10 Ways To Drink More Water – We all know that we should drink more water, but what if it’s hard to reach your goals every day? We share 10 tips for drinking more water so you can feel the benefits and get the most out of your healthy lifestyle!

Water is essential for every system in the body. In fact, your body is made up of about 70% water so staying hydrated is important for everything from cellular function to joint health.

10 Ways To Drink More Water

10 Ways To Drink More Water

Water needs vary from person to person and depend on factors such as height and activity level, but a good starting point is half your body weight in ounces of water. If you are very active or live in a hot climate, you may need to drink more water!

Science Backed Benefits Of Drinking Water

1. Keep a glass of water on your bedside table and drink it in the morning as soon as you wake up.

8. Invest in a filter. Most people have tap water that is safe to drink, but that doesn’t always mean it tastes good. Even a cheap pitcher-style filter can make tap water tasty and refreshing.

9. Choose sparkling water over soda. If you like fizzy drinks but want to avoid soda, there are lots of sparkling water options!

10. Eat more water-rich foods! Get a nutritional boost with a shot of hydration with water-rich foods like:

Here’s How To Tell If You’re Properly Hydrated

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Struggling to stay hydrated? Use these easy tips to drink more water every day. Learning how to drink more water doesn’t just happen. it takes practice, like any habit. These tips help busy moms learn how to drink more water… even when they hate it.

10 Ways To Drink More Water

I think it’s clear that we need water to survive and replenish our bodies. In addition, water also increases energy, helps skin regeneration, and maintains regularity.

Choose Water For Healthy Hydration

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, I tell clients to consume about 2.5L of water per day (or 0.66 gallons) in addition to what you consume with food (here’s how to convert ounces to gallons FYI).

Between sugary soft drinks, crazy coffee, and poor food quality, many people don’t even come close. Most people are fooled into thinking they are hydrated when they are not.

Unfortunately, most people are fooled into thinking they are hydrated. Sugary drinks, sodas, fruit juices are so poor quality that we think we are drinking them in liquid form but they are not effective (which is one of the reasons my daughter doesn’t drink juice boxes).

People ignore the signs and symptoms of dehydration (bad skin, fatigue, irregular bowel movements, headaches, etc.) because they are used to it.

Self Care: 10 Ways Water Can Improve Your Life

Therefore, people still consume much less fluid than they should. Instead, I hear complaints of “but I don’t LIKE water” or “I forgot”.

Use these tips to drink more water every day, and your goals, your feelings, and your body’s performance will be better.

I remember hating water at first too. Instead, I live off iced tea. Then, I made it a rule that before snacking, I drink 1 glass of water. I remember plugging the water.

10 Ways To Drink More Water

But little by little that changed. I started to notice my thirst, it became a habit, and now water is essential.

How Much Water Do I Need To Drink? Infographic

There is no perfect system for learning how to drink more water. You need to adopt new habits and find out what works for you.

For some reason, having a bright, colorful, nice bottle next to the desk makes people more prone to drinking water at work. Don’t be boring- invest in a bright, durable bottle.

FYI: this is the best eco-friendly water bottle for kids! We have several of these but our favorite is the Thermos Funtainer Range.

For me personally, I have a BKR water bottle. I have a 1 liter one which is a pain to carry around but also makes it so I know how much to drink each day.

Drink More Water Toolkit Stay Hydrated Tips And Tools

My favorite is to add strawberries or watermelon. It’s fresh and has a slight kick to it which makes it refreshing.

This means you need to plan a little ahead. However, if it means you’ll reach your water goals, then it’s worth it!

When I first started increasing my water intake, I made it a rule that I had to drink a full glass before every meal.

10 Ways To Drink More Water

Because I never forget food, I always remember my water. Although it’s annoying to have to plug the water, it works. Worst case scenario- set an alarm.

Ways To Drink More Water When You Don’t Like It

And ideally, water is what you take to rehydrate. In fact, usually by the time you notice thirst, you are already slightly dehydrated. It’s natural to carry water during your sweat session, so get moving!

Instead of saying “I need to drink more water,” be specific with the amount. A good start is “I need to drink four full bottles of water every day”.

Once you have a goal, outline our actionable steps. Set an alarm on your phone 8 times a day to drink half a bottle.

I have a large two liter jug ​​that I drink from, so before I go to bed every night I fill both. This way in the morning, they are ready and waiting.

Our 5 Simple Ways To Drink More Water Daily

I just have to take one and then the other and I know exactly how much I have taken.

An app, pencil, and paper, or a mark on the rim of the bottle (like on these super colorful bottles). Know how much water you currently drink so you know how much more you need in a day.

An important part of increasing your water intake is hydrating. Make a big batch of tea, chill it, and get to work.

10 Ways To Drink More Water

Squeeze some lemons, freeze them into ice cubes, and add them to your water bottle. Not only will you get a refreshing taste but it will also feel cool!

Benefits Of Drinking Water: How Much To Drink And Why You Should

I’ve heard this a lot and it’s frustrating. If you’re too busy to drink something that’s important for your health, then there’s a problem.

Even the busiest nurses I know always drink coffee on the go. Replace coffee with a water bottle. Keep it close by, stay consistent.

There are many ways to learn to drink more water. You just have to be creative and do it. Making sure that much of your intake comes from food is also key.

Eating nutrient-dense foods (like vegetables) versus calorie-dense foods (like processed foods) is an easy way to keep yourself hydrated.

How Much Water Should I Really Be Drinking Per Day?

While there are tricks and tips you can use, ultimately you just have to suck it up and drink more water.

Meet Shelby – a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Nutrition Coach (PN1) who has spent the last 10 years teaching women how to achieve their goals.

A former smoker and fast food addict turned ultra-fit mother of three, her website, is an essential resource for busy mothers who need help making fitness and healthy living practical. Drinking enough water is difficult for some people and a habit for others. . If you’re struggling to drink enough water, I’ve prepared a free printable to help you drink more water.

10 Ways To Drink More Water

I created a free printable based on 10 ways to drink more water. If you want to share this image online or on social media, please use a watermarked image. I would also really appreciate it if you linked to my post.

Ways To Drink More Water — Eastern Star Church

The amount of water each person needs is different. A good rule of thumb is to find out how much water you need each day to produce clear or pale yellow urine. Some people find that drinking half their body weight in water works. I find I usually need more water than the few ounces recommendations I’ve read. So, find what works for you and talk to your doctor to see what he recommends for you.

I’m one of those people who has a hard time drinking enough water. If I don’t monitor my water intake, I feel like I’m almost always underhydrated. I really need to focus on drinking lots of water. When I had a goal and tracked my water, it went from being a struggle to getting lots of water easily. I was proud that when I gave birth, the nurse said I was completely hydrated. I consciously focused on drinking more water throughout my pregnancy. Now I’m trying to continue drinking lots of water and increasing my goals now that I’m breastfeeding. Now that I’m exercising again and breastfeeding, I try to drink a gallon (123 ounces) of water every day.

1. Set a

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