1996 Nissan Pickup For Sale Craigslist – I believe it was a few months after I sold the VW Kombi, and while I was happy with the Jetta, I really missed having a truck to haul stuff around. I was browsing Craigslist when I came across the ad for this truck and was immediately smitten. I loved the happy bright red color, the specification and the mileage was perfect – exceptionally well done with something like 68,000 miles on the clock. It was also relatively rust free for a Midwestern Hardbody, this truck must have been used for dumps only. The only downside, the seller had a very optimistic asking price on it but I pressed to arrange a time to see and test drive it anyway.

The salesman had me meet him in a large parking lot at an auto auction site in an industrial part of town. There he had one or two other Hardbodies, some Mercedes W123s and some other cars mixed in, he won a flipper auction apparently. When I saw the truck in person my heart sank a little – it was very dirty inside and not as nice as the picture. A short test drive around the complex revealed almost all the warning lights were on and it was very easy to hide my enthusiasm for the truck. I always wanted it but knew I could use the truck’s many flaws to leverage. I shot him a very high price – something like 50% on his request citing the need of the truck and he agreed to it. He rode ~35 miles back home with me to drop off the truck at my house, pick up the check and I drove him back to Des Moines in the Jetta.

1996 Nissan Pickup For Sale Craigslist

1996 Nissan Pickup For Sale Craigslist

Getting this truck graded and to my acceptable level was a fun project and more of my wrenching skills turned out. Most of the warning lights were simply a function of carelessness and were easily remedied. The brake light was on due to low fluid in the reservoir and the check engine light was maybe an O2 sensor or something easy like that. I went ahead and just made up a full tune while I was at it. I removed the very rusty rear bumper and that helped the appearance a lot. In its place, I installed an OEM roll pan that cleaned up the looks and was in line with the truck’s very minimal specs. I also installed some OEM rear mudflaps, which I always liked the looks of. A junkyard Hardbody dropped off its smaller head than the one I had and since the truck didn’t have AC, I grabbed the sliding rear window to install as well. Lastly, I repainted the steel wheels in their original silver color.

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The hardbody served its purpose surprisingly well. The 4-cylinder, 5-speed combo returned good fuel mileage, even without cruise control, and the limited adjustment of the warm vinyl bench seat, the miles are tedious on long summer trips. But since it was generally just me or one of my friends it didn’t matter much. Earlier this spring, I remember we loaded up the truck three grown men deep and drove to the eastern part of the state for a car show. Why we didn’t just take the Jetta was beyond me. I carefully packed a sleeping bag and on the return leg one of the men went to the stretched bed. Other fun times include using the truck to take motorcycles to Craigslist with friends. With two of the friends there we had a fun way to pass the time from time to time. I would work the clutch and tell the second guy when they changed. The middle guy would work the brakes, shifter and accelerator and the third guy would lean over and steer – logical, right? It was goofy, but fun at the time. The hardbody never complains and returns fast, friendly and economical transport. So that in the summer I sold the Jetta and the Hardbody became my primary transportation.

I could not find any pictures of this truck entirely in focus! The truck was very useful for carrying motorcycles, my Puch Magnum and the Honda CL350 in the foreground.

A shot from the tail end of a bike auction. Only the ’68 Schwinn Orange Krate that painted the house was mine, the rest were found by friends.

Compare my friend’s 1960 Ford F-100 with the Hardbody. More similar than you might think. Certainly neither had many creature comforts!

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By the end of that first fall, even though I still loved the truck, I started thinking about other cars again. While I could wax philosophical all day on the merits of the Hardbody and for me it was the perfect truck, but I’m pretty sure I was the only one who thought so! The outside appearance was not exactly the image I wanted to portray, at least as my only car. I know it sounds deep but at the time I was dating, in my twenties and had a really good job, in fact, I received a promotion this December – it was time to make a change automotive better reflected that.

I listed the truck on Craigslist and after a few weeks, I got a call late one night. The caller had a Miata that had just broken down and needed a new car quickly. He knew the D21 in and out as his father had one back home with astronomical miles on it and was very reliable. He knew what the truck was and appreciate it for that – a good house in my eyes. He came to buy it the next day. Looking back at this truck I have to laugh – I sold it in the dead of winter without a backup plan, forcing me to ride my bike to work, run errands, etc. until something else came along. Hardly an upgrade! Yowza, that’s all the money PLUS some for an 80s Nissan Pickup. The 720 truck was produced for the USA market from 1980 to 1986 and most were driven in the dirt…but this thing is clean. But is it clean enough to warrant a price you would have paid for a real classic car a few years ago? And this is not a BushMaster. i’m torn Part of me says “hey no, crack price pipe” and another part says “get another one in this condition…”. What do you think? Find this 1984 Nissan 720 truck or pickup offered for $16,000 in Portland, OR via craigslist.

1984 nissan/datsun 720 gas: gas odometer: 90000 title status: clean transmission: manual original paint, 39 years old Nissan 720 long bed pick-up. Z24 (2.4) engine with 5 manual transmission. Power steering, AC, tools, jack, original radio, etc. Everything works, exactly as it came off the assembly line. Rare gem no doubt. Pass smog without problems. Serious inquiry please! No help selling! Negotiable! Serious buyers, feel free to contact me for more.

1996 Nissan Pickup For Sale Craigslist

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Coal: 1996 Nissan D21 Pickup

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we’ll assume you’re happy with it.OkIn my last COAL story, I touched on the rise and fall of my 1998 Ford Ranger thanks to some rapidly changing traffic conditions. My roommate picked me up from the crash and life went on. Luckily work and school were just a short bike ride away but I recognized I would need a car again soon, so I started looking right away. As you may recall from my F-150 post, I was amazed by the array of vehicles Arizona had to offer and I really liked the Japanese brand’s compact truck offerings. I loved the Tacoma and the Toyota “Pickup” but they sure have held their value. Since I would have to buy this one out of pocket, I thought the Nissan D21 “Pickup” aka “Hardbody” should be considered, too – especially at ~75% of the price of a Tacoma. I found a Craigslist ad for a 1996 Hardbody 4×4 and the seller generously offered to meet me on campus for a test drive.

I told the salesman to drive first and I would try my hand behind the wheel. The seller drove like a stick from hell! He said that the truck can move quickly, you just have to keep the revs. Goodness, no need for that, I felt! When it came time to switch drivers, I’m sure I put him to sleep with my driving style. The truck drove very well – the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder wasn’t overly powerful but adequate and the 5-speed manual transmission shifted well. The only thing – the odometer was broken, which is common on these trucks. He said the odometer broke four years earlier and estimated it had about 100,000 total miles on it. I liked what I saw and I didn’t

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