1994 Ford F150 Front Suspension Diagram – It is a very tricky problem to find parts # for the front suspension because you have to have a Ford I.D. Not for the axle to find the parts list number for your specific axle from the 7 page chart that starts like the one below.

Then, once you have the BOM number, you can turn to BOMs that look like the one below. In our example, you go to Parts List # 30.3 and then down to column B, for 30.3B. But there are 6 pages per range, like the A to M range shown below, and that’s just for the Dana 44 axle. So it would take too much time to post that information. However, if you have your axle number, like E0TA-EF in the example, I can look it up for you.

1994 Ford F150 Front Suspension Diagram

1994 Ford F150 Front Suspension Diagram

The following are entries in the main parts catalog for front springs on Bullnose trucks. I have split the information into two tabs because things have changed significantly in the catalog sheets since March 13, 1981. Prior to this date, Ford cataloged the truck’s GVW and spring capacity for a really long set of records because multiple GVWs shared the same spring.

Front Suspension Build On The Drift Rod

But after that date they put the spring code that is on the certification label in the catalog along with the spring part number. This means a much shorter set of records, but it can leave you wondering what the capacity of a particular spring is. Don’t worry, most springs used after March 13, 1981 were also used before that date, so if you take the part number to the “prev” tab, you should be able to find the rating. But even better, I slowly graph the spring capacities on the Cross Reference Chart tab.

I had quite a bit of trouble figuring out what parts went where in the front suspension of my dad’s 1981 F150 4WD with dual shocks and sway bar. But I finally figured it out and thought I’d post what I found here.

First, most of these trucks use four washers/retainers in this front suspension, but since dad has a front sway bar, he only has three. (The fourth is washer 389117 which goes under pin 388764 unless you have a sway bar bracket that replaces the washer. The main parts catalog says it is “1

11/32″ ID x 2 1/2″ OD x 1/4″ thick, but that ID is suspect because I would expect it to be 3/4″ to fit that pin

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Here are three from right to left: E0TZ 3B186-AA coil spring lower bracket; front radial arm bushing bracket E0TZ 5B300-A; and 379572 Rear Radius Arm Bushing Bracket.

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