6in Lift Kit Ford F250 – 2017+ FORD SUPERDUTY 6″ PREMIUM LIFT SYSTEM Scroll to the bottom for pricing and options 2017-2022 Ford F-250/350 Diesel or GAS All Cab Configurations Dual or Single Rear Wheel

:CONTENTS: Soft Ride Coil Springs, Wicked Signature Logo Coil Plate, Adjustable Tie Rod Relocation Bracket, Heavy Duty Adjustable Drag Link, Radius Arm Relocation Brackets, Stainless Steel Extended Front Brake Lines, Stabilizer Relocation Brackets, Factory Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket, Wicked Basic shock absorbers (front and rear), rear block and U-bolt system

6in Lift Kit Ford F250

6in Lift Kit Ford F250

Long Bed, F-350 and Dual Models Please select option below. The Longbed, Dual and F-350 models require some additional parts to be added.

F 250/350 Complete Lift Kits

GAS POWERED MODELS ONLY Your truck will require one of two modifications to be raised 6 inches. Option one is to have a local exhaust shop relocate the driver side catalytic converter away from the front driveshaft. Option two is that you purchase the “Gas Powered Driveshaft Fixture” below and you don’t have to move the catalytic converter, plus you get a better driveshaft! We recommend the driveshaft option rather than having someone relocate your exhaust converter, but the choice is yours .

UPGRADES/What about all these additional things? First, you can purchase the kit and install it on the truck as is. With the exception of the powder coating, everything is included in the system; you don’t “need” to upgrade anything technically. The 6-inch system was designed as a modular system. Add whatever you want, when you want it, even if it’s not today. You can come back later and order the upgrades. The system drives, handles and performs beautifully just as we designed it, but there is always room for upgrades! If you want to significantly improve your truck’s performance or break 73%* more neck everywhere you drive, add your desired upgrades to the cart below. These upgrades not only improve performance, they’ll be eye-catching wherever you go. If you have any questions about the upgrades, please feel free to call us at 239-315-4646. *Based on a random number we drew from the sky

Wicked Manufacturing LLC is a small family business founded by Jordan and Brittany Tadysak and based in Naples, Florida, USA. Wicked Manufacturing was founded in January 2016 by Jordan and Brittany Tadysak as a sister company to the successful Wicked Customs LLC. Wicked Manufacturing is committed to producing the highest quality truck accessories and solution parts in this industry. Our core values ​​are engraved into the foundation of this company: Honor, Pride, Commitment, Service and Integrity. We put our customers and their safety first and provide well-designed and over-manufactured products with no expense spared. When you buy from Wicked Manufacturing, you become part of a family, a family that has started an industry revolution against counterfeits, overseas manufacturing and poorly designed products. Your support and every purchase is truly appreciated.

Every piece Wicked Manufacturing makes has a “W” engraved on it. The “W” means more than just Wicked, it means you picked the right accessories for your truck, it means you did it right, it means you believe in a small manufacturing company from South Florida, USA and their core values. 6″ 4-Link Lift Kit with Dirt Logic 4.0 Resi Front Coilovers and Dirt Logic 2.25 Rear Shocks – K2338DL

Lifted 4×4 F 250 Super Duty Xlt Diesel Ingot Silver

Fabtech’s 6-inch 4-link conversion system for the Ford F450 and F550 Super Duty is designed to meet the on- and off-road needs of truck enthusiasts. The suspension of this vehicle is more robust than that of the Ford F250 and F350 and therefore requires special parts only available from Fabtech.

This system comes with everything needed to convert to a 4-link front suspension. The system ensures fewer caster changes throughout the entire driving range, which has a positive effect on road travel. Off-road, the 4-link system offers more mobility than a radius arm, allowing for better off-road mobility at all speeds.

Fabtech’s 4-Link system has been proven over 10 years of use in consumer, commercial and military applications. High quality components with properly designed suspension geometry are the highlight of Super Duty suspension systems.

6in Lift Kit Ford F250

Each Fabtech component is expertly crafted in-house and has specific design features and benefits listed below.

Suspension Lift Kits, Leveling Kits, Body Lifts, Shocks, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Hummer, Off Road Trucks

Heavy-duty 2″ OD wall link arms feature 1/4″ thick steel brackets on the axle with adjustable alignment cams and Fabtech’s legendary 5-Ton Joints® for pivoting on the frame for increased durability. The 5 Ton Joints® have proven themselves in military use for over 10 years and are quiet and strong. The 4 connecting arms attach to sturdy 1/4 inch thick steel frame brackets to ensure solid mounting of the new suspension.

The geometry of the 4-link arms and frame mounts was designed to provide better highway handling due to less caster change and to handle harsh off-road conditions better than a radius arm suspension.

Simple, super-strong 1/4″ thick steel brackets utilize the factory coil reservoir to bolt in the large Dirt Logic 4.0 coilovers. A solid 4″ diameter stainless steel body with 1.25 NitroSteel® piston rod for maximum corrosion resistance and durability in aggressive driving conditions. Coil springs support the weight of the F450 or F550 and provide a superior ride. The removed aluminum container dissipates heat, providing continuous cushioning when riding over extreme terrain at high speeds. The pinnacle of all coilover shock absorbers.

1/4″ thick steel brackets reposition the factory tie rod to center the axle under the vehicle and increase lift height. The extremely sturdy, box-shaped bracket is designed to prevent deflection as the tie rod moves through the entire cycle emotional.

Ford F250/f350 4wd 2/1in Level/lift Kit

Forged steel construction with high-strength material that exceeds factory specifications. Designed specifically for the F450 and F550 to provide proper steering function in conjunction with Fabtech’s factory steering rod and tie rod bracket.

Heavy-duty, 1/4-inch-thick steel brackets control travel and prevent excessive suspension spin. The super strong construction can handle the full compression effect of the F450 or F550.

1/4″ thick steel drop brackets reposition the front sway bar to increase ride height. This allows the sway bar connecting ends to move fully throughout the extended travel without binding.

6in Lift Kit Ford F250

Positions the factory brake lines down on the frame for the new travel without having to open the brake system. Keeps the factory fluid system intact.

Ford F 250 4wd 2017 2022 6

Retains the factory F450 or F550 long travel steering stabilizer with a 1/4″ thick steel bracket and support brace to reduce tire chatter.

Steel rear lift blocks replace factory blocks for additional lift without compromising ride quality or load capacity.

U-bolt for attaching the entire rear axle differential to the vehicle. A critical part that requires the best quality for your vehicle.

Manufactured from a stainless steel body with NitroSteel® piston rod for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Superior ride quality both on and off-road. Excellent cushioning for off-road use.

Readylift 69 2538 Sst 3.5" Lift Kit For 11 16 Ford F250 F350 4wd 1pc Driveshaft

The Dirt Logic 4.0 offers the ultimate in hardcore off-road cushioning capacity with superior highway comfort in a large package. This massive, high-end shock is designed for full-size vehicles that require the largest and best coilover shock in a bolt-on configuration. Nothing else comes close.

Dirt Logic 2.25 are designed to replace factory shocks with a larger, more robust configuration. The 2.25 size sets it apart from other knock-down replacement shock absorbers and ensures superior handling, both on and off-road. The shock absorbers are pre-tuned for each Fabtech suspension, allowing for larger tires and ensuring the best all-round damping. Take your truck to new heights with Rough Country’s 6″ Suspension Lift! This all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for a complete truck makeover. Drive up to 37-inch tires while maintaining the smooth, factory ride quality with this impressive upgrade. When modifying a vehicle’s suspension, the key to maintaining ride quality is keeping the geometry of all suspension components as close to their factory angles as possible. Rough Country’s new 6-inch suspension lift features a set of extremely durable radius arm drop brackets that precisely screw into the factory brackets to simplify installation and create a more factory-like angle. This kit includes a set of raised coil springs and extremely durable, manufactured anti-wrap rear blocks that prevent binding and axle wrap. The best part is that this kit comes with your choice of Rough Country’s N3, V2 Monotube, or Vertex Adjustable Reservoir shocks! Includes Rough Country’s Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Easy screw-on installation. Increased ground clearance. Balances the front with the back of the vehicle. The radius arm drop brackets allow for proper caster adjustment. Proper caster is critical to maintaining factory handling and ride quality. Includes N3 series shock absorbers with application valve that provide the best balanced performance for on- and off-road use. Prefabricated blocks are stronger and offer a longer lifespan than cast blocks. Specially designed rear anti-axle wrap blocks provide the usual ride quality while eliminating the common lift block problem.

6in Lift Kit Ford F250

Raised coil springs, radius arm lowering brackets, timing ring kit, sway bar links, tie rod lowering bracket, sway bar relocation brackets, pitman arm, brake line brackets, bump stop spacers, hardware

Lift Kit Do’s And Don’ts

NOT applicable to F-350 models. DOES NOT fit dual models. DOES NOT fit transfer cases with manual transmission. NOT suitable for petrol engines

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