2015 Jeep Renegade Off Road Parts – If you are looking for an extraordinary off-road experience, you need the Jeep Renegade Front Bumper! This bumper gives your vehicle more ground clearance and the ability to mount a winch. It also makes your vehicle look incredibly badass and is perfect for anyone looking to take their driving to the next level.

We strive for the highest quality products that will maximize value for your money. The buffer includes the following features:

2015 Jeep Renegade Off Road Parts

2015 Jeep Renegade Off Road Parts

Maximum tire approach distance. Thanks to the high inner tube tips on both sides in front of the tyres, the hybrid bumper allows you to pass larger obstacles directly.

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Winch compatibility up to 10k. The hybrid bumper will fit most 10k winches and give you tons (literally) of recovery power! (Winch not included)

Four-bay Aux lights. Each side of the bumper fits perfectly into dual pods specifically designed around the locally produced Heretic Quattro pods available on our website. (Will fit other aftermarket pods; Lights not included)

Full protection. The hybrid bumper is constructed from DOM steel tubing and up to 1/4-inch steel for the toughest protection. Also included is a bottom slide that covers the bottom frame without leaving any obstruction. The bumper is also equipped with a top ring for additional grille protection.

Ability to breathe. We learned that the radiator needs to breathe, as many owners experience extreme temperatures after installing an aftermarket bumper. The hybrid bumper provides plenty of direct airflow to keep your Renegade cool.

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3-stage powder coating. Although an expensive process, the hybrid bumper goes through a sandblasting process to roughen the steel, then is zinc primed for final protection against rust, and finally finished with a hot powder coating to ensure all nooks and crannies are covered. It has a textured black finish that provides superior protection against the elements.

Made in USA. Like all of our products, we manufacture these parts right here in Utah, with US-sourced steel. While this isn’t cheap, it supports our neighbors and creates a great local economy!

Integrated turn signals. In place of the factory signals, we have optionally provided super-bright LED turn signals that can be stylishly mounted on the bumper.

2015 Jeep Renegade Off Road Parts

“These worked great!! They never came into contact with rocks even once. We’ve put about 400 miles on the set so far and have had zero problems. The fact that they are adjustable makes it very easy to get into specs if you have an upgraded Jeep, which is great! Literally ZERO cons, only pros!” Alan M. “These control levers are a must for the renegade. Whether you drive on dirt or rocky terrain… you can walk on rocks, you don’t have to worry about ruts or branches. High clearance is very important! Adjustability and durability are the next big factor; especially if you’re lifted, you can turn anything to a “T” with these levers. “One of the best products you can ever buy for this platform.” TaylorR.

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AffordableWorried about one-time pricing for unique hardware? Don’t worry, our competitive prices are determined with your budget in mind

Customer Validated Tested in-house, in the field, and by customers like you; so you can be sure of the fit, form and function of the product.

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