30,000 online retailers have partnered with AAA to offer online shopping deals as well. The savings add up and make membership worthwhile.

With a AAA membership, you have access to a variety of high-quality financial products and services. AAA provides members with banking options such as savings accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, and IRAs. Our services also include credit monitoring and identity theft monitoring as well as support for fraud resolution.

Aaa Premier Rental Car Coverage

Get all your insurance needs through AAA and experience customized coverage designed to meet your individual needs. AAA membership benefits include discounts on our already competitive auto insurance rates. Insure cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles and more. AAA also offers more than just car insurance. As a member, you can enjoy homeowners or renters insurance coverage, tailored to your unique circumstances. We also provide life insurance — both whole life and term policies — so you can protect your family if the unexpected happens. Keep your pet healthy with pet insurance through AAA too! We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of insurance products,  designed to fit your life, including additional products such as travel insurance and car warranty cover. Just ask your AAA agent for a free quote.

Does Aaa Cover Rental Cars? Things You Should Know » Way Blog

There are many reasons to join AAA, but how does AAA membership work? You may be most familiar with AAA for providing roadside assistance services to stranded motorists. Membership benefits follow the member, not the vehicle, so even if you’re in a friend’s car or a rental car, you can still call for help. With a membership, you can make up to four service calls per year, for one of the following reasons.

To experience all these amazing benefits, sign up for a AAA membership today. Your AAA membership card benefits include roadside assistance and a ton of additional perks, discounts, and more. Join millions of members nationwide who already enjoy all the benefits AAA provides. You can choose the membership level that best suits your needs and lifestyle, or contact a Central PA AAA agent with any questions. Call us today at 800-717-4222, or contact us online. We look forward to serving you! Partner content: This content is created by Dow Jones business partners and is researched and written independently of the newsroom. Links in this article may earn us a commission. Learn more

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Aaa Roadside Assistance: Is It Worth It?

AAA is a household name for roadside assistance. This document offers three plans that set standards for what roadside assistance companies must cover. We at the Guide Team will review AAA roadside assistance to help you decide if the company is the best choice for you. We’ll also recommend some of the best roadside assistance plans to compare while you shop.

11 Best Roadside Assistance Packages Honda Roadside Assistance How Much Does Roadside Assistance Cost? Progressive Roadside Assistance Overview of State Farm Roadside Assistance Toyota Roadside Assistance

The Guide Team is committed to providing reliable information to help you make the best decisions about insuring your vehicle. Because consumers rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we created a comprehensive ranking system to formulate a ranking of the best auto insurance companies. We collected data from dozens of auto insurance providers to rate the companies based on a variety of ranking factors. After 800 hours of research, the final result was an overall ranking for each service provider, with the insurance company that scored the most points topping the rankings.

Aaa Premier Rental Car Coverage

In our AAA roadside assistance review, we rated the provider a 9.0 out of 10.0 overall and ranked it 8th compared to other options on the market. AAA offers good coverage and perks through its three plans and has pricing options that suit many drivers.

Benefits Of Aaa Membership Discount

Although AAA, or the American Automobile Association, serves the entire US, they are not one single company. Triple-A began in 1902 as a group of nine motorcycle clubs. Today, AAA is a federation of 32 automotive clubs across the country. Some auto clubs provide services in one state, while others operate in multiple states. Prices and services sometimes vary slightly depending on the auto club, but they all offer the same basic services and three membership packages.

When you visit the AAA website, you will be directed to the appropriate club site based on your location. For this article, we will highlight AAA Carolinas’ membership terms as an example.

AAA roadside assistance reviews vary by auto club. For example, AAA Carolinas has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​with accreditation and a 1.3-star customer review score. On the other hand, Automobile Club of Southern California is not rated by the BBB and has a 1.2 star rating from customers. It’s worth checking your local AAA club’s ratings to learn more about its customer experience.

In positive AAA roadside assistance reviews, customers mention receiving timely service after requesting assistance. This is one of the most important qualities of a roadside assistance company. One customer received service less than 10 minutes after the call. Others said a AAA tow truck rescued them from a desert highway and drove them 100 miles to their destination city.

Aaa: A Comprehensive Guide To Roadside Assistance Services

Unfortunately, not everyone has the best experience

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