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2003 Harley Davidson V Rod Anniversary Edition

2003 Harley Davidson V Rod Anniversary Edition

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Harley Davidson Vrsca V Rod

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Harley Davidson® Vrsca Anv V Rod® Anniversary For Sale In Boynton Beach, Fl (item 1225224)

Steel Circle Upper Frame w/ Hydroformed Main Rails & Bolt-on Lower Frame Rails Swing Arm One Piece Cast Aluminum Polished

Launched in 2001, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod marked a radical departure for the American firm in terms of styling, design and performance. It is based around an 86kW (115bhp) engine derived from the firm’s VR1000 race bike. The engine – Harley’s first production liquid-cooled V-twin – is completely modern, with twin camshafts and four valves for each cylinder, fed by a powerful fuel injection system. But it’s the chassis that impresses most – a new, innovative take on the cruiser concept that looks modern and classic at the same time. The sinuous steel tube frame is formed from pressurized water, while the body panels are made from brushed aluminum, and a ducted shroud guides cooling air to a hidden radiator.

The original VRSCA V-Rod® has had more than its fair share of jaw drops. Just try to take your eyes off the aluminum bodywork, sweeping exhaust, and machined aluminum disc wheels that are now equipped with high-performance Brembo® brakes. Check out the dragster-style 49mm 38° raked fork. 180 mm rear tire. Silver leaf coated hydroformed frame. And although there is a…

2003 Harley Davidson V Rod Anniversary Edition

A spectrum of glossy paint colors, all one can see is a glossy matte. That’s because the liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 60° V-Twin Revolution® engine delivers a whopping 115 horses and torque from here on out. All that’s left is to slide your shoes up to the forward foot control and enjoy the cruise.

What Harley Davidson Is This

The VRSCA V-Rod redefined the power-cruiser category, offering an award-winning marriage of custom styling and liquid-cooled performance. Rounding out with a 38-degree fork angle, forward controls and pull-back welded handlebars, drag-style aluminum disc wheels and a chrome slash-cut exhaust, the V-Rod is an unmistakable motorcycle. The scope out seat is only 26 inches off the ground. Dual slash-cut chrome exhaust pipes deliver the wound-up song of a high-performance revolution V-Twin. Triple-disc, four-piston Brembo brakes and black hand controls are new for 2006. Staggered 10-spoke cast aluminum wheels are an option. Security system is standard. Choose from 13 color options plus the deep silver anodized aluminum finish that made the V-Rod famous.

TORRANCE, Calif., July 12, 2001 — Now is the time to put away those chromed German helmet things and put a proper cover on this very suitable motorcycle for proper protection. Just how appropriate? Try 140 mph to spin the rear wheel like a true sport bike with plenty of horsepower.

Forget everything you ever knew about Harley-Davidson as a motor company. It’s nothing like what you were expecting. Harley has just done the impossible, nay, the impossible by developing a (gasp) water-cooled motor that safely revs to 9,000 rpm and pumps out class-leading power amongst the boar.

D Then, to ensure that Japanese manufacturers’ heads would spin long and hard, the motor company saw fit to wrap the thing in a thoroughly modern chassis and dress it up in the way that the media would. Even Harley haters love it. Seen shaking.

Harley Davidson Vrsc Vrsca V Rod Vrod 100th Anniversary W/ Extras

According to Harley, the V-Rod is “the first member of a new family of performance custom motorcycles.” The water-cooled engine powering this first motor of the new generation is rumored to have been inspired by the factory’s VR 1000 superbike racing efforts and aided by a small Stuttgart company called Porsche. Displacing 1,130 cubic centimeters (69 cubic inches) through its over-square 100 x 72 mm (3.94 x 2.83 in) bore and stroke, the new motor produced 115 horsepower (claimed) at 8 p.m., 25 minutes earlier. on the crank) manages to make 9,000 rpm at redline. There’s even a higher 11.3:1 compression ratio that helps things in the range of cast iron cylinder liners. Again, this isn’t the Harley you’d expect.

Located above the new motor you’ll find dual overhead cams that are driven by hydraulically tensioned chains. Each cam operates two valves, giving an apparent total of four with intake checking at 40mm, exhaust at 34.5mm. The valve train includes a shim under bucket design, a 23.5-degree camber angle and a maintenance interval of 10,000 miles of open road (after the first service at 1,000 miles) between visits to your local dealer.

Twin cam 88B motor not counted. The V-Rod’s water-cooled motor is Harley’s first significant leap of faith in the modern era.

2003 Harley Davidson V Rod Anniversary Edition

Fuel and air meet in the cylinders thanks to dual downdraft intakes that feed into 53mm throttle bodies. A sequential port EFI system ensures that the proper amount of fuel reaches the combustion party at the right time. Several sensors take into account manifold pressure, crank position, intake air temperature, throttle position and engine coolant temperature before lighting things up with the 12mm spark plugs that reside above each cylinder.

Harley Davidson V Rod 100th Anniversary (vrsca)

Each piston pushes down on a connecting rod located next to its neighbor, turning a one-piece forged crankshaft. Automotive-style full-pressure bearing journals keep things stable while a crank-operated forged steel counterweight balances out the vibes. Power makes its way to the ground through a five-speed transmission that features a hydraulically actuated nine-plate weight clutch before making its way to the fat rear tires via a familiar belt drive.

The Revolution Motor is Harley’s first steel perimeter frame mounted rubber. It features hydroformed main rails, bolt-on lower.

Frame rails and a polished cast aluminum swing arm hang from the rear. The 49mm forks stick out at a 38-degree angle at the front of the V-Rod, contributing to the bike’s long 67.5-inch wheelbase.

Hanging from the front of this latest Harley are what some might consider another minor miracle among Harley cruisers — dual 292mm disc brakes, each gripped by four-piston calipers. A rotor and a caliper stay behind and thankfully nothing else is attached.

Harley Davidson V Rod Ruskin, Fl

Enough of all that silly technical detailing, then, which all boils down to the plain and simple fact that Harley has built a cruiser for people who hate cruisers. Hell, it’s even a Harley.

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