2001 Ford F150 4×4 Front Suspension Diagram – It is very difficult to find the part # of the front suspension as you must have a Ford ID No axle to get the list of your specific axle numbers from a 7-page table that starts like the one below.

Then, once you have the parts list number, you can turn to parts lists like the one below. In our example you go to Parts List # 30.3 and then scroll down to Column B, 30.3B. But there are 6 different pages, like the range A to M shown below, and that only represents the Dana 44 axle. So posting information will take a lot of time. However, if you have your iron number, like E0TA-EF in the example, then I can look it up for you.

2001 Ford F150 4×4 Front Suspension Diagram

2001 Ford F150 4x4 Front Suspension Diagram

The following are the entries in the master section of the original sources of Bullnose vehicles. I have split the information into two tabs because as of March 13th, 1981 things have changed significantly in the catalog. Prior to that date Ford put the car’s GVW and spring capacity in the manuals which were very long indeed since several of the GVWs shared the same spring.

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But after that date they put the spring code on the certification mark in the manual along with the spring part number. That makes it a very short section, but it can leave you wondering what this particular spring is capable of. Don’t worry, most springs used after March 13th 1981 were also used before that date, so if you take your number to the “before” tab you should be able to find the rating. But, even better, I’m slowly writing down the spring forces in the diagram on the Reference Reference page.

I’ve been struggling to figure out which parts go where the front suspension goes on Dad’s 1981 F150 4WD with dual shocks and a roll bar. But I finally figured it out and thought I’d record what I found here.

First of all, there are four stabilizers/barriers used for this front suspension on most of these cars, but since Dad has a front bar he has three of them. (Fourth is washer 389117 which goes under stud 388764 if you don’t have the sway bar, which replaces the washer. The Master parts manual says it is “1

11/32″ I.D. x 2 1/2″ O.D. x 1/4″ thick, but that ID is questionable as I expect it to be 3/4″ to fit that rod.

Trifivechevys.com: 1956 Passenger Assembly Manual

Here are the three from right to left: E0TZ 3B186-AA lower coil storage; front radius bushing for clutch arm E0TZ 5B300-A; 379572.

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