Aaa Membership Rental Car Coverage – AAA, formerly known as the American Automobile Association, has been in business since 1902, providing roadside assistance and other services to drivers. Today, AAA serves more than 60 million members across North America through various club affiliates.

When you join AAA, you can choose between membership levels. The Classic level offers basic roadside assistance for around $50-$60 per year. But AAA also offers upgraded memberships known as Plus and Premier with enhanced benefits.

Aaa Membership Rental Car Coverage

Aaa Membership Rental Car Coverage

So when you upgrade from Classic to Plus to Premier, you get better insurance coverage, claims and towing mileage. Premier operates as AAA’s top-class road service and insurance product.

Is Aaa Service Worth It For Your Budget?

When deciding whether to upgrade from Classic to Plus or Premier, take a close look at these key differences in coverage:

With Classic, you only get 5 miles with towing per event. AAA Plus increases that to 100 miles, while Premier covers up to 200 miles.

So if you break down in a remote area far from home, a higher level membership can save you hefty towing fees. 100-200 miles of towing per accident offers much more flexibility.

If your trip is interrupted by a disruption, Plus members can get up to $500 in reimbursement for expenses like hotels and food while they’re stuck. In Premier, this compensation limit increases to $1,500.

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Trip interruption compensation is an incredibly valuable insurance benefit for long trips. You have the peace of mind that AAA covers your accommodation and meals if the unexpected happens far from home.

Premier members receive up to $500 per trip if their luggage is lost, stolen or damaged. This benefit only comes with AAA’s highest membership level.

Another benefit for Premier members only is identity theft monitoring through Experian. It warns of suspicious activity related to your personal data.

Aaa Membership Rental Car Coverage

If you get sick or have an accident far from home, Premier members can get a AAA coordinator and cover the cost of getting their vehicle home – up to $500.

Aaa Membership Options, Levels & Benefits

AAA Premier members receive free printed maps, tour books and customized TripTiks itineraries. This way you can plan your trips without buying resources.

Access special discounts and rewards at thousands of retailers, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. AAA offers a discount portal especially for Premier members.

For many basic services, such as towing, Premier members are entitled to higher premiums compared to Classic and Plus services. You get more emission rights across the board.

So Premier offers benefits beyond just longer towing miles and compensation. You can save money on maps and enjoy discounts you wouldn’t get at lower membership levels.

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When you look at the big picture, the higher price of the Plus and Premier products will pay off if you ever use the enhanced benefits. One long tow or a covered hotel stay would probably exceed the price difference compared to the Classic.

And remember that membership fees are usually discounted if you pay several years in advance. By paying for 2-3 years of Plus or Premier at once, you can lower the actual annual cost.

Plus membership makes sense if you want more towing kilometers and basic trip interruption coverage. But Premier offers higher maximum benefits, especially for frequent long-haul travelers.

Aaa Membership Rental Car Coverage

The choice ultimately depends on your budget and the level of protection you want. Evaluate key coverage differences and premium features to determine whether Plus or Premier is right for you.

Why You Might Want Aaa Membership Even If You Don’t Have A Car

For most drivers, the peace of mind of updated roadside assistance and insurance coverage is worth the small difference in annual membership fees. Plus or Premier memberships can provide invaluable security if you rarely drive or travel far from home.

AAA Premier members get up to 200 miles of towing, while AAA Plus members get up to 100 miles of towing.

Yes, AAA Premier members receive free maps, travel guides and other travel-related resources as part of their membership benefits.

The cost to upgrade to AAA Premier may vary by location and specific membership plan. According to the AAA website, the cost to upgrade from AAA Plus to AAA Premier can range from $49 to $89 per year, depending on the state and region.

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Aaa Membership Rental Car Coverage

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Aaa Extended Warranty

Kanye’s wife: (naked) maid Why doesn’t anyone intervene in what appears to be an abusive relationship? Hence the #MeToo turmoil. Whether you have AAA membership and plan to travel in the near future, or are considering AAA membership for its benefits, knowing the travel insurance options AAA insurance offers is helpful.

Planning and booking a trip should be easy with all the digital tools and websites thanks to the internet, but is planning a trip really that easy?

It’s easy to see how things can be forgotten or overlooked when planning a trip, whether traveling with family or friends or traveling alone. Plus, costs can easily spiral out of control before you even realize it.

Getting the right insurance coverage should be a priority because medical emergencies come up uninvited, travel delays are quite common, or you may need cancellation insurance if your travel plans change.

Does Aaa Cover Rental Cars?

Travel insurance can be very useful in protecting your financial investments, while also providing medical insurance options during your trip.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) offers great discounts on a variety of goods and services, including travel insurance options.

They also have travel agencies that can help you plan your next trip and even offer you various discounts on hotels, flights and other travel related expenses.

Aaa Membership Rental Car Coverage

However, a very important consideration is: Do they offer travel health insurance that meets all your specific needs?

Aaa Offers Savings To Offset Gas Prices

Like Trip Cancellation, Emergency Transportation, First Aid, Lost Baggage, Rental Car Damage, Rental Car Theft, Medical Evacuation, Concierge Services and more…

AAA Travel Insurance is not an insurance company, but travel insurance plans are extended to AAA members through their partnership with Allianz Global Assistance.

The guarantee is available for domestic and international travel, and you can buy it online without a travel agency.

Let’s look at pricing and coverage for someone taking a week-long vacation from California to New York for a total trip cost of $5,000.

Aaa Member Car Rental Discounts

The Essential Plan is the most cost-effective and the Premier Plan offers the highest coverage options and is therefore priced the most.

Please note that travel insurance plans can change/modify, see the insurance document for more information before buying travel insurance.

AAA travel insurance also offers Classis Plan with RTW, we have not included Classic Plan with RTW in the comparison above, but you can check the details on the AAA travel insurance website.

Aaa Membership Rental Car Coverage

They also offer annual travel plans such as the annual deluxe plan, the Annual Executive Plan if you want to purchase coverage for a year. The annual plan is suitable for several trips per year, the annual plans have conditions for the number of travel days.

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Insurance premiums and coverage figures depend on the location in the US you board from. Available options and prices may vary by state. You can buy domestic and international insurance from AAA Insurance.

Trip cancellation and interruption policies have covered reasons defined in the policy, you should look at the policy document to understand all the reasons.

. Note that Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) is usually an add-on to the policy for an additional fee.

Now you need to ask yourself if this coverage is sufficient for your needs.

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If you have private health insurance or health insurance through your employer, you may only need $10,000 for emergency and dental care while traveling in the United States.

However, costs incurred outside the state or internationally can add up to a considerable amount. And if you need urgent medical transportation, fifty thousand dollars may not be enough to cover the cost of an international flight and crew.

Although the Premier Plan offers more coverage, it would be more affordable to get higher health insurance benefits.

Aaa Membership Rental Car Coverage

If you suffer a serious injury, it is recommended that you have at least $100,000 worth of travel medical coverage, as hospitalization, which costs an average of $3,000 to $5,000 per day, can quickly deplete that amount.

Travel Insurance Options For Aaa Members

The AAA premier membership plan offers several benefits as well as the option to purchase travel insurance plans in partnership with Allianz. Membership per se does not provide travel insurance, but you can purchase AAA travel insurance on their website.


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