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33 Inch Tires For 17 Inch Rims

33 Inch Tires For 17 Inch Rims

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Jeep Wrangler With 17×9 12 Fuel Tactic And 33/12.5r17 Nitto Ridge Grappler And Suspension Lift 2.5

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For reference, we’re using the 285/70R17 Yokohama Geolandar X-AT, which is a true 33-inch tire measuring 33.1 inches. The X-ATs are 33.1″ in diameter, 11.7″ wide, come in the E load range and fit up to 7.50″ to 9.00″ wide wheels.

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It’s important to note that the X-ATs are a true 33″ tire as most 285/70 tires on the market, like the BFG KO2, are 32.7″. When considering 33″ tires, consider the actual tire size as not all 33″ tires are created equal. This is important for things like installing a full-size spare. Installing a 32.7″ tire is easier than filling a 33.1″ tire.

The factory is relative. It depends on the model you buy and how your truck is marketed. We see everything from 245/75/16 to 265/70/17 and it all depends on what model and package you get.

Pre-2nd-gen facelift, you had three tire size options: 245/75/16, 265/70/16, and 265/65/17 depending on whether you had the Limited trim package or not. Post facelifts offer the same size as the additional 265/60/18 available from the factory. With the third-generation Tacoma, you have many of these same options, and in some cases, a dealer here and there will put 275s or 285s on a rig. It’s rare, but you see it.

33 Inch Tires For 17 Inch Rims

2WD trucks came with slightly smaller tires for smaller size. The 2.7L 2WD came in just one size, 215/70/15, and the 4.0L XRunner came in a slightly larger 255/45/18.

Ford Ranger Wheels

Bigger tires hurt your gas mileage as well as power, so why does everyone go as big as possible?

Not only do bigger tires look great and give your truck a more aggressive stance, but they also give your truck more ground clearance and usually a better/wider footprint, which makes your truck perform better off-road.

When you install a suspension lift, you lift the frame and body of the vehicle. With a body lift you only lift the body, nothing else. Both lift styles are designed to give you more ground clearance, either on your torso or your body. But what about your pivots?

Larger tires basically increase the ground clearance of the lowest part of the truck, most likely the axle or control arms. This will come in handy if you do a lot of off-roading, as the larger tires allow you to go over obstacles instead of over them.

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Another advantage of larger size tires is more traction. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but you’ll notice a difference when you play. When your tires have a lower PSI (say, 20 PSI instead of 40 PSI), you get more traction by increasing flotation. Now while you have a lower PSI, throw a bigger tire into the mix and you get more traction.

Most of us want to keep our trucks driver-friendly. This means that jumping from stock tires to 35s can be a bit of a dramatic change, but going to 33″

The fully trained 285’s are a great size as they are significantly larger than stock and require a bit of modification depending on the lift you are running.

33 Inch Tires For 17 Inch Rims

Let’s talk about power. Depending on your gear ratio, you’ll probably see a slight drop in power when you go up a tire size. The good news is that since the 33s are only slightly larger than the stock tires, the power loss is barely noticeable. If you were to jump to a 35-inch tire, it would be a different story. Regardless of 33″ or 35″ tires, you should consider regearing at the 33″ stage.

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It really depends on what you use your Tacoma for. If you’re going off-road a lot, you’ll probably want to change gears immediately. If you prefer to travel on dirt roads and do easy to moderate trails, 33s without re-gearing is not unusual – it will be harder on the engine, chassis and factory gears of your Member 3.

Power loss from stock tires to 285/70R17 is minimal. However, on the freeway it’s especially noticeable going up hills at high altitudes, which is why we consider a re-gear.

The stock gears in the 2nd gen Tacoma with the 4.0L are 3:73 which is the same for the final gear in the 6spds and 5spds. For 4 strokes, the gear ratio reaches 4:10, and the standard trans has the same final drive as the V6 models. For the third-generation Tacos, available gear ratios for the 2.7L 5spd and v6 automatic are 3:909. While the stock ratio for the 2.7 liter automatic and 3.5 liter 6 spd is 4:30.

Rear gearing allows you to fit larger tires without adding extra load to the engine. That’s why regearing isn’t a bad idea even with 33s, especially since the stock ratio for our second gen is 3:73. The best re-gear ratio would be 4:10 or 4:56 if you have a 4.0L with 33s. 4:10 makes the truck feel like it’s on stock tires, and you’ll get about 200 more rpm at 70 mph. The 4:56 gears will definitely be more noticeable, as you should see around 300 rpm at 70 mph.

S Tires Fit Big Bend! As Tested On My 2021 Bronco

The third-generation Tacoma will be a little different, even though it has a similar concept, and a lot of that will depend on tire size. With 33 seconds, instead of going with 4:10, you go with 4:30 if the truck you haven’t come with before. If it comes with 4:30s from the factory, you’ll likely go with 4:56s for stock tire feel, or 4:88s for a bit more rpm.

We’re not saying it’s impossible to mount a 33 without a lifter, but you’ll definitely need to cut or shorten something. Depending on whether you clear the control arms or not, you should be fine with a 2-3 inch lift.

Technical suspension lifters don’t clean tires for off-road use, but they can help. When you lift your truck, you change the static ride height of your body. For example, you may not rub during your daily drive, but off-road you probably will when you dig the tire well into your wheel. Without lift, this rub would be much worse on and off road.

33 Inch Tires For 17 Inch Rims

To answer the infamous question: You can’t put 33’s on a Tacoma without a lift or without some modifications (cut back fender, CMC (cab base cut), panel cap trim, fender trim, body trim, etc. . . . That said, you can still fit the wheel/tire on your hub with no problem – you might just have to trim it a bit. Even if you gain more height, the inner fender size stays the same, so it should give you something.

Ford Bronco Badlands Looks Bad To The Bone On 37 Inch Tires

We’re going to do a follow-up here and put 33-inch tires on a third-generation Tacoma without a lift and see exactly what we need to fix. That truck will be donated momentarily by Snail Trail 4×4.

It’s also important to know that regardless of the size of tires you decide to put under your Tacoma, it’s important that they don’t wear out. If they’re rubbing and you don’t take care of it, you’ll probably break something or tear something…eventually.

After installing, running, and tilting us up/down

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